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1990's CAREER

This page informs you about her career beginnings from struggling as a television actress on FOX's sitcom 'Molloy' to soaring to TV star status on NBC's sitcom 'Friends', her silver screen debut in thriller-horror/fantasy film (1993) 'Leprechaun' to co-starring in critically acclaimed media cult hit-comedy film (1999) 'Office Space', her romance and break-up with Disney's voice of 'Hercules' actor Tate Donovan, and how she met Hollywood's hunk film actor Brad Pitt.

(1990) Jennifer's 'Ferris Bueller' promotional photo

1 1990-1991: Career Beginnings & Television Debut
   1.1 Molloy (TV Series)
   1.2 Ferris Bueller (TV Series)
   1.3 Camp Cucamonga (Television Movie)
2 1992-1993: Not So Lucky Break
   2.1 The Edge (TV Series)
   2.2 Leprechaun
3 1994: Muddling Her Way Through Television
   3.1 Muddling Through (TV Series)
   3.2 Friends - Season 1 (TV Series)
4 1995: Signing On For a Second Season
   4.1 Entertainment Weekly magazine - Friends
   4.2 PEOPLE magazine - Friends
   4.3 "I'll Be There for You" The Rembrandts - Friends
   4.4 Rolling Stone magazine - Friends
   4.5 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy awards
   4.6 Partners (TV Series) - Tate Donovan
   4.7 Friends - Season 2 (TV Series)
   4.8 Entertainment Weekly magazine - Jennifer Aniston
   4.9 PEOPLE magazine - Jennifer Aniston
5 1996: She's the One Who Can Do It All
   5.1 Partners (TV Series) - Jennifer Aniston
   5.2 Rolling Stone magazine - Jennifer Aniston
   5.3 Dream for an Insomniac
   5.4 She's the One
   5.5 Ally McBeal (TV Series) - Tate Donovan
   5.6 Friends - Season 3 (TV Series)
6 1997: Jenifer's Picture Perfect
   6.1 'Til There Was You
   6.2 Hercules - Tate Donovan
   6.3 Picture Perfect
   6.4 PEOPLE magazine - Jennifer Aniston
   6.5 Friends - Season 4 (TV Series)
7 1998: She's the Object of Our Affections
   7.1 The Object of My Affection
   7.2 9th Annual GLAAD Media awards
   7.3 PEOPLE magazine - Jennifer Aniston & Tate Donovan
   7.4 Friends - Season 5 (TV Series)
   7.5 Meet Joe Black - Brad Pitt
   7.6 Vanity Fair magazien - Brad Pitt
8 1999: The Ending of a Great Decade
   8.1 Office Space
   8.2 Rolling Stone magazine - Jennifer Aniston
   8.3 PEOPLE magazine - Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt
   8.4 Entertainment Weekly magazine - Friends
   8.5 The Iron Giant
   8.6 From Mother and Daughter to Friends - Nancy Dow
   8.7 Friends - Season 6 (TV Series)
   8.8 W magazine - Brad Pitt
   8.9 Fight Club - Brad Pitt
   8.10 Entertainment Weekly magazine - Brad Pitt
   8.11 Rolling Stone magazine - Brad Pitt
   8.12 W magazine - Jennifer Aniston

1990 - 1991: Career Beginnings & Television Debut
(1990-1990) Cast of Molloy TV Series
[July 25, 1990 - August 29, 1990] - A 21-year old Jennifer auditions for the role of Courtney Walker on the short-lived FOX's sitcom television series 'Molloy'. The series revolved around a happy-go-lucky 11-year old, Molloy Martin; actress Mayim Bialik's character, who was reasonably well-adjusted to a household of divorce, living with her single mother in New York, while her amiable father Paul; actor Kevin Scannell's character, was remarried and living in Los Angeles, California. The season premiere episode "The Pilot" introduced the series main characters showing Molloy as being use to seeing her father fly in on the weekends for visitation rights, and thought she knew him all too well, until she found her world turned up side down due to the event of her mother's untimely death. This forced Molloy to have to live with her father and his new family. She was excited about the new location, however, not necessarily about having a new, extended family. Molloy was weary of Paul's second wife of three years, Lynn Walker; actress Pamela Brull's character, a vivacious, savvy mother who was too hip for the machinations of her children: self-absorbed teenaged daughter Courtney Walker; Jennifer's character, and younger son Jason; actor Luke Edwards character. Molloy viewed them all as largely disrupting her life as well as her previous freedom as being an only child. Much of her displeasure amongst living in her new world that originated of snobbish Courtney, who couldn't be bothered with another precocious little sibling, and from day one the two were constantly at odds with one another. Paul and Lynn played mediator when called for, and at times Jason would serve as an ally to Molloy in her competition with Courtney.

Molloy season 1 episode "Surprise"
Finally living under the same roof as her father, Molloy discovered differences and conflicts between the two of them that she never even knew existed. In a zany, comical fashion, Molloy cooked up schemes going to great lengths with the intentions of breaking up the family, but ultimately found that despite her qualms, there was a lot of love to be had and shared within the new family. In the season finale episode "Hello No, We Won't Mop 'N Glo" a silver lining arose in the new living arrangements as Paul's new job gave his daughter a chance for him to be closer to her because she got a part on the show he directed at a local television station. Unfortunately, the series 'Molloy' was cancelled due to poor viewership and low ratings after one season airing a total of seven episodes. What happened was the network aired both 'Molloy', and 'Blossom', another series that starred actress Mayim Bialik, at the same time and 'Blossom' initially ranked higher when it came to comparisons in ratings. With both projects riding on each others misfortune for survival on not just airtime, but ratings, and it was up to 'Molloy' to-do well..., which it didn't. Aniston was crushed, but didn't want to give up hope in following in her father's footsteps at having an acting career.

(1990-1991) Opening title credits to Ferris Bueller television series
[August 23, 1990 - August 11, 1991] - A hopeful Aniston auditions for the role of Jeannie Bueller on the NBC sitcom television series 'Ferris Bueller' a spin-off of '80s John Hughes comedy film 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' originally starring actor Matthew Broderick. Jennifer had heard of the film and knew how successful it was; the movie was one of the top ten films in box office of its time. She got the call from her agent that the series was a go and the network picked up the pilot episode. The creator of the show John Massius, said, "She was amazing and that was it. Jennifer was the only person we met for the part." During her time on the show Jennifer did an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight stating, "You had a little taste of what one day, and now you're going to see the continuation of what this kid is all about, and all the other things he gets himself mixed up in. It should be fun. I feel sorry for her actually," in reference towards her character Jeannie Bueller, "I mean she's sort of like a victim. She keeps trying, and trying, she - she's the only one who see's Ferris for this you know, this devil that he is. She keeps trying to prove this to the world, and just keeps failing miserably. This is not real life. This does not happen. Nobody can get away with the things that he [Ferris] gets away with. No one I don't think is as pathetic as Jeannie is, I don't mean to say pathetic that's really - it's not good, but no one really has a brother to deal with like Ferris. So you don't really see those characters running around too often. That's what makes it fun.

Cast of Ferris Bueller TV Series
You can just go a little overboard with it and get really crazy. You know, cause he's so crazy and out there. It makes it more fun for you." Though based on the film, the series was not a canon continuation, rather a set up to portray itself as being the "real life" situation upon which the film was loosely based. The season premiere episode "The Pilot", Ferris; actor Charlie Schlatter's character, refers to the film expressing his displeasure at actor Matthew Broderick's portrayal of him, even going as far as destroying a life-sized cardboard cutout of Broderick as Ferris from the '80s film with a chainsaw. However, no further references to the film within the series' continuity are made after that. The pilot episode also focused on the first day of Ferris Bueller's junior year beginning at Ocean Bay High School. He has some old issues to deal with such as his arch nemesis Principal Edward Rooney; actor Richard Riehle's character. That will have to wait as Ferris has the new issue of a beautiful transfer student named Sloan; actress Ami Dolenz's character. Sloan ignores most of Ferris's romantic advances despite what he thinks is his greatest efforts. As in the film, the series focused on Ferris Bueller and his high school experiences at Ocean Park High, including dealing with his best friend Cameron; actor Brandon Douglas's character, who is still a depressive neurotic who, through Ferris, is able to loosen up occasionally, love interest Sloan, who is portrayed slightly different in that she is not completely wrapped around Ferris' finger and has to be won over at times, and Ferris's sister Jeannie; Aniston's character, who is constantly at odds with Ferris and his being favored by all. Though she can be antagonistic, she has proven not all bad, albeit begrudgingly. Although the film was set in Chicago, Illinois, the series was set in Santa Monica, California. Like the film, Ferris is liked by everyone and know as the "cool guy on campus". He is portrayed as extremely popular, suave, quick witted, and a master of ceremonies who often breaks the fourth wall. Principal Rooney, the series primary antagonist and always out to get Ferris, but usually ends up being foiled or humiliated just as in the film.

Ferris Bueller season 1 episode "The Pilot"
His secretary, Grace; actress Judith Kahan character, is not a wise-cracking sarcastic, but a passive pushover with an unreciprocated crush on the principal. In the film, Mr. and Mrs. Bueller's names are Katie and Tom, but in the series they are Barbara; actress Cristine Rose's character, and Bob; actor Sam Freed's character. Also, Ferris was a senior and Jeannie was a junior, but in the series this was reversed. The season finale episode "A Night in the Life" features Ferris and Cameron attempting to survive an eventful night while also trying to churn out an important class paper. The episode opens with Ferris introducing the concept of him and Cameron working well together when it comes to schoolwork, however, this isn't true because they both prefer to spend their time watching television. They devised a plan: they each take on a separate project so Cameron chose science. The experiment he worked on ended badly resulting in it blowing up in Cameron's face. So now he's in charge of his and Ferris's physics paper with Ferris feeling hopeful towards getting a good grade because they receive their results today. Meanwhile, Jeannie's life has taken quite a turn: she's now dating a sophomore college student named Steve who goes to the University of Santa Monica California, which has earned her a newfound respect at school from her peers - at least her female classmates. Under the impression they got a passing grade on their physics paper Ferris and Cameron share smiles as their teacher announces, "I must say I have rarely seen such incisive, well-thought out papers in one class, but one paper really stood out."

Ferris Bueller season 1 episode "A Night in the Life"
Their physics teacher then addresses Ferris and Cameron directly stating, "Never have I seen such rampant, unadulterated, plagiarism." Ferris learns that Cameron copied their paper from the biography of Lindon Johnson, but their teacher agrees to give them a second chance to re-do their work on the condition that they finish it and hand it in by 9a.m. tomorrow morning. Over the course of the episode Ferris and Cameron spend more time procrastinating than working on their paper, and Jeannie is constantly warned by those around her that no good can come from dating an older boy. Compared to the film, the show received mostly negative reviews from critics. It also suffered from comparisons to not only the '80s film, but also another series which debuted on the FOX network called, 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose'; at the time that series initially proved to be more successful when it came to ratings, lasting for three seasons. Ratings for 'Ferris Bueller' were strong at first, but ultimately declined in the later episodes. Unfortunately 'Ferris Bueller' was cancelled due to poor viewership and low ratings after one season airing a total of thirteen episodes. Like the film, a romance was struck off set between the series two main actors Charlie, who played Ferris, and Jennifer who played Jeannie. The same attraction happened between actors Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey who played those same characters in the film. Series creator John Massisus spoke of Aniston's relationship with her co-star Charlie stating, "Since they were playing brother and sister on the show. It was like character incest." However, the romance between the two young starlets of Schlatter and Aniston ended the same time the show got cancelled. Of her relationship with Charlie, Aniston stated, "He was my first love and you never forget your first relationship. We had a great time both on and off set. In the end I made a great friend out of it."

(1990) Camp Cucamonga TV movie
[September 23, 1990] - Jennifer auditions for the role of Ava Schector for the made-for-television movie 'Camp Cucamonga'. It was primarily set to serve as a vehicle to cast a variety of stars from popular television series of the era including actors John Ratzenberger of NBC's (1982-1993) 'Cheers', Brian Robbins of ABC's (1986-1990) 'Head of the Class', Candace Cameron-Bure of ABC's (1987-1995) 'Full House', Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar of ABC's (1988-1993) 'The Wonder Years', and actor Jaleel White of ABC's (1989-1997)/CBS's (1997-1998) 'Family Matters'. The film revolves around a former accountant Marvin Schector; actor/comedian John Ratzenberger's character, that lives out his life long dream of running a summer camp for kids. Camper's include sweethearts Frankie and Amber; actors Chad Allen and Candace Cameron-Bure's characters, rebellious Lindsey; actress Danica McKellar's character, nerdy Max; actor Josh Saviano's character, hip Dennis; actor Jaleel White's character, and his love interest Jennifer; actress Tasha Scott's character. Counselor's include Roger Burke; actor Brian Robbin's character, and Ava; Aniston's character. Much of the films plot focuses on the endless pranks and mishaps that the campers and counselors get up to. Amongst this backdrop there are also two subplots: One involves a camp inspection gone awry when Poison Ivy, and G. Gordon Liddy make unusual comedic appearances after the campers mistake them as the camps inspectors, and the other subplot involves a budding romance between two of the camps counselors; Roger and Marvin's daughter Ava. The campers become involved in such adventures as getting lost in the woods, making a rap video to promote the camp, and finally putting aside their differences to track down a lost Lindsey who goes missing after running away upon learning of her parents impending divorce. The film is directed by Roger Duchowny and initially received favorable reviews from critics scoring a 48% liking from audiences. It was released on VHS in 1992 and DVD in 2004.


1992 - 1993: Not So Lucky Break
(1992-1993) Opening title credits to The Edge TV series
[September 19, 1992 - May 2, 1993] - The 23-year old actress auditions for a spot on the FOX comedy/sketch series 'The Edge'. The series featured an ensemble cast headed by actress/comedienne Julie Brown; including comedian/voice over actor Tom Kenny, actor/comedian Wayne Knight, actor James Stephens III, actress/comedienne Jill Talley, actor Rick Overton, actor/comedian Paul Feig, and actor Alan Rick. It revolved around a series of comedy sketches involving original characters, but it also skewered pop culture. One particular episode spoofed television sweeps by promising rating-grabbing events such as a birth, a wedding and a death. The show also featured a running gag in which the entire cast would be killed off in various ways during each episode before the first commercial breaks. Such as death by decapitation, being hit by a bus, the set falling apart atop of the cast and crushing them, explosions, immolation, hangings, and impalement by arrows; one episode had the troupe being sucked into a vortex. During her time on the show Jennifer managed to master comedic timing just by facial expressions alone, and later nailed her line delivery with simple one-liner jokes.

Cast of The Edge TV Series
Sometime later controversy arose after a fellow television producer of a different network and show, Aaron Spelling of 'Beverly Hills 90210', made a complaint about the show. He issued the following statement, "I object to 'The Edge's' tasteless humor," he said in regards to an earlier episode that aired revolving around a skit that made fun of his daughter, actress Tori Spelling, exclaiming, "I can do that because it's daddy's show." After the incident the show's production company TriStar Television initially refused to apologize, while the shows creator, David Mirkin, took it upon himself to respond, "The thing about these parodies is they don't hurt a show. It's only cross-promotion. The viewers who like the show always come back the next week. What's upsetting to me is it shows absolutely that Mr. Spelling has no sense of humor." According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who issued the following statement saying, "executive producer David Mirkin was 'forced off the show', due to his negative reaction of Aaron Spelling and others." The shows cast members were all notified of the cancellation and Jennifer was upset that the shows creator and executive producer weren't mature enough to handle the situation. The series was cancelled after one season airing a total of twenty episodes. Aniston's cast mates went on to bigger and better things after the series ended including Tom Kenny and Wayne Knight. Tom went on to become a voice over actor for television and film. His major credits include Nickelodeon's animated series (1993-1996) 'Rocko's Modern Life' as the voice of Heffer the Cow, (1998-2005) animated series 'CatDog' as the voice of Dog and his best known voice over role as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants on the animated series 'SpongeBob SquarePants', Cartoon Network's animated series (1996-2003) 'Dexter's Laboratory' as the voice of Val Hallen, (1998-2005) animated series 'The Powerpuff Girls' as the voice of The Mayor of Townsville as well as the shows narrator.

Jennifer's opening credit for The Edge TV series
Both 'SpongeBob SquarePants' and 'The Powerpuff Girls' went on to produce films: (2002) 'The Powerpuff Girls Movie', which Tom reprised his role as the voice of the narrator and The Mayor of Townsville, and (2004) 'The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie', which he reprised his role as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. Wayne Knight went on to be an actor/comedian in television and film. His major credits for film include (1993) sci-fi/adventure film 'Jurassic Park' as Dennis Nedry, which earned him a Saturn award nomination for Best Supporting Actor of the Year, (1999) Disney's animated film 'Tarzan' as the voice of Tantor the elephant, and (1999) Pixar's animated film 'Toy Story 2' as the voice of Al McWhiggin's of Al's Toy Barn. His television credits include NBC's (1992-1998) sitcom 'Seinfeld' as Newman, NBC's sitcom '3rd Rock from the Sun' as Don Orville, which earned him a Screen Actors Guild award nomination for Outstanding Ensemble of the Year, (2005-2007) Nickelodeon's animated series 'Catscratch' as the voice of Mr. Blik the cat, and (2011-present) TV Land's sitcom 'The Exes' as Haskell Lutz.

(1993) Leprechaun film
[January 8, 1993] - Not wanting to give up looking for work an ambitious 24-year old Aniston calls up her father's agent with hopes of getting a film role. Hours later he calls her back saying, "I've got a part for you. It's in a thriller/horror-fantasy film would you be interested?" She was quick to reply, "YES!". She auditions for the part of Tory Redding. However, the actress wasn't the only girl they had in mind for the part. The films director Mark Jones explains, "It was down to a couple of girls, and Jennifer was one of them and we had callbacks. What happened is the head of TriMark at the time wanted a blonde, and Jennifer had sort of brown hair. He said, 'I want to go with a blonde girl.' And I really wanted Jennifer so I said, 'Okay. I'll bleach her hair.' " The head of TriMark was okay with the idea, but now Jones had to break the news to Aniston. Mark continued saying, "When I called Jennifer to tell her she had the part. I said, 'I got good news and bad news', and she said, 'Okay, what's the good news?' I said, 'The good news is you got the lead in 'Leprechaun'.' She said, 'What's the bad news?' I said, 'You're gonna have to bleach you hair blonde.' " Jennifer wasn't on board with the hair makeover. "I paused on the phone, she explained, "Mark I - I can't." The director backed her up and ultimately changed the studios mind about wanting a blonde for the lead. Originally intended to go direct-to-video the $900,000 budget allowed it to make it to the silver screen. Director Mark Jones said, "At the time we didn't necessarily expect it to go on and spawn six sequels, which it has." The film is set in the '80s and focuses on Daniel O'Grady; actor Shay Duffin's character, who returns home from a trip to Ireland with the intentions of sharing the good news with his wife that he has captured a leprechaun and that by doing so, acquired its pot of gold. However, unbeknownst to Daniel, the evil leprechaun stowed away in his suitcase and has already killed his wife by pushing her down the stairs of the basement. After burying the gold a struggle occurs between Daniel and the creature ending with Daniel showing a four-leaf clover to the leprechaun, which is discovered as its weakness and he manages to trap it. While trapped in a crate, the creature is left for dead after Daniels failed attempt at burning down the house, which resulted in him suffering from a stroke in the process. The only thing preventing the evil, sadistic leprechaun from escaping is the four-leaf clover that sits atop of the crate. A decade later, J.D. Redding; actor John Sanderford's character, and his teenage daughter Tory, Aniston's character, rent the O'Grady farmhouse for the summer.

Jennifer as Tory Redding on set of 'Leprechaun'
There they meet Nathan Murphy; actor Ken Oldant's character, his little brother Alex; actor Robert Hy Gorman's character, and their dim-witted friend Ozzie Jones; actor Mark Holton's character, who are repainting the farmhouse. While snooping around the basement of the house Ozzie mistakenly lets the leprechaun out of the crate after being tricked into thinking the creatures cries are that of a child in distress. Believing there to be a pot of gold at the end, Ozzie spots a rainbow and chases after it. Alex accompanies him for fear Ozzie might hurt himself, and just as he catches up to him the two spot a bag of gold that has one hundred gold pieces in it. Testing to see if they're real gold pieces Ozzie volunteers to bit into a piece hoping to fix his brain, but he ends up accidentally swallowing the gold piece. The two boys decide to keep the gold for themselves. Later the leprechaun injures J.D. causing the others to have to race him to the hospital with the creature following behind. Alex and Ozzie go to a pawnshop to see if the gold is real. Meanwhile, Nathan and Tory await J.D.'s results. While at the pawnshop the leprechaun kills the shop owner, and after terrorizing a policeman it returns to the farmhouse in search of its pot of gold. Everyone, except J.D., returns to the house, finding it ransacked. While investigating Nathan is injured by a trap set up by the leprechaun. After a failed attempt at fleeing the farmhouse in the truck, due to the leprechaun chewing through the cords, the creature rams the truck. The leprechaun continues to terrorize the gang until Ozzie reveals that he and Alex found the pot of gold. Tory recovers it giving it back to the creature with hopes that its reign of terror is over. While counting his gold pieces the creature discovers a piece is missing; the piece that Ozzie swallowed. Thinking he's been tricked, he corners Ozzie who informs the others about the farmhouses previous owner Daniel O'Grady. With hopes of learning how to kill the creature, Tory sets out to seek Daniel, who is now in a retirement home after his stroke.

Jennifer at the Leprechaun premiere
Once at the retirement home Tory enters what she thinks is Mr. O'Grady's room. He is sitting in a wheel chair with his back turned to her as she enters the room. Tory tells him, "Mr. O'Grady it's out. It's out of the crate." Mr. O'Grady doesn't turn around, but does reply, "You believe it. No one believe it was a leprechaun." Tory says she believes it, and asks him how to stop it. Mr. O'Grady informs her that there's only one was to kill a leprechaun, but he says he refuses to tell her. It is then revealed that it's the Leprechaun dressed as Mr. O'Grady and impersonating his voice. A chase ensues between the leprechaun and Tory throughout the halls of the retirement home. As she heads for the elevator Tory manages to escape from the creature. A bloodied O'Grady comes crashing through the elevator doors, and with his last breath tells Tory the only way to kill the creature is a four-leaf clover. Tory returns to the farmhouse anxiously searching for the clover until the leprechaun pursues her almost killing her, but she is saved by Nathan and Ozzie. Before being critically injured by the creature Ozzie tells the leprechaun what of its missing gold piece explaining he accidentally swallowed it. Sometime later, Tory gets hold of a shot gun, takes the four leaf clover, sticks it to a wad of gum, and shoots it into the creatures mouth initially rendering it powerless. They finish it off by putting its remains in the well and incinerating it.  Authorities show up on sight where Tory is reunited with her father while the police investigate the well. However, the leprechaun vows he will not rest until he recovers every last piece of his gold. The film is directed by Mark Jones grossing $8,556,940 in box office making it a box office bomb generating negative reviews from film critics scoring a 27% liking from audiences. A general film critic's consensus states, "Leprechaun is the best-worst film EVER! It's like being on a bad acid trip, but you enjoy every minute of it". Film critic Vincent Canby of the New York Times says, "Leprechaun is neither scary nor funny. It looks sort of empty and underpopulated, like North Dakota, though it was shot in southern California. It does feature what is possibly a movie first: a murder committed by a leprechaun riding a pogo stick." Film critic Richard Harrington of The Washington Post says, "There will be no pot of gold at the box office for Leprechaun, a wee film notable only for Warwick Davis's nasty, amphetamine-driven portrayal of said creature, and plays more like a storyboard than a film. The movie is interesting only when he's wheeling about on screen, but in retrospect this is probably one set of reels Davis wishes he had sat out."


1994: Muddling Her Way Through Television
(1994-1994) Opening title credits to Muddling Through TV series
[July 9, 1994-September 7, 1994] - The 25-year old actress auditions for the role of Madeline Drego-Cooper for the CBS sitcom television series 'Muddling Through'. The series revolved around an ex-con woman who was paroled after serving three years in prison for shooting her cheating ex-husband. Throughout the series the woman desperately attempts to pick-up the pieces of her life after her time behind bars, and tries to live her life right this time, but she finds that it's no easy task. The pilot episode "The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane" also known as "The Pilot" introduced the main characters including Connie Drego; actress Stephanie Hodge's character, who is the ex-con on parole for shooting her cheating ex-husband in the buttocks. She returns home to work at the Drego's Oasis, the family's dinner/motel in rural Michigan. During her absence her eldest daughter Madeline Drego-Cooper; Aniston's character, took run of the establishment. One day Madeline receives an unexpected knock on the door, and whom else should it be, her mother Connie who's been released from jail. Connie's daughter forcibly pushes her mother to make her way to the front of the restaurant, and she is unwilling, but goes with it. Connie asks for the attention of the Drego Oasis customers who all draw their attention on Connie. She address the customers while announcing the following, "Listen everybody, I know this is an awkward moment...especially for me, but if there's anything you have or want to say or any questions you want to ask fire away." One customer asks her if she sees herself shooting anyone else in the buttocks in the foreseeable future. Connie says she'll clear the air right up front. She continues saying, "As you all know, two and a half years ago I shot my cheating ex-husband Sonny; actor D. David Morin's character, out of the Starlite Motel."

Muddling Through season 1 episode "The Pilot"
Another customer chimes in stating, "You gunned him down like a dog in the street." Connie defends herself explaining, "It was an accident! I wasn't even sure the gun was loaded, but is was. The rest, along with a sizable chunk of Sonny's butt, is history." She thanks God that nobody else was hurt, which she says is a miracle when you consider Sonny was 'entertaining' twins at the time he was shot. She hopes that the restaurant patrons will find it in their hearts to forgive her for what she did, and stop starring at her like she's a bug, adding, "I've missed you all so much!" The customers simultaneously get up out of their seats and rush over to console Connie who is now in tears after her apologetic and sincere speech she just delivered. Later in that same day Connie shows up at Sonny's cabin laying on his bed beside him while he sleeps. She startles him by blowing on his neck causing him to wake-up as well as freakout at the sight of her clearly unaware Connie was released from prison. Demanding to know how she got out, she replies, "I made a break for it," she said with sarcasm, "and I came back to get my revenge." In disbelief Sonny asks if she is serious and Connie replies, "No! You dip! I got paroled!" She explains to Sonny that she was behind bars for 2 years, 4 months, and 6 days as she walks around Sonny's bedroom while an intimidated Sonny runs from one end of the room to the other in attempts to avoid her at all costs. Connie exclaims to her husband that he's a pig. He takes the opportunity to defend his actions explaining, "All right look, I really went crazy for a while. I admit it. I was wrong." Connie gets defensive towards him replying that he's come a long way and tosses his bag at him implying that he should go further encouraging him to move out. The episode ends with night falling and shows Connie at home with her daughters Madeline and Kerri; actress Aimee Brooks's character, who went through her adolescent years while her mother was imprisoned. Kerri has yet to acknowledge her mother since she's returned from prison. Madeline wonders where Kerri is off to at such a late hour and Kerri replies, "Out."

Muddling Through season 1 episode "Take Any Job and Shove It"
Their mom chimes in stating, "Look, I've tried my very best to accept the changes around here," but Connie is interrupted by Kerri who asks her, "If you're trying so hard to accept things. How come you're making daddy leave?" Her mother informs her that after what their father has done to their family there isn't room for both of them. Madeline makes her opinion known stating, "So, you're the only one who gets a second chance around here?" Connie tells both of her daughters to listen, explaining that she wasn't the one who woke-up one day and said, 'Hey! If I was going to sleep with all the women of the world I'd better get started!' The episode ends with Connie catching a burglar stealing cash from the Drego Oasis cash register. She sneaks up behind the burglar triggering an alarm causing the burglar to be caught off guard dropping to the ground. Connie turns on the lights and the identity of the burglar is revealed to be Sonny. She sarcastically congratulates him because he has just found a whole new way to get his butt shot off. Sonny says it's not what it looks like, but bothers asking her what it looks like he was doing. Connie explains to him that it looks like he's ripping them off. Sonny comments that she has a good eye defending himself by telling her the money is only for a bus fare. She informs him he won't need it because he's staying meaning she has had  change of heart. He retorts that he doesn't hear any gunfire and assumes Connie is coming onto him. Just then she bends down and from behind the counter grabs a gun causing Sonny to back away from the counter. Connie assures Sonny that she isn't going to harm him, but wants him to dispose of the weapon because if he's going to stay she ought to not have a gun handy. Suddenly a patrol car pulls into the drive of the Oasis in response to the alarm that had set off. The cop is Duane Cooper; actor Scott Waara's character, a dim-witted yet sweet state trooper who arrested Connie and is married to her eldest daughter Madeline. Duane opens the front door to the Oasis causing Sonny to be knocked out cold.

Cast of Muddling Through TV Series.
Upon entering the premises Duane exclaims, "State police! FREEZE! Drop the gun! Grab some sky!" He observes Sonny's unconscious body and mistakenly thinks Connie has killed Sonny. Madeline hears the commotion and races over wondering whats happened. She spots her fathers body on the ground thinking the same thing, that her mother shot her father, but Connie is quick to defend herself exclaiming, "I didn't kill Sonny!" Duane investigates realizing someone beat Sonny with the front door. Connie instructs Duane to get some ice for Sonny's head. Kerri joins the chaos unaware what's occurred and races over to her father's body thinking the same thing both Duane and Madeline thought: that her mother killed Sonny. Madeline begins to explain otherwise, but Connie interrupts her daughter saying that there's no need to defend her. Connie has some fun of her own with Kerri informing her, "Yes honey, yes I did it." Demanding to know why and clearly unaware that her mother is kidding, Connie continues saying, "He said it was okay for you to skip school and stay out all night. It's not." She tells her daughter that she ought to go to bed because she has school in a few hours and that she's feeling a little tense. Duane returns with the ice for Sonny's head asking Connie, "You think when he asks what hit him you could cover for me?" Connie replies, "I'll tell him I did it. We have a history." Duane and Madeline head off to bed while Connie tends to Sonny. While icing the bump on his head she tells him it's nice and maybe if he spent more time unconscious during their marriage they might've had a shot. As Sonny regains consciousness he tells her, "Okay, now you're definitely coming onto me." The season finale episode "Take Any Job and Shove It" shows an unwanted tax bill that leads to boa dancing. When Sonny gets a $4,000 invoice from the IRS on his coffee shop property he's distraught. That is until Connie reminds him she was awarded the shop in their divorce. Season one guest stars include actor Hal Landon, Jr. as Gidney; a recurring Drego Oasis customer episode "The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane", "Back by Demand", "It's a Date", "Dog Duty", "Ooh, Maybe Baby", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", and episode "Take Any Job and Shove It". Actor Forry Smith guest stared as Zane Whitman; a recurring Drego Oasis customer episodes "The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane" and "Take Any Job and Shove It".

Jennifer as Madeline Drego-Cooper on Muddling Through
Actress Linda Hart guest starred as Fanny episode "Let It Be Normal". Actor Nick McManus guest starred as Nick episode "Let It Be Normal". Actor Hank Underwood guest starred as Lyle episode "The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane", "Back by Demand", "It's a Date", "Dog Duty", "Ooh, Maybe Baby", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", and episode "Take Any Job and Shove It". Actor Richard Venture guest starred as Mr. Spivey episode "Back by Demand". Actress Sara Suzanne Brown guest starred as Miss Lagermeister episode "It's a Date". Actor Donald Gibb guest starred as Bud episode "It's a Date". Actress Barbara Sharma guest starred as Mrs. Cooper episode "Second Time's the Charm". Actress Pamela Dunlap guest starred as Estelle episode "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?". Actor Blake Clark guest starred as Ralph episode "Take Any Job and Shove It". That same year Jennifer auditioned for another sitcom on a different network, NBC, called 'Friends Like Us'. She found out that the NBC sitcom didn't have a lead star, but rather the series revolved around an ensemble cast of six twenty-something year olds who worked through the trials and tribulations of living in the city of New York, dealing with the complexities of relationships, and discovering that it's nice to know that you don't have to go through it alone, but with friends. At some point Jennifer is torn between both shows: CBS's 'Muddling Through', and NBC's 'Friends Like Us' later changed to 'Friends'. The NBC network goes to great lengths to offer a better deal to Aniston including a bigger paycheck, with hopes that she'll take them up on their offer rather than work back-to-back with both series. Finally fate runs it's course and Aniston along with the rest of the cast of 'Muddling Through' is informed that the series will not be picked up for another season. The season finale episode "Take Any Job and Shove It" ended up being the last episode on air due to cancellation after poor viewership and low ratings. A depressed Jennifer approaches the then television executive producer/NBC vice president Warren Littlefield while at a Los Angeles gas station asking for reassurance about her acting career. She feels hopeless as an actress and is seriously considering giving up attempting to follow in her fathers footsteps as an actor especially after her self proclaimed "failed acting resume", which now included four failed television pilots: (1990-1990) 'Molloy', (1990-1991) 'Ferris Bueller', (1992-1993) 'The Edge', and now (1994-1994) 'Muddling Through', a flop made-for-television film (1990) 'Camp Cucamonga', and box office bomb silver screen horror film (1993) 'Leprechaun'. Warren simply informs her, "Don't give up on your dreams of acting. You've got great potential, and a knack for comedy. Definitely go through with the audition for NBC's 'Friends Like Us'."

(1994-1995) Friends Season 1 DVD Cover
[September 22, 1994 - May 18, 1995] - A blessed Jennifer is informed that NBC's sitcom television series 'Friends' pilot is picked up. The actress originally auditioned for the role of Monica Geller, but later the casting director James Burrows, switched hers and fellow actress and future best friend Courteney Cox's scripts with one another. Burrow's knew that the actresses were perfect for their now swapped roles. Season one introduces the six main characters: Monica Geller; actress Courteney Cox's character, a professional chef, known for her perfectionist, bossy, competitive and obsessive-compulsive nature, and being the mother-hen of the group. Rachel Green; Aniston's character, Monica's childhood best friend, a spoiled, silver spooned, bride-to-be, who is dependent on her fathers credit cards, and possesses no real job skills once so ever. Rachel becomes a waitress at Central Perk coffee shop, and later discovers her passion for fashion by becoming a fashion enthusiast. Phoebe Buffay; actress Lisa Kudrow's character, an eccentric masseuse, and self-taught musician who is the most outgoing member of the group. Joey Tribbiani; actor Matt LeBlanc's character, a struggling actor, who is known for being a womanizer, food-lover, and his catchy one-liner pick-up phrase "How you doin'?". Chandler Bing; actor Matthew Perry's character, an executive in statistical analysis and data configuration for a large multi-national corporation. He is known as being "the funny one" for his sarcastic sense of humor that often serves as an icebreaker when talking to women or in uncomfortable situations, which is often, and his string of bad luck with relationships. Ross Geller; actor David Schwimmer's character, Monica's older brother, a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History. He's known for being a sweet natured man of good-humor, although is often clumsy and socially awkward. The series premiere episode "The Pilot" airs to a total of 21.5 millions viewers tuning in to see Monica informing her friends that there is nothing to tell about a crush she has on a guy she works with. Monica defends herself saying, "Relax! It's not even a date. It's just two people going out to diner and not having sex." Chandler jokes that it sounds like a date to him.

Cast of Friends TV Series
Ross enters the coffee house all depressed and greets his friends with an exasperated, "Hi." Monica wonders if her brother is alright, and he describes how he feels as if someone has just reached down his throat, grabbed his small intestine, and tied it around his neck. Monica informs the others that Carol; actress Jane Sibbett's character, Ross's ex-wife, has finished moving all of her belongings out today. Ross tries to assure his friends that he's okay as well as hopes that Carol will be very happy. He is quick to take it all back exclaiming, "To HELL with her, she left me!" Joey can't believe that Ross was unaware that his wife was a lesbian. Ross tells Joey that if Carol didn't know how was he to know. Joey advises Ross to get over her and to do so he should go to strip joints. Ross explains that he doesn't want to be single he wants to be married. Just then a soaking wet bride frantically enters the coffee house. Chandler sarcastically exclaims that he has just won a million dollars. Turns out Monica knows the woman in the wedding dress who is Rachel Green. Monica introduces Rachel to her friends and she explains what happened. About a half an hour before her wedding she was in a room where they kept the presents. It was then that Rachel became fixated on a gravy boat - then she had an epiphany that she was more turned on by the gravy boat than by her fiance Barry. She realized that Barry looked familiar and he resembles Mr. Potatohead. In that moment she knew that she had to get out of there, and wondered, "Why am I doing this?", and "Who and I doing this for?" Rachel says that she didn't know where to go, and knew that she and Monica had kind of drifted apart, but Monica is the only one she knew who lived in the city.

Friends season 1 episode "The Pilot"
At Monica's apartment the gang hangs out to watch television while Rachel makes a phone call to her father. She explains to her dad that she can't marry Barry, and apologizes to him that she just doesn't love Barry. Frustrated that her father won't listen to what she has to say Rachel uses a metaphor comparing herself to a shoe. She says maybe she doesn't want to be a shoe maybe she wants to be a purse or a hat. Her father misinterprets what she told him as Rachel wanting him to buy her a hat. Rachel ends the conversation telling her father it's her life and maybe she'll live with Monica. Monica agrees to allow Rachel to stay with her at her apartment. Rachel informs her father that is her decision and exclaims that maybe she doesn't need his money. Her father hangs up on her and Rachel pleads, "Maybe! I said maybe!" Later she hyperventilates into a paper bag while Monica informs her to breathe and Phoebe sings her own interpretation of "Favorite Things" from the film 'The Sound of Music'. Rachel joins her friends at the coffee house excited about her purchase of boots that were on sale. In regards to applying for a job she says she was laughed at, at twelve interviews and is trained for nothing. As for her new footwear she says they're her, 'I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots-boots'. Monica wonders how she managed to pay for the boots and Rachel explains that she used her fathers credit cards. Her friends hold an intervention at Monica's apartment where they encourage Rachel to liberate herself by cutting her credit cards. That evening Paul 'the wine guy' arrives at Monica's apartment to pick her up for their date. She introduces them to her friends and she goes to change cloths in order to get ready. While on her date with Paul, Monica learns that Paul's ex cheated on him with her dentist. She asks him how he got through it, and Paul tells her he tried 'accidentally' breaking something valuable of his exes. He says he broke his exes watch. Paul confides in Monica that since his ex walked out on him he hasn't been able to perform sexually. Not meaning to pry she asks how long it's been and he tells her it's been two years. The next morning we learn Monica allowed Paul to sleep over at her place implying that she had sex on the first date.

Friends season 1 episode "The One Where Rachel Finds Out"
She goes to work that same morning and her co-worker can tell she's had sex. Monica admits it was with Paul 'the wine guy' and her co-worker breaks the bad news that Paul tricked her into bed. Monica tells the story to her friends and Joey can't believe she didn't know it was a line he told women to get them into bed. She wonders if it's her fault and whether or not she has a beacon that only dogs and men with severe emotional problems can hear. We learn Phoebe is a singer/musician when she is shown playing guitar at the subway station while singing, "Love is sweet as summer showers, love is a wondrous work of art, but your love, your love, oh your love, is like a giant pigeon, crapping on my heart." Phoebe tells the others to give Rachel a break because she can relate to how difficult it is to be on your own for the first time. We also learn Phoebe had a hard life as she explains her first time being on her own. She was 14-years old and her mom had just killed herself, her step dad was back in prison, and she arrived in New York not knowing anybody. Phoebe lived with an albino guy who cleaned windshields by court authority, and he killed himself, but then she found aroma therapy. At the end of her story Phoebe tells Rachel to believe her because she knows exactly how Rachel feels. As her friends encourage her by chanting 'cut', Rachel takes a snip at the first card exclaiming that it wasn't so hard. However, Monica points out that the card she cut was a library card. Once Rachel is done disposing of her credit cards Monica welcomes her to the real world exclaiming that it sucks and she's going to love it. The episode ends with Rachel discovering a watch on the the floor of Monica's apartment. We learn that it's Paul's watch and Monica tells Rachel to leave it. As she heads to bed Monica stomps on Paul's watch. The episode concludes with the gang at Central Perk and learns that Rachel got a job as a waitress serving coffee.

Jennifer sporting 'The Rachel' hair-do
The season finale episode "The One Where Rachel Finds Out" airs to a total of 31.3 million viewers who tune in to see Ross go to a fossil dig in China before Rachel's birthday. Before his departure Chandler advises him to move on after his failed attempts at being with Rachel. In return Ross tells Chandler to give Rachel his present for him, and then catches his flight. Before he leaves Joey informs Ross that he and Chandler are just trying to look out for him, and want Ross to be happy. During her birthday party, Rachel insists on opening presents before eating. As she opens Ross's gift Rachel exclaims that he remembered. She tells the story of how she and Ross walked by an antique store, and she admired a pin that resembled one her grandmother use to wear when she was a little girl. Rachel hears Chandler accidentally announce aloud the previous conversation he had with Ross regarding that Ross is in love with her, and a big decision presents itself. Chandler tells the story of how back in college when Ross fell in love with Carol he bought her a ridiculously expensive crystal duck. Rachel comes to the realization that Ross has feelings for her. She recalls her first night in the city and Ross mentioning that the two of them should hangout, but noting ever transpired. Rachel ultimately decides she has to talk with him, but Chandler tells her she can't because he's in China. She has forty-five minutes to catch Ross before his flight takes off, but learns he has already made it past the gate. Rachel tells a stewardess to give Ross the message that she loves the present he got her and she'll see him when he get's back, but the stewardess delivers the message to another gentlemen instead by accident. Meanwhile, Joey's participation in a fertility study prevents him from sleeping with his new girl friend Melanie who wants nothing more than to sleep with him. He's participating in the research study at the New York University Medical center because he's having financial trouble, and has already borrowed enough money from Chandler than he cares to. At the end of the study he'll be paid $700 for his contribution to the fertility study. Rachel breaks off her date with Carl, and heads to the airport to pick-up Ross, whom she can't stop thinking about. Once she arrives unbeknownst to Rachel, Ross isn't returning home alone.

People's Choice award - 'Favorite New Television Comedy'
Season one celebrity guest stars include model Jill Goodacre as herself episode "The One with the Blackout". Actor/comedian Hank Azaria guest stars as David; a scientist and Phoebe's love interest episode "The One with the Monkey". Actress Morgan Fairchild guest stars as Nora Bing; Chandler's mother episode "The One with Mrs. Bing". Actor/comedian Fisher Stevens guest stars as Roger Phoebe's love interest episode "The One with the Boobies". Actor/comedian Jon Lovitz guest stars as Steve; a food critic episode "The One with the Stoned Guy". Actress Helen Hunt guest stars as Jamie Buchman; her character from 'Mad About You' in a cross-over episode "The One with Two Parts (Part 2)". Actress Leila Kenzle guest stars as Fran Devanow; her character from 'Mad About You' in a cross-over episode "The One with Two Parts (Part 2)". Actor George Clooney guest stars as Dr. Mitchell; his character from 'ER' in a cross-over episode "The One with Two Parts (Part 1)". Actor Noah Wyle guest stars as Dr. Rusell his character from 'ER' in a cross-over episode "The One with Two Parts (Part 1)". Actress Jennifer Grey guest stars as Mindy; Rachel's best friend as well as former maid-of-honor episode "The One with Evil Orthodontist". Actress Lauren Tom guest stars as Julie; Ross's love interest episode "The One Where Rachel Finds Out". Actor Mitchell Whitfield guest stars as Barry Farber; Rachel's ex-fiance episode "The One with the Evil Orthodontist". Actor Cosimo Fusco guest stars as Paolo; Rachel's love interest episodes "The One with the Blackout", "The One with Mrs. Bing", and "The One with the Dozen Lasagnas". Actress Maggie Wheeler guest stars as Janie Hosenstein; Chandler's love interest; episodes "The One with the East German Laundry Detergent", "The One with the Monkey", and "The One with the Candy Hearts". Elliot Gould guest stars as Jack Geller; Monica and Ross's father episodes "The One with the Sonogram at the End", "The One Where Nana Dies Twice", and "The One with Two Parts (Part 2)".

Jennifer at the 47th Annual Primetime Emmy awards
Actress Christina Pickles guest stars as Judy Geller; Monica and Ross's mother episodes "The One with the Sonogram at the End", and "The One Where Nana Dies Twice". Actress Jane Sibbett guest stars as Carol Willick; Ross's ex-wife episodes "The One with the Dozen Lasagnas", "The One with the Candy Hearts", and "The One with the Birth". Actress Jessica Hecht guest stars as Susan Bunch; Carol's lover episodes "The One with the Dozen Lasagnas", "The One with the Candy Hearts" and "The One with the Birth". Actor Larry Hankin guest stars as "Mr. Heckles"; Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbor episodes "The One with the Blackout", and "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away". Actress June Gable guest stars as Estelle Leonard; Joey's acting agent episode "The One with the Butt". In efforts of the show the cast of 'Friends' attends several award shows including the 8th Annual American Comedy awards, the 48th Annual Directors Guild awards, the 6th Annual GLAAD Media awards, the 21st Annual People's Choice awards, the 47th Annual Primetime Emmy awards, the 11th Annual Television Critics Association awards, the 11th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards, and the 48th Annual Writers Guild awards. At the 8th Annual American Comedy awards their series is nominated for Funniest Television Series of the Year, and Courteney Cox is nominated for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a Television Series for her performance as Monica Geller. At the 58th Annual Directors Guild awards James Burrows is nominated for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy Series for directing the series season finale episode "The One with the Birth". At the 5th Annual GLAAD Media awards their series is awarded Outstanding Television Comedy Series of the Year. At the 21st Annual People's Choice awards their series wins for Favorite New Television Comedy Series of the Year, and Courteney Cox is awarded Favorite Performer in a New Television Program for her performance as Monica Geller. At the 47th Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series nominee director James Burrows, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series nominee writers Jeff Greenstein & Jeff Strauss, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominee David Schwimmer for his performance as Ross Geller, and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Christina Pickles for her performance as Judy Geller. At the 11th Annual Television Critics Association awards, their series is nomined for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. At the 11th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards their series is nominated for Best Quality Television Series of the Year, and Best Supporting Actor in a Quality Comedy Series nominee David Schwimmer for his performance as Ross Geller. At the 48th Annual Writers Guild awards their series is nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Comedy Series nominee writers Jeff Greenstein & Jeff Strauss for episode "The One Where Underdog Gets Away".


1995: Signing On For a Second Season
Entertainment Weekly magazine: Friends
[January 27, 1995] - The cast of 'Friends' appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine headlining Friends: Behind the Scenes with the Stars of TV's Sexy Hit Sitcom. In this exclusive interview Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer all talk about the second season of NBC's #1 comedy series, how pretty isn't necessarily funny, and how they became such a tight-knit cast.

article by: Bruce Fretts

Entertainment Weekly - Vol. 259 - No. 3
"Schwimmer's hangdog character, Ross Geller, has adopted a pet Monkey, Marcel, to keep him company in his post divorce funk, but the actor and his simian co-star, an eerie Capuchin simply named "Monkey", aren't exactly hitting it off. "The trainers won't let me bond with it," explains Schwimmer. "They're really possessive. It's like, 'Land on your marks, do your job, don't touch or bond with the monkey.' It's a bummer." The shows charming ensemble and snappy scripts, many penned by executive producers David Crane and Marta Kauffman, have drawn the best reviews for any new sitcom this season. The series revolves around a close-knit sextet of twenty-something singles: Monica Geller (Family Ties' Courteney Cox), a neat-freak assistant chef; Ross Geller (NYPD' Blue's David Schwimmer), Monica's on-the-rebound older brother; Phoebe Buffay (Mad About You's Lisa Kudrow), Monica's spaced-out blonde college chum; Rachel Green (The Edge's Jennifer Aniston), Monica's rich-girl roomie; and their across the hall neighbors, Joey Tribbiani (Vinnie & Bobby's Matt LeBlanc), a himbo actor, and Chandler Bing (Sydney's Matthew Perry), an acerbic office worker. As on Seinfeld, most of Friends plots concern mundane dilemmas of unmarried, urbanites-dating woes, career crisis, visits from parents - and most of the action takes place in an apartment and a restaurant (in this case, a shabby-chic coffee bar named "Central Perk"). "What sold the show was six characters coming into a coffee shop, sitting for twenty five minutes, and saying funny things," said Perry. "All of the best television shows are that: Cheers is a bunch of people sitting in a room saying funny things. So are Taxi, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Seinfeld - all of the shows I love," said Perry. The cast is an intensely cheery group of people; ask the actors to describe any one of their co-stars and the first word out of their mouths is liable to be sweet. Their mutual admiration is tangible, but they didn't necessarily expect to get along at first. Schwimmer, Perry, and Kudrow were all concerned about Cox, who at that time was the biggest name of the group, might have a star attitude. 

Left to Right: Jennifer, David, Matt, Lisa, Courteney, Matthew
"I thought she'd be a little aloof and celebrity-ish," confesses Kudrow, "and she wasn't at all. She's so great!" Schwimmer and Perry felt equally effusive about Cox now, but they were also initially skeptical about LeBlanc, who was a onetime Levi's 501 jeans model. "I was like, 'This guy's kind of a d*ck,' recalls Schwimmer of meeting LeBlanc. "I thought, 'Oh great, here's this guy I'm going to work with for maybe five years, and he's f*cking Joe Cool stud.' Well, he's turned me around completely," said Schwimmer. "He's an unbelievably nice guy in the body of a tough, get-out-of-my-way guy," added Perry. The series is about an ensemble, but what would happen should the focus ever shift on just one particular character, let's say Ross? "I don't want the focus to shift," said Schwimmer, "to mine or any other character. That would be the downfall of the show," explains Schwimmer. "All of us signed up to do an ensemble show." The producers confirm that the story lines will continue to be parceled out in six equal portions. Friends might have the best-looking cast in sitcom history (there's no Norm here). "People tend to either be funny or attractive," says writer producer Kauffman, "we lucked out and got both." The actors uniformly reject the idea that comedy is not pretty. "I've been hearing this my whole career," said Aniston, "And I say, 'Oh, my God, Lucille Ball? I thought she was gorgeous! Mary Tyler Moore? Beautiful!' " Not that Aniston - or anyone else in the cast - will admit to feeling pretty. "I don't think, 'Oh, I'm Miss Outstanding-Looking Person,' " said Aniston. "The last thing that we think about is our looks, even though people think that we do because our wardrobe and hair are so great," said Aniston. "If one of us gained a lot of weight or something, we'd have the same personality that we do now," said Cox. For such a toothsome group, Friends' characters certainly have a hard time sustaining relationships. None has a significant other, although Schwimmer's Ross has a severe crush on Aniston's semi-oblivious Rachel. "They're going to play us like two ships passing," Schwimmer says. "She'll realize, 'Oh, my God, Ross likes me!' and 'Ooh, he's cute. Why not?' and then it'll be too late because I'll be seeing someone else." Executive producer/writer David Crane promises the flirtation will come to fruition after "a long and bumpy ride." The shows producers say, "We aren't designing a demographically specific sitcom. Even though the characters are young, a lot of what they're involved in is universal stuff," says Crane."

PEOPLE magazine: All About Friends
[April 17, 1995] - The cast of 'Friends' appears on the cover of PEOPLE magazine headlining All About Friends. In this exclusive interview the six cast mates talk about how their real lives are sometimes incorporated into the story arcs of their characters on the sitcom.

article by: Craig Tomashoff

PEOPLE magazine
"Unfortunately, my own romantic life provides material for my lovelorn Friends character, Chandler Bing," said Perry. "One of the producers came up and asked me, 'How did your date go over the weekend?' I replied, 'It went great. We went out for dinner, then for a nice walk on Melrose and back to her place, where we shared a nice kiss good night...and I'm pretty confident that I'm going to die alone.' " On the air, it's that same blend of silliness and self-deprecating humor Chandler's "die alone" one liner later turned up in the script that has made the show into a palpable hit. In its first season out, it's the only new sitcom still in the Nielson 10, and it has risen as high as No. 2, partly thanks to its new spot between NBC's fellow series Seinfeld and ER. The might have something to do with good writing, and a strong concept; six mildly neurotic single twenty-something's in search of a life, with punch lines. "They pitched the show to the network as being about people who are just about to make those choices: the ones that you have to live with for the rest of your life," explained Perry. As such, the show appeals both to people in their twenties and people who have been there and haven't forgotten. "What makes the show so successful is you see a little piece of your own life up there," says executive producer Kevin Bright. The series biggest asset by far, though, is an ensemble cast that clicks: Schwimmer (the nerdy-but-nice Ross); Aniston (Rachel, the spoiled rich girl, getting her first jolt of reality waitressing at the coffee-bar handout; Central Perk); Courteney Cox (compulsively neat, overachieving Monica, the girl you hated in seventh grade); Matt LeBlanc (Joey, a hunka-hunka aspiring actor); Matthew Perry (Chandler, stuck in an office job he loathes but won't leave); and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe, a witty, free spirit give to non sequesters.) 

"Someday", as Cox jokes, "we may develop big egos and big rivalries, and we'll all go to our big trailers and never speak," she said. Or perhaps Aniston will spill all to Hard Copy magazine about Schwimmer's wild nights out with Marcel the monkey, but not now. Six months into a hit, this is one happy, mutually supportive crew, and when they talk about being friends off the set, it's believable. "Even it we weren't working together, and just met each other at a party, we'd absolutely still hang out together," said Aniston. "Each of the six cast members has come a long way from the first day they showed up for work on the pilot episode a year ago," said director James Burrows. "That day was really strange," recalls Perry. "I was kind of like, 'Hi, I don't know who you are, but hopefully we'll be working together for the next 12,000 years.' " They all knew there were no guarantees. Perry had briefly been on Growing Pains and Home Free. LeBlanc survived TV 101 and Vinnie and Bobby. Schwimmer was seeking refuge from Monty. Aniston muddled through Muddling Through. Even Cox, a semi-regular on Family Ties (as actor Michael J. Fox's girlfriend), had been through the misfortune of Misfits of Science. Still, Cox was the one who made everybody else nervous, "because," says Schwimmer, "she was the one big name in the cast." As it turns out Cox evolved into a kind of den mother, both on and off the set. "She was actually the first person to speak up about us being a team," says Aniston. "It was our second day of work, and we all went outside on a break together. Courteney said, 'this is an ensemble show. I think we should really all try to help each other out.' Everybody just jumped on that," said Aniston. Cox remembers the moment well. "I had been on a show before where there wasn't that much camaraderie," she says, "so I figured it was important to let them know I was just there to make the show better. I let them know this wasn't a popularity contest." Some cast members were also nervous about LeBlanc, whose resume includes a stint looking studly as a Levi's model. "I was scared of that type of guy," says Aniston, who assumed he'd be muy macho. "He thinks it's very funny now. Actually, he can sit down and comfort me just like Courteney or Lisa could."

Cast of Friends TV Series (1995)
After the pilot was picked up and they knew they would be seeing each other every workday, they began letting their guards down. "I think what really made me realize how close we were was when we started doing interviews and reporters would ask us questions about each other, like 'What do you really think of so-and-so?' "says Kudrow. "Those types of questions felt really personal to me, and I knew these people had become a part of my life. I was deliberately vague with my answers," explained Kudrow. Cast members say Perry is at the center of many gags. "He keeps us all in a good mood," Schwimmer says, "by coming up with that one-liner that makes us smile." "I feel a little older than the others with a little more perspective on things," said Perry. "I consider myself the brother type," said LeBlanc. "They all refer to me as the little sister of the group," said Aniston, "then there's Lisa." "She's like an island," said LeBlanc. "She's sort of standing off on her own, totally secure." Although the characters are slightly exaggerated, slightly more entertaining versions of ourselves," says Perry, "I know Chandler is similar to me, but if you watched my life for a week, there would be many more boring parts," explained the actor. In one episode one of the writers took one of Perry's quirky habits and turned it into one of his characters. "He has this way of speaking, using questions like 'Could this be any more this or that?' "says Aniston. "So they wrote an entire episode about how everybody at his office makes fun of him because of they way that he talks," explained Aniston. The friendships on the show are all simply platonic. The closest they get to romance is Ross's secret crush on Rachel. There's no pairing up in real life, either. Cox doesn't think the plot line of keeping the six main characters out of bed with each other is unrealistic at all. "I've got some great guy friends," she said, "they can start out as crushes, but when you realize something isn't going to happen, you make a choice whether or not the friendship is worth it. It usually is. Then you can laugh about the fact that you used to have a crush on him or he had one on you," said the actress. "A lot of actors look at sitcoms as a the stepping-stone to a movie deal," explained Aniston, "but the attitude here is that this show is something we can go home and be proud of every day." Everyone is open to everyone else's ideas. The deal here is, the funniest joke wins, no matter what," said Aniston. Spoken like a true friend."

Cast of Friends starring in The Rembrandts music video "I'll Be There for You"
[May 1, 1995] - The cast of 'Friends' appears in the music video "I'll Be There for You" by pop rock duo The Rembrands. The single was released off of the duos third studio album titled LP and reached #17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts. It's best known as the theme song to the NBC sitcom television series Friends, which was on the air from 1994-2004. The music video features the six cast members of Friends: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, taking the singing and dancing roles of the band after, amusingly, attacking them all and bemusing everyone else on the set with their daft behavior. The song was co-written by Friends producer David Crane and Marta Kaufman, Kauffman's husband, composer Michael Skloff, and songwriter Allee Willis, along with Phil Solem and Danny Wilde, both of the Rembrandts. It was initially offered to the rock bands They Might Be Giants and R.E.M. The song is strongly influenced by The Beatles, especially reminiscent of the "I Feel Fine" guitar riff, and is also highly reminiscent of The Monkee's "Pleasant Valley Sunday". 

Rolling Stone magazine: Fast Friends
[May 18, 1995] - The cast of 'Friends' appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine headlining Fast Friends. In this exclusive interview the cast talks about how the success of their sitcom episode titles, and the series season finale.

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article by: David Wild

ROLLING STONE magazine Vol. 9 - No. 708
"No sex, bad jobs, improbably huge apartments - why do we like this show so much? Arguably the most consistently funny sitcom on television, Friends has won over an ever growing number of Nielson pals as the show has made its way through such memorable episodes as - yes, Virginia, these are the actual titles - "The One With the Butt", "The One With the Boobies", "The One With the Monkey", "The One With the East German Laundry Detergent", and "The One With the Evil Orthodontist". This afternoon the cast and crew and preparing "The One Where Rachel Finds Out", and emotional cliffhanger in which princess-turned-waitress Rachel Green; Aniston's character, discovers what the rest of us have known all season - that sensitive paleontologist Ross Geller; actor David Schwimmer's character, is desperately in love with her. The mood on the Friends set today seems warm, casual and, yes, extremely friendly, if just a tad tense. "I'd say it feels like the last days of freshman year in college", says Lisa Kudrow, who plays the spacey hippie Phoebe Buffay. "We're usually pretty touchy feely around here, but now more than ever," she adds. "We're all about to go into some form of Friends withdrawal," said Schwimmer. Tomorrow evening the show tapes, and the three friends who run Friends; the producer/creators Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane have their eyes on the prize now within their sight: a perfect television season. "The One Where Rachel Finds Out" finds Bright directing Friends for the first time. As a result, Matthew Perry; who plays Chandler Bing, who, true to character, serves as Friends' on-set master of sarcastic ceremonies - is already going around calling the episode "Kevin's Gate". Perry's jokes are slightly loaded because nobody wants to screw-up now. "At the end of every episode, we always look at each other and say, 'Wow, there's another one that doesn't suck,' " says Matthew. "We all know from experience how much can go wrong on a series. And on this show, everything's gone right," said Aniston. " Friends is a different larger-scale sort of television phenomenon and a more wholesome one as well. Think of Friends as a sort of anti-Mel Rose Place: a wildly successful show about a whole bunch of beautiful young people in improbably huge apartments not sleeping together. 

The rapidly escalating popularity of Friends such that even other television shows are making note of this baffling lack of sexual attraction. Matt LeBlanc; who plays Joey Tribbianni, has heard this poking before, "Listen, non of us are sleeping together, either," he says with a grin. "What I have in the back my head is that when these characters originally met, there was a little of that tension, but it worked itself out." Even if they're doing the deed, the show's cast members conventionally seem to have become the best of friends. "Yeah, it's pretty much a love fest around here," said Aniston. "It is kind of sickening, isn't it?" she adds jokingly. "There have been no real fights to speak of," adds LeBlanc. "As completely corny and weird as it may sound to everyone, these people ARE now my friends," says Courteney Cox; who plays Monica Geller. Perhaps as a result of all this chaste yet decidedly intimate interaction, Friends has a certain pent-up sexual energy that makes things all the more exciting when, say, Chandler accidentally sees Rachel's 'nipular area' or when Ross briefly makes out with Chandler's mother (played by actress Morgan Fairchild) and gets branded a 'mother kisser' in the process. Certainly it can't hurt matters that the show's cast members are all uniformly appealing and attractive, as well as - and this helps on a comedy - funny. There's been talk of Schwimmer becoming Friend's breakout star, but in terms of story-line division, the sitcom's been remarkably evenhanded. That makes it a true rarity in the world of ensemble comedy, where traditionally there's a central Sam Malone, an Alex Reiger or Mary Richards to anchor things. Currently, Friends boasts ratings and demographics to die for. Not bad for a show that couldn't even find a name for a time. In the planning stages it was called Insomnia Cafe, Six of One, Across the Hall and Friends Like Us. Finally, around the time NBC gave the show a heavenly Thursday-night time slot alongside Seinfeld, Mad About You, and another up-and-comer called ER, the network suggested the minimalist Friends. 

Cast of Friends: Jennifer, Matt, Matthew, Courteney, Lisa, & David
"The whole experience has pretty much been a dream-boat-ride," said Kudrow. "I think Friends represents a period in your life that everyone can relate to," said Aniston, "it's when you're starting on your journey, before you've made your choice. Everybody's either going to go through that turnstile or has already been through it. Younger people are looking forward to it. Older people can look back and reflect. And people our age can watch for clues." Friends is on the verge of becoming a profitable growth industry. Look for T-shirts and Central Perk mugs, as well as a soundtrack album. Clearly, the show has tapped into some universal - perhaps even primal - need. Most people have friends, and presumably even the disturbing ones who don't could use a weekly television substitute. In "The One With the Boobies", Phoebe's annoying but insightful shrink love interest, Roger (memorably played by actor Fisher Stevens), offered an expert diagnosis of the Friends' 'dysfunctional group dynamic...this sort of co-dependent, emotionally stunted, sitting in your stupid coffeehouse with your big cups, which, I'm sorry, might as well have nipples on them. And you're all like 'I need love! I need love! Define me!" It could be argued that all those slightly older pal-coms like Seinfeld or Ellen serve the same semi pitiful purpose. "Except I don't think Friends is as pessimistic," says Schwimmer. "The people on our show all have a heart and are vulnerable. Unlike those shows, I think if our characters split up, they'd really be hurting," adds Cox. By now the creative team at Friends knows that works and what doesn't. This helps to explain the show's most slacker like aspect - the treatment of career as almost an after thought. "I first knew the show was a hit when the studio audience started laughing even when there was nothing funny being said," says Cox. "I've done five or six shows that never went beyond 20 episodes," said Aniston, "to be a part of Friends makes me SO happy and proud of my peers. Literally, there are times when the show feels like a family, and that stage feels like a home."

John & Jennifer Aniston at the 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy awards
[May 19, 1995] - The 26-year old actress attends the 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy awards as a presenter. The ceremony was held at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California hosted by Leeza Gibbons and Deidre Hall. Jennifer's father soap opera actor, John Aniston of 'Days of Our Lives', accompanies her on the red carpet. The pair present the Emmy award for Outstanding Talk Show Host of the Year awarded to talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey host of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. Other Daytime Emmy winning series include ABC's soap opera 'General Hospital', CBS's soap opera 'Guiding Light', ABC's 'One Life to Live', and ABC's 'All My Children'. 'General Hospital' won four of its eight Daytime Emmy awards including Outstanding Drama Series of the Year; awarded to creators Frank and Doris Hursley, Outstanding Supporting Actress of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actress Rena Sofer for her performance as Lois Cerullo, Outstanding Young Actor of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actor Jonathan Jackson for his performance as Lucky Spencer, and Outstanding Writing Team of the Year for a Drama Series; awarded to writer Ron Carilvati. 'Guiding Light' won two of its nine Daytime Emmy awards including Outstanding Lead Actor of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actor Justin Deas for his performance as Buzz Cooper, and Outstanding Supporting Actor of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actor Jerry verDorn for his performance as Ross Marler. 'One Life to Live' received one of its four Daytime Emmy awards including Outstanding Lead Actress of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actress Erika Slezak for her performance as Victoria Lord. 'All My Children' won two of its nine Daytime Emmy awards including Outstanding Young Actress of the Year in a Drama Series; awarded to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar for her performance as Kendall Hart, and Outstanding Directing Team of the Year for a Drama Series; awarded to director Jill Ackles.

Cast of Partners TV Series (1995-1996)
[September 11, 1995 - April 1, 1996] - Jennifer's boyfriend actor Tate Donovan lands the lead role as Owen on FOX's sitcom television series 'Partners' starring opposite of actor Jon Cryer. The series is centered around a pair of two young architects that work together with their careers on the rise who compete for the affection of a woman they are both interested in, but later find their own relationship to be complicated after one of them becomes engaged to her. The season premiere episode "The Pilot" airs to viewers tuning in to see Alicia Sundergard; actress Maria Pitillo's character, ready to tie the knot around Bob's; actor Jon Cryer's character, neck for interfering with her romance with Owen; Donovan's character, as well as with their plans to pick a wedding date. The series doesn't prove successful due to poor viewership and low ratings and the cast members are informed that the finale episode set to air April 1, 1996 will be the final episode of the series as the network pulls the plug. The season finale episode "Will You Marry Me?" airs to viewers tuning in to see Alicia; actress Maria Pitillo's character, and Owen; Donovan's character, big day approaching as she becomes obsessed with the superstition that he should not see her on their wedding day. Meanwhile Bob; actor Jon Cryer's character surprises Lolie; actress Corinne Bohrer's character, with a proposal, but is not prepared for her reaction, which is "Oh, God! No!".

Partners season 1 episode "Will You Marry Me?"
Season one celebrity guest stars include Joel Murray and Lisa Edelstein guest star as Cindy and Ron Wolfe episode "Who's Afraid of Ron and Cindy Wolfe?". Actor Thomas Haden Church guest stars as Ned Dorsey his character from FOX's fellow sitcom 'Ned & Stacey' episode "City Hall". Actress Debra Messing guest stars as Stacey Colbert-Dorsey her character from FOX's fellow sitcom 'Ned & Stacey' episode "City Hall". Actor James Cromwell guest stars as Mr. Saxonhouse episodes "Do We Have to Write You a Check?" and episode "Can We Keep Her, Dad?". Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith guest stars as Danielle; Bob's love interest episode "The Year of Bob?". Actress Mimi Rogers guest stars as Melissa; Bob's former babysitter episode "Your Baby-sitter?". Jennifer Aniston guest stars as CPA Suzanne; Bob's love interest episode "Follow the Clams?". Actress/comedienne Kathy Griffin guest stars as Michelle episode "Can We Keep Her, Dad?". Actor Simon Templeman guest stars as Carl episode "Can We Keep Her, Dad?". Recurring characters include actress Corinne Bohrer recurs as Lolie episodes "How Long Does It Take to Cook a 22-pound Turkey?", "You Baby-sitter?", "Can We Keep Her, Dad?", "Hello? Harmless?", "Soup or a Movie?", "You Quit," and "Will You Marry Me?". Actress Catherine Lloyd Burns recurs as Heather Pond episodes "The Pilot", "A Dress?", "Who's Janet?", "Primo?", "Why Are the Blumenthais Living in My House?", "Sexiversary", "Who's Afraid of Ron and Cindy Wolfe?", "City Hall", "How Long Does It Take to Cook a 22-pound Turkey?", "Do We Have to Write You a Check?", "Fourteen Minutes?", "The Year of Bob?", "Your Baby-sitter?", "How Was Your Date with Dad?", "May I Call You Dick?", "Follow the Clams?", "Can We Keep Her, Dad?", "Hello? Harmless?", "Soup or a Movie?", "You Quit?", and "Will You Marry Me?".

(1995-1996) Friends Season 2 DVD Cover
[September 21, 1995 - May 16, 1996] - Jennifer, along with the rest of her cast mate's are informed that the series is picked up for a second season and each of them is signed on with a salary per episode of $22,500. Unlike the first season, this season features more serialized story lines along with a more serialized format. Rachel's attempts to tell Ross she has feelings towards him mirror his attempts from the first season. One night while leaving him a message on his answering machine she let's word slip while she is drunk. After the two reconcile Rachel is upset over a list of pros and cons he made to see who would be a better choice: Julie or Rachel. After viewing a home movie of her getting ready for prom the two share a passionate kiss after she learns he tried to take her once her date was a no show. Joey finally gets a job as a soap opera actor on 'Days of Our Lives' as the fictional role of Dr. Drake Ramoray, but his career is short-lived after he reveals too much information during a soap opera's digest interview that he writes most of his own lines. Chandler and Joey's relationship suffers a toll after the two get into a heated argument ending with Joey moving out. After looking for a room mate to replace him, Chandler finds his new room mate Eddie to be very divergent from Joey. Sometime later it gets to the point where Chandler can't stand living with Eddie, but Eddie refuses to move out. Phoebe discovers she has a husband, and learns that aside from her twin sister Ursula, she also has a half-brother Frank Buffay, Jr. Monica begins to question her relationship with Richard - her new love interest. The season premiere episode "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend" airs to a total 32.1 million viewers tuning in to see Rachel awaiting Ross's arrival at the airport to confess her feelings towards him. To her disappointment he doesn't return from China alone, actress Lauren Tom guest stars as Julie; Ross's love interest. Ross introduces Julie to Rachel and she takes an automatic disliking to Julie. Once Rachel arrives at Monica's apartment she is clearly out of breath from racing up the stairs.

Friends season 2 episode "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend"
She tries to explain to Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey what happened at the air port, but Ross and Julie walk in. Ross greets everybody and introduces Julie to the rest of the gang as his 'new girlfriend'. Monica wonders how her brother came to know Julie and he explains that they met in grad school, but haven't seen each other since, and once he arrived in China he learned that Julie was in charge of the fossil dig. Chandler feels guilty because he's the one who told Rachel that Ross loves her after he had advised Ross to get over his feelings towards Rachel. He tries to convince Ross that he shouldn't be with Julie, but his attempts fail and Chandler informs Rachel if she wants so see the silver lining of the situation Ross managed to come up with the idea of 'moving on' all by himself. She wonders how Chandler considers that a silver lining, and he explains to Rachel that she has to REALLY want to see it. Chandler is in need of a tailor so Joey suggests that he see Frank, his long time family tailor. Joey tells Chandler, Frank's been his tailor since he was growing up and got him his first suit when he was 15-years old. While his pants are being tailored by Frank, Chandler expresses his discomfort while Frank measures his inseam. Later Chandler informs Joey what happened exclaiming that Frank is a bad man and took advantage of him, but Joey defends Frank assuring Chandler that is how pants are measured. Ross chimes in informing Joey that is how they measure pants in prison, and Joey realizes his pants have been being measured the wrong way for years. Phoebe gives Joey and Chandler haircuts, and Monica insists that Phoebe cut her hair as well, but Monica doesn't like the results after Phoebe cuts her hair like actor Dudley Moore instead of like actress Demi Moore as Monica requested.

Friends season 2 episode "The One After the Superbowl (Part 1)"
Meanwhile, Ross annoys everyone; including Rachel, by talking excessively about his new girl friend Julie. This causes Rachel to become desperate as well as upset resulting in her spending the night with her old flame Paolo, actor Cosimo Fusco; Rachel's love interest. Things don't work out between the two of them after Paolo makes a pass at Phoebe. The season finale episode "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding" airs to 29.0 million viewers tuning in to see Rachel agreeing to be the maid of honor at her ex-fiance's wedding. Her friends wonder why she would want to attend her ex-fiance's wedding, and she defends herself explaining that she promised Mindy, and the she needs to be in a room with those same people to feel good about herself again. Things go accordingly until Rachel realizes that through the entire wedding ceremony her rear end was visible. She is upset that Ross didn't point it out to her earlier, and he wonders what he could have done besides stand up and shout, 'Hey! Rachel! Your butt is showing!'. Rachel says that it would've been better than her having to hear it from Barry's uncle. She feels mortified and recalls the only other humiliating thing that tops it is the time when she was in 8th grade and sang the Barry Manilow song "Copacabana" in front of the entire school, but she only got two lines into the song before she freaked out and ran. Rachel wonders why wedding guests have been telling her it's good to see her up and about. She learns that Barry's parents informed everyone that after Rachel ran out on their son's wedding she was labeled insane due to having syphilis. During the wedding reception Rachel has taken all she can of people's intolerable rudeness including bad toasts, and she gets ready to walk out.

Friends season 2 episode "The One After the Superbowl (Part 2)"
Barry calls her out reminding everyone that she walked out on him years ago wondering who had the time 45-minutes before she would walk away. Rachel redeems herself by grabbing a microphone informing everyone how much courage it took to show her face there again and she breaks out singing "Copacabana". In order to get a role in the new Warren Beatty film, Joey needs to practice kissing a guy. Once his audition was done the director noted Joey as being a good actor, but a bad kisser. Flabbergasted over the thought of himself being a bad kisser, Joey asks one of the girls to kiss him, but Rachel and Monica ultimately refuse. Phoebe volunteers admitting that she's kissed him before, and she shares a passionate kiss with Joey whom she informs is a good kisser firm, but tender and she'd recommend him to a friend. Still unsure what his problem is, Monica suggests that maybe Joey isn't use to kissing a guy. He takes a pass at Ross and Chandler, but each refuses exclaiming over my dead body, and Chandler tells Joey that he'll be using Ross's dead body as a shield. This causes Joey to go to the extreme of attempting to kiss total random male strangers; he even attempts to kiss Richard, Monica's boyfriend, but Monica prevents Joey from doing so by kneeing him in the back. Towards the end of the episode Ross finally gives in and tells Joey that he wants to be a good friend so he plants one on him. Joey says that Ross is a good friend, but the audition was this morning and he didn't get the part so Ross just kissed him for no reason. Monica ponders her future with Richard Burke; an eye doctor and family friend who is twenty-one years her senior, actor Tom Selleck's character. While babysitting her nephew Ben, Monica discusses with Richard what he sees in his future; if she's in it, and if there is the possibility of marriage and children. Eventually the two discover an obstacle that they can't over come that leads to them breaking up: Monica wants to have children and Richard doesn't.

Friends season 2 episode "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding"
Meanwhile, Chandler falls for a mystery woman on the internet, and Phoebe admires how into his cyber chick he is despite the fact that Chandler knows so little about her. Phoebe points out to him that for all Chandler knows the woman he's chatting to could be 90-years old, have two heads, or may not even be a woman, it could be a man. Chandler defends that the cyber chick is in fact a woman, but Phoebe wonders how he can be sure. The cyber chick informs Chandler that her husband is cheating on her with his secretary, and he learns that she is married. She wants to meet him in person face-to-face, but after he agrees to do so his mystery internet woman turns out to be Janice his ex-girlfriend with whom he tried so desperately to break-up with in the first place. In the end he ends up deciding to give her another chance. Season two celebrity guest stars include actress Lauren Tom as Julie; Ross's love interest episodes "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend", "The One with the Breast Milk", "The One with Phoebe's Husband", "The One Where Ross Finds Out", "The One with the List", and "The One with Russ". Actor Tom Selleck guest stars as Richard Burke; Monica's love interest episodes "The One with Where Ross and Rachel...You Know", "The One Where Joey Moves Out", "The One Where Dr. Drake Ramoray Dies", "The One Where Old Yeller Dies", "The One with the Chicken Pox", and "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding". Actor Adam Goldberg guest stars as Eddie Menuek; Chandler's new roommate episodes "The One Where Eddie Moves In", 'The One Where Dr. Drake Ramoray Dies" and "The One Where Eddie Won't Go". Actor Giovanni Ribisi guest stars as Frank Buffay, Jr.; Phoebe's paternal half-brother episodes "The One with the Bullies". Actress Emily Procter guest stars as Annabel; Joey's love interest episode "The One with the Breast Milk". Actor/comedian Steve Zahn guest stars as Duncan Sullivan; Phoebe's husband episode "The One with Phoebe's Husband".

Cast of Friends at the 53rd Annual Golden Globe awards
Actress Brooke Shields guest stars as Erika; one of Joey's stalker fans episode "The One After the Superbowl (Part 1)". Singer/actor Chris Isaak guest stars as Rob Donnen; Phoebe's love interest episode "The One One After the Superbowl (Part 1)". Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme guest stars as himself episode "The One After the Superbowl (Part 2)". Actress Julia Roberts guest stars as Susie; Chandler's love interest episode "The One After the Superbowl (Part 2)". Actor/comedian Charlie Sheen guest stars as Ryan; one of Phoebe's old flames episode "The One with the Chicken Pox". Actress Marlo Thomas guest stars as Sandra Green; Rachel's mother episode "The One with the Lesbian Wedding" and "The One with Two Parties". Actor Ron Leibman guest stars as Leonard Green; Rachel's father episode "The One with Two Parties". Actress Maggie Wheeler guest stars as Janice Hosenstein; Chandler's ex-girlfriend episodes "The One Where Heckles Dies" and "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding". Actor Cosmio Fusco guest stars as Paolo; Rachel's love interest episode "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend". Actor Elliot Gould guest stars as Jack Geller; Monica and Ross's father episode "The One with the Prom Video", and "The One Where Joey Moves Out". Actress Christina Pickles guest stars as Judy Geller; Monica and Ross's mother episode 'The One with the Prom Video". Actor/comedian Giovanni Ribisi guest stars as Frank Buffay, Jr.; Phoebe's paternal half-brother episode "The One with Frank Jr." Actress Jane Sibbett guest stars as Carol Willick; Ross's ex-wife episodes 'The One with the Breast Milk", 'The One with the Lesbian Wedding", and "The One Where Old Yeller Dies". Actress Jessica Hecht guest stars as Susan Bunch; Carol's lover episode "The One with the Breast Milk" and "The One with the Lesbian Wedding". Actress June Gable guest stars as Estelle Leonard; Joey's acting agent episodes "The One with Russ", and "The One Where Eddie Won't Go".

Screen Actors Guild award - Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series
In efforts of the show the cast of 'Friends' attended several award shows including the 9th Annual American Comedy awards, the 7th Annual GLAAD Media awards, the 52nd Annual Golden Globe awards, the 48th Annual Primetime Emmy awards, the 2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild awards, and the 12th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards. At the 9th Annual American Comedy awards their series was nominated for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a Television Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay. At the 7th Annual GLAAD Media awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year. At the 52nd Annual Golden Globe awards their series was nominated for Best Television Series Comedy or Musical, and Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 48th Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year, and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Marlo Thomas for her performance as Sandra Green. They won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series awarded to director Michael Lembeck episodes "The One After the Superbowl (Part 1 & 2)". At the 2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild award their series was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay, and won Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series awarded to Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller. At the 12th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards their series was nominated for Best Quality Comedy Series of the Year, and Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay.

Entertainment Weekly: Jennifer Aniston: Big Wig
[December 15, 1995] - The 'Friends' star appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine headlining Jennifer Aniston: Big Wig. In this exclusive article the actress talks about what it's like starring on NBC's #1 comedy series, having the most popular hair style, relationship rumors about her and Counting Crows Adam Duritz, and how her life has changed since becoming everybody's favorite Friend.

article by: unknown

Entertainment Weekly Vol. 305 - No. 3
"Friends is the No. 3 ranked series in the Nielson ratings, which has made Jennifer so recognizable. Her role as rich-girl-turned-waitress Rachel has put her, as well as her co-star actor David Schwimmer as mensch Ross, at the heart of television's most talked-about romance. Beyond the series, Aniston has become the most sought after Friend. She just wrapped up two supporting roles in two movies: Edward Burns' She's the One, and 'Til There Was You - both due in mid-'96, she stars in the upcoming indie film Dream for an Insomniac; and will play the lead in Picture Perfect. Even her hair has achieved fame as a popular 'do, "The Rachel." For Jennifer, life in the fast lane often feels more like a cruise. The media has a tendency of taking their class of the show and turning it into a media circus. Unfortunately for Jennifer, she is the center ring of it all. "I'm a little wigged out by it," she admitted, "video paparazzi once ambushed me outside of a quiet little restaurant while I was enjoying dinner, then they pursued me by car. You think, 'When is this against the law? Where does my voice count?' I was livid. Now I understand why actor Sean Penn would beat the sh*t out of a photographer." Gossip magazines have had her dating, at different times, each of her three male Friends co-stars (David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry), as well as ER's actor Noah Wyle, and lead singer/Counting Crow's Adam Duritz. "Allow me to clear things up," says Aniston, "of those Adam was the only true story," she explains. The media spotlight helped the couple's brief relationship fizzle. "Because of the media everybody thought that we [Adam and I] were this "hot and heavy" couple, when really we were just getting to know each other! It [tabloids] took our relationship in a direction I didn't want..., but I made a wonderful friend." she says wistfully, "so that's good." Fortunately she can vent about such indignities with her five co-stars: Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer who have all "been there" and "done that" too.

Jennifer & Adam Duritz (1995)
"You can really talk only with each other," said Jennifer. "Everybody else has this [attitude] of 'Oh yeah, cry me a river, tough life!' " Two years ago, Aniston could've cried herself a lake. Her resume boasted a string of foundered pilots and series. "I was petrified," she exclaimed, "to even walk into a movie audition for which I blame on my agent at the time," she said. "He predicted that I'd find fame on television. I HATED him for that because I thought, 'You have NO faith in me,' " recalls the actress. "It's like your father, who instilled doubts in you as a child," she added. Indeed, her own father, soap opera actor John Aniston of Days of Our Lives, said, "I warned my daughter that you always see actors struggling - it's something you wouldn't wish on your children," Jennifer ignored his prior advice particularly after her parents divorced when she was nine-years old. Her first step and advice from her agent if she was to pursue and acting career: "Lose weight." Jennifer felt offended saying, "I'm not fat, I'm Greek," Aniston protested, "and Greeks are round, with big butts and big breasts." Now the actress is thirty pounds lighter, and after her weight loss she landed television roles on (1990-1990) Molloy, (1990-1991) Ferris Bueller, (1992-1993) The Edge, and (1994-1994) Muddling Through. Then along came a pilot for a series called Friends Like These. Originally asked to audition for the role of Monica Geller, Aniston initially refused saying, "I'm sooo much more Rachel," she pleaded. "More neurotic than Monica, a bit more offbeat." A little change, and a season later, Friends has proved her ex-agent right. Now Aniston speaks of longing to "drive far away, and find little antique stores, and bed-and-breakfasts, and go hiking...and just take some time out for meeting a man." She confides that her most intense new relationship is with...her computer. "I recently discovered the internet," she said, "where I can mingle in anonymity. Just the other night I was up until three o'clock in the morning. I couldn't allow myself to get away from it. It's an addiction," she exclaimed. Not even the internet affords a complete escape from the Friends mania: "This little one line was all from a fan site that read, 'I just got my hair cut like Rachel's' It's like when I got the Valerie Bertinelli cut, the coolest thing in the world. I had all these burns on my forehead from my curling iron," said Aniston. "I laughed," she said, "I told her it was just a fad. It'll go away." Then it got us wondering, will her own fame be hair today, gone tomorrow? Unlikely. She may need another stack of head shots."

People magazine: Most Intriguing Friend
[December 25, 1995] - Jennifer appears on the cover of PEOPLE magazine as a part of one of the twenty five most intriguing people of '95 headlining as Jennifer Aniston: Most Intriguing Friend. In this exclusive interview the actress talks about turning the world on with her perfect shag and hit television show.

article by: unknown

PEOPLE magazine Vol. 44 - No. 26
"Is there a hairdresser in the world from the tiniest Midwestern strip mall to the tiniest Manhattan salon who hasn't heard of the year's most oft-repeated command? 'Ends blown forward, sides puffed up - you know, I wanna look like her.' Of course we're in reference towards Jennifer Aniston's infamous haircut "The Rachel". In television's last golden age actress Mary Tyler Moore made our nothing days seem worthwhile with her sweet spunk; actress Farrah Fawcett needed only her fabulous feathered locks. Put them together, and you have the woman known to Friends fans as Rachel: strong-willed, scatterbrained - in short, a national obsession for the '90s, but Jennifer claims to be bewildered by all of the fuss. "It's bizarre," says the 26-year old actress, "I keep thinking, 'Wait - it's just me!' " Five years ago, Aniston was a notch above nobody, floundering in the flop series Ferris Bueller, agonizing over (you're gonna love this) split ends! "She kept a tiny pair of scissors in the glove compartment of her car," recalled her Ferris Bueller co-star actor Charlie Schlatter. "Every so often she would pull at a strand of her hair, put it in front of her face, and snip it." Today, she is only one of the six members of the carefully balanced ensemble cast that has turned NBC's Friends into a sitcom sensation. Yet each week, Aniston rises above the confines of her character - Rachel Green, the suburban princess turned coffee peddler - to embody the spirit of her generation: quirky, hopeful that a decent cup of coffee is proof enough that reality doesn't always bite. "It's not just Rachel's situation people connect to," says the Manhattan reared Aniston, "it's her essence." Make that the essence of Jennifer as well. "Jennifer can be a little distracted, like her character," says close friend and co-star actress Courteney Cox, "but she's so warm and funny. It's impossible not to like this girl." Remotes across the country second the affection."


1996: She's the One Who Can Do It All
Partners season 1 episode "Follow the Clams"
[February 26, 1996] - The 27-year old actress guest stars as CPA Suzanne on FOX's sitcom 'Partners' season 1 episode "Follow the Clams". As Valentine's Day nears Bob's; actor Jon Cryer's character, new love interest Suzanne; Aniston's character, fazes him with a request - to shave off his goatee. Meanwhile, the holiday finds Owen; actor Tate Donovan's character, felled by the flu as well as falling down with exhaustion. In a later interview Donovan reveals, "While we were shooting that episode I remembering being very jealous," said Donovan. During this time Tate and Jennifer were dating, "I was jealous because Jon had a scene where he kisses Jennifer and I remember having to prevent myself from smacking him upside the head. However, I do remember waltzing up to him and screaming, 'HEY! That's MY girlfriend you're kissing!' " explained Donovan. "It's amazing how jealous I got over one scripted-innocent kiss."

Rolling Stone magazine Jennifer Aniston: The Girl Friend
[March 7, 1996] - Jennifer appears on the cover of Rolling Stone music magazine posing nude headlining The Girl Friend. In this exclusive interview Jennifer talks about what's to come for season three on NBC's hottest sticom, her love life as being actor Tate Donovan's girl friend, and what's next for her career.

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article by: Rich Cohen

ROLLING STONE magazine Vol. 4 - No. 729
"She's not just America's First Hairdo. She's interesting. When she was 12-years old, Jennifer was sent to her room for not being interesting enough. "My father told me I had nothing to say," says the 27-year old actress. "He made me leave the table." From there, she went into her teens, her mouth shut but her eyes wide open, fixed on screens big and small, where actors, even those with nothing to say, are furnished liners and emotions. "I decided I wanted to be an actress. I remember dreaming about it, about being on television." As she grew up in New York, Aniston passed through grades and jobs, hairstyles and attitudes. Now she was bookish and smart, now flirty and impulsive. After graduating from high school, she went West, and she appeared in a handful of television series, getting cancelled and dumped but keeping on until, two years ago, she found her way to Friends, an NBC sitcom that became her monster hit and did for Aniston just what she always knew such a hit would do - make her the most fascinating person at the table. "During the last week of 1995, I found myself in Aspen, Colorado, that Mecca of celebrity, hounded by fans and photographers. 'Interesting is a word that seems to cling to me like a sweater. My face is on the cover of several national magazines, including PEOPLE, which is calling me on of the year's 25 Most Intriguing People." She has come full circle: Fifteen years ago, confined to her room, Aniston was trying to figure out what went wrong. "I'm baffled," she says, "I mean, you think you're just the most uninteresting person in the world, and then all this happens, and you have to wonder, 'Is any of it real?' " Jennifer's desire to become an actress was confirmed by a trip to the theater. "I went to see Children of a Lesser God on Broadway," she says, "I was sitting in the second or third row, and I was just so blown away, and I walked out saying, 'That's what I want to do.' " 

Maybe this love for acting had something to do with the desire to beat her father at his own game. Or maybe she wanted to please him. Or maybe Jennifer, dividing her time between her parents, wanted to pretend she was someone else, somewhere else. "My father did not want me to be in this business," she says. "It's so full of rejection." After graduating from high school in 1987, Aniston spent about a year living at her mom's. 'College was ill-suited to my plans as the Army or clown school. I was anxious to get on with it. Once I decided what to do, I was very driven," said Jennifer. "I guess I missed the personal things about college, like the whole coming-of-age thing," Aniston says now. "Instead, I spent my days auditioning, and my nights waitressing. Whereas my character on Friends fills orders at Central Perk, a fictional downtown cafe, I worked at Jackson Hole, a pseudo-down-home burger joint on Manhattan's Upper West Side." When she turned 20, Aniston went West, where she fell in with the lost breed of actors who live in the hills surrounding Los Angeles, California working as a bike messenger, receptionist, whatever. "I took a telemarketing job, selling my soul" she says. After a year, she found her way to Laurel Canyon, a hamlet of actors and writers, where she met many of the people who are her friends today. "Everybody just kept moving up there," she says, "in all these houses were all our friends, and everybody watched out for everybody. We never left the hill. We were the hill people," she said jokingly. It was during these years that Aniston met her future co-star actor/comedian Matthew Perry. "Women have to become nicer to each other," Aniston says, "there's such catty bullsh*t that goes on, and my girlfriends and I just started this circle. I remember the first time we did it, this one girl was silent through the whole thing, and then at the end she was just weeping. She just had this huge sort of enlightening kind of experience being with these women, and it was, like, women are awesome, especially together as a group, so kind and warm and wonderful." All the while, Aniston was pushing on, getting cast as a regular on a handful of sketch shows and sitcoms - Molloy, Ferris Bueller, The Edge, Muddling Through, - on which she often played the annoying sister. All these shows fizzled. "I spent five years working on shows that weren't great, but I learned how to stay in there," she said. Looking back on those days, when she lived in anonymity amongst the anonymous, Aniston talks of failure as almost romantic, as something to be endured like a hangover. "You always miss parts of your past," she says now. Back then it was familiar and safe, and now you have no idea what's around the corner." 

As the months followed, Aniston transformed herself. She used to be poor; now she's different. She used to be the same; now she's different. She used to be fat; now she's famous. "I got fat the way everyone gets fat: going nowhere, watching television, eating from the fridge, spooning from the jar, drinking from the carton. I ate too many mayonnaise sandwiches," Aniston says, sighing. "Mayonnaise on white bread - the most delicious thing in the world." One day for a callback, Aniston was told to show up in a leotard and tights. Before the audition, she met with her agent. Moving a hand along her chunky frame, Aniston joked, " 'Well, this should blow for me'. And my agent said, 'Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.' For the next several minutes, I heard my body being discussed in the abstract way people discuss cars. My agent gave it to me straight" she says, "Nicest thing he ever did...the disgusting thing of Hollywood - I wasn't getting lots of jobs 'cause I was too heavy." The actress eventually lost 30-lbs and now almost never appears on television without at least some part of her stomach showing. "It was amazing to see this thing emerge," she says, looking at her chest. "I never knew I had this body in me." One thing offered the new and improved Aniston that the 'formerly-fat Aniston' would probably never have gotten which was a shot on a new NBC sitcom. "It happened so fast, "says Aniston. "I went in, read the script, laughed out loud, got home and an hour later had the part." The show reflects average lives without blemishes. And it works. So far in the 1995-96 season, Friends is No. 3 in the ratings. On the show Aniston displays a gift for comic timing and an ability to sound natural in a three sided living room that should serve her well on the big screen. "What you see on television is only part of what I have to offer," says the actress, "I can go much deeper." Already Jennifer has completed two romantic comedy films including 'Til There Was You and Dream for an Insomniac. As for future projects she'll be taking on indie film She's the One directed by Edward Burns the same director that brought you The Brothers McMullen. She's also recently signed a $2 million-dollar contract for a starring role in Picture Perfect; the story of a single woman and her desire for an engaged man, which will be shot this summer. Aniston talks of how people don't really know how to deal with celebrities explaining, "They're untouchable. They're onscreen, in print, on billboards, and it's just a fantasy - not real. It's created - I mean, even this interview, it's all media hype. For a while, I was in the tabloids all the time, dating this person or that. If my romantic life was as exciting as they were saying, I would have been happy."

(1996) Dream for an Insomniac
[April 18, 1996] - The 'Friends' star lands the supporting role of Allison in the indie romantic/comedy film 'Dream for an Insomniac'. The film revolves around Frankie; actress Ione Skye's character, who works at her uncle Leo's; actor Seymour Cassel's character, Cafe Blue Eyes in San Francisco - named in honor of their family friend Frank Sinatra one in the same as the singer. Since working there Frankie longingly hopes to meet her ideal lover and while at auditions with her best friend Allison; Aniston's character, Frankie described her ideal guy as having blue eyes like Sinatra. Later we learn that Frankie suffers from a sleeping disorder known as insomnia as a result of experiencing a childhood trauma: when she was younger her parents were killed in a fatal car accident, and she hasn't slept a wink since. She occupies most of her time by staying up all hours of the night simply reading. One day at her uncle's dinner a young writer, David Shrader; actor Mackenzie Astin's character, takes a job at the cafe, and during his time working there Frankie falls for him. As the two spend time together getting better acquainted with one another he learns of her insomnia and attempts to cure it while she reads his writings, and the two take turns reciting philosophical quotes and guessing their source. Some of the quotes they read include: "In order to win, you must expect to win." _quote by Dan Fouts. "Every action and pursuit is thought to aim at some good. The good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim." _quote by Aristotle. "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." _quote by Lord Tennyson. "I am now a central part of your mind's landscape whether you care or do not." _quote by Steven Morrissey. "I am troubled immeasurably by your eye. I am struck by the feather of your soft reply. The sound of glass quick disdain and conceals what your eyes fight to explain." _quote by Jim Morrison. "The lady will have the linguini with clam sauce and a Coke, no Ice. Remember, wherever you are, that's the place to be. Isn't this great?" _ quote by Mike Damone, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. "Worship the music, not the musician." _ quote by Eddie Vedder. "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." _ quote by George Bernard Shaw. "Life can be only understood backwards." _quote by Kierkgaard. "I wish I was like you, easily amused." _quote by Kurt Cobain. "Love is all you need." _quote by John Lennon. The film is shot in black and white until Frankie spots David, when the film switches to color and David's eyes are revealed as blue; one of the characteristics she described earlier that she wanted her ideal guy to possess. The film also possesses a subplot that revolves around Rob; actor Michael Landes's character, who struggles with revealing his sexuality to his father Leo. At some point Rob convinces Allison to help him pull of the charade of her being his girlfriend while being around his father. One night while closing up the dinner after Frankie and Allison leave Rob is alone with his father.

Jennifer and Ione Skye on set of 'Dream for an Insomniac'
He comes out of the closet then, and awaits his fathers reaction who doesn't react the way Rob expected. Leo tells his son, "I've known all along about you being gay. I've always approved and accepted the fact for some odd years now." Sometime later, David breaks Frankie's heart when she finds out that he has a live in girl friend who turns out to be his fiance; a lawyer Molly, actress Leslie Stevens character. Eventually he chooses Frankie over Molly, and visits her in Los Angeles, where she is joined by Allison, who is exploring an acting career. The ending scene shows Frankie falling asleep in David's arms. The film is directed by Tiffanie DeBartolo grossing $24,727 in box office making it a box office bomb generating generally positive reviews from film critics scoring a 50% liking from audiences. A general film critic's consensus regarding Jennifer's performance states, "Aniston is a breeze in this movie. Of all of the people she was the only one who seemed natural. She appeared to have good timing, and she seemed in the moment. Jennifer is also the most watchable performance. Although she doesn't deviate from the well-established persona of her own, she at least appears to be having fun when it comes to teasing Frankie and experimenting with funny accents." Film critic Stephen Holden of the New York Times says, "Dream for an Insomniac is really a self-conscious modern sitcom that with its San Francisco setting suggests a pale shadow of Armistead Maupin's 'Tales From the City'. It's not an encouraging sign when a movie whose center of gravity is a San Francisco coffeehouse called the Cafe Blue Eyes plays Frank Sinatra, Jr. on the soundtrack instead of the real thing, and that' not the only element that rings false in 'Dream for an Insomniac', the much-too-cute feature film debut of Tiffanie DeBartolo." Film critic Mick LaSsalle of the San Francisco Chronicle says, "All the same, the movie, isn't bad. It's talky, clumsy and a bit trivial, but the talk is rarely dull, and there's an integrity about its clumsiness: it's harder to be smooth when you have things you really want to say. If you know movies, you almost know the rest, but 'Dream for an Insomniac' has some surprises. For one thing, it reverses the usual romantic comedy setup. This time the woman pursues the guy, almost to the point of making a grotesque fool of herself. Her dilemma and her pain are not played for laughs."

(1996) She's the One
[August 23, 1996] - Jennifer lands the supporting role of Renee Fitzpatrick in the indie comedy/drama Edward Burn's film 'She's the One'. The film focuses on two Irish-Catholic brothers one white collar, one blue collar that deals with the tribulations of love, family and betrayal. Mickey; actor Edward Burns character, is a New York City cab driver, who is unhappy over an act of infidelity that was committed a few years ago by his ex-fiance Heather; actress Cameron Diaz's character. Meanwhile, his brother Francis; actor Mike McGlone's character, is a Wall-Street stock investor, who unknown to his wife Renee; Aniston's character, is having an affair. During weekends, Mickey and Francis pay a visit to their parents who live in Long Island. Although their mother is never seen she is mentioned, while they have a better time interacting with their father, Frank; actor John Mahoney's character. Their father is extremely emotional bereft and a conservative man as well as an old-school sexist and a bigot who takes his sons out on fishing trips on his motorboat. He has one rule: no woman aboard due to a family tradition. Frank always gives Mickey and Francis advice regarding how to live their lives exclaiming, "The only way to live is to live any what that they can, and to always go for what drives them toward success. They need to do what makes them happy first." One day while on-duty driving his cab, Mickey picks up Hope; actress Maxine Bahns character, a young woman who is a New York University student studying art. He explains the story of him and his ex-fiance to Hope explaining, "I came home one day from work, and caught her having sex with some guy. The last thing I saw was his hairy a** starring back at me before I walked out." When Hope asks if he has any regrets about it he replies, "Yeah, one. I should've taken my freaking television with me." In a short time Mickey becomes infatuated with Hope and impulsively marries her after only knowing her for a couple of days. This causes consternation between him and his brother, largely because he was not asked to his best man at the wedding. Francis holds this against Mickey throughout the rest of the film, but later over at their father's house during their father's birthday the two settle the argument with a boxing match in the back yard ending with Mickey knocking out Francis cold with one punch. Sometime later, Mickey moves in with Hope, but soon becomes disillusioned with aspects of their lifestyle: frequent power cuts, no hot water, and a nice view of their upstairs neighbor through a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Francis is having problems of his own. He is concerned that he is being unfair to Heather, his mistress, the very same woman Mickey left years ago, by continuing to stay with his wife Renee. At the same time, Renee's sister Molly; actress Amanda Peet's character, suggests that the problem isn't with her its Francis's lack of interest in her. She then assumes that her sister's husband is gay, so Renee has her husband's brother, and father confront the issue. Francis denies all accusations, but later admits to being unfaithful. Francis's father is disgusted at his son's actions exclaiming that he thought he raised him better than that. Francis' arrogance leads him to take potshots at this brother for the apparent lack of forward progression in his life regarding his wife. Francis also argues with Heather about her own sexual infidelities with a much older man referred to as "Papa". It is later revealed during an argument at Francis' place after Mickey stops by for an unsuspected visit that during her college years Heather was a hooker and that is how she managed to pay her intuition. After learning of such about Heather, Francis' is in disbelief, but refuses to call off his engagement with her. Mickey picks up Heather in his cab, and the two have a falling out. He heads to her apartment to do what he should've done years go: retrieve the television he left behind after he walked out. She wants something in return; sex, but he doesn't reciprocate instead hands over his wrist watch, which later he sees his brother wearing and learns the woman he's cheating on Renee with is Heather. Mickey and Hope have problems arise in their relationship after he meets her co-worker Connie; actress Leslie Mann's character. She exclaims that he stole her from her implying that the two have a special relationship leading him to think Hope is a lesbian or in her case bisexual. He addresses it head on and she denies all accusations, but after telling him she might be going to Paris for more opportunities as an art student he second guesses their relationship.

Jennifer and Mike McGlone on set of 'She's the One"
Amongst all of this Mickey and Francis' father offers more egotistical and selfish advice to them. However, it blows up in his face after their dad learns that their mother has been unfaithful with Mr. DeLuca. The film ends with Francis' divorcing Renee, Heather breaking off the engagement with Francis and marrying her best customer "Papa", leaving Francis lovelorn; Mickey ends up alone as well because Hope decided to go to Paris alone, and their father takes them out fishing on their boat with a surprise. Hope appears at the dock and is the first woman allowed aboard on the Fighting Fitzpatrick. The film is directed by Edward Burns grossing $13,851,422 in box office making it a box office bomb generating positive reviews from film critics scoring a 61% liking from audiences. A general consensus by film critics regarding Aniston's performance states, "Aniston is an injection of energy and charisma of her, as she's fun to watch. She is also in fine form. She provides one of the few bright spots in the film. Playing Renee as the wry voice of sanity amongst the rest of the characters, Jennifer shows that she's the one who makes this film somewhat enjoyable." Film critic Lisa Schhwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly magazine says, "Once again, Burns is writer, director and star - the same slack, however, can't be cut for She's the One. As before, Burns sneakily gives himself the most likable role, turning on the shambling charm, but this time, in the presence of a prime-time star like Aniston and a true pro like Mahoney, amateurs McGlone and Bahns are done no favors by the loyalty of their indulgent director. Diaz is lot in a Lancome world all her own. Busineswoman? Hooker? Either way, her character is impeccably made-up. More serious, though, is that this time, the writing is an awkwardly constructed procession of sometimes boorish tete-a-tetes between two-dimentional characters - about vibrators, about brotherhood, about sex, and again about brotherhood - that lead nowhere. In the end, we never know why anyone is the one for anyone, and this qualifies as a filmmaking problem, at least for us here on earth." Film critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times says, "With Ms. Aniston and Mr. Mahoney to provide the kind of solid professionalism his first film lacked, Mr. Burns spins out the complications of this setup in 'She's the One'. The title sounds precisely the same notes about romance (treacherous), morality (endlessly debatable) and brotherhood (the tie that binds) that put Mr. Burns on the map." In efforts of her performance Jennifer was nominated for a Golden Raspberry award for Worst New Star.

Ally McBeal season 1 episode "Compromising Positions"
[September 15, 1997-September 22, 1997] - Jennifer's boyfriend Tate Donovan guest stars on FOX's comedy/drama television series 'Ally McBeal' season 1 episodes "Compromising Positions", "The Kiss", and "The Affair" as Beal's love interest Ronald Cheanie. In season 1 episode "Compromising Positions" Ally; actress Calista Flockheart's character, is dismayed to be assigned as a litigator for humiliated firm partner John Cagle; actor Peter MacNicol's character. On top of that, Richard Fish; actor Greg Germann's character, invites Ally to dinner with potential client Ronald Cheanie; Donovan's character, without telling her their outing is actually a double date. Ally's fury over being set up so quickly cools when she sees Cheanie kissing Fish's girlfriend Georgia Thomas; actress Courtney Thorne-Smith's character, in the restaraunt bathroom. In season 1 episode "The Kiss" Ally senses Cheanie is hiding something when he avoids kissing her after their first official date. In the office, Ally helps Georgia with an age discrimination case where the opposing litigator happens to be Billings, the man Ally sued for sexual harrassment at her old firm. Ally attempts to be taken off of the case, but Fish admonishes her for putting her personal life before the interests of the firm. In season 1 episode "The Affair" Ally is asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral of her ex-law professor who also happens to be her ex-lover. The widow thinking her husband was a great mentor for Ally, asked her to give the eulogy. Ally's reluctance to leads Billy Allen Thomas; actor Gil Bellow's character, to find out the truth about her reasons for avoiding the funeral. Billy offers his support to Ally, which unnerves both Georgia and Cheanie.

(1997-1998) Friends Season 3 DVD Cover
[September 25, 1997 - May 7, 1998] - Jennifer, along with the rest of her cast mate's, are informed that the network has signed them all on for a third season with a salary per episode of $75,000. Season three focuses on Rachel and Ross: She begins her new job at Bloomingdale's and Ross grows jealous of her male co-worker; Mark Robinson. At some point the two have a huge arguments ending in them "taking a break". Ross's interpretation of the term "on a break" to him meant that he and Rachel are broken up as a couple, which leads him to sleep with the copy girl; Chloe. As a result of the aftermath Rachel discovers this and at some point the two have a several hour long argument concluding with her saying to Ross, "I use to think of you as someone who would never hurt me," from there the two attempt to avoid each other, but later reconcile. Chandler has a difficult time with Ross and Rachel's break-up mostly because it reminds him of his parents divorce. He also tries to start things up with Janice again, but Joey catches Janice with her ex-husband, causing her to have to choose ultimately choosing to get back together with her husband rather than pursuing a relationship with Chandler. Joey develops a crush on his acting partner, Kate Miller, while working on a new play. In the beginning the two don't take a liking to each other, but over the course of a few episodes the two end up sleeping together. Not only does this lead to better chemistry on stage between the two, it also leads Joey wanting to pursue a relationship with Kate. He quickly learns that she is smitten with the director of the production, and their relationship fizzles out just a fast as it began. Phoebe discovers she has a half-brother, Frank Buffay, Jr. as well as the truth about her birth mother whom she becomes better acquainted with at the season finale. Monica has a relationship with a millionaire, Pete Becker, who has a crush on her. At first, she doesn't feel attracted to him and only views him as a friend, but as their relationship progresses she finds her feelings changed.

Friends season 3 episode "The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy"
Eventually she finds herself preparing for what she thinks is a marriage proposal after Pete informs her that the two need to talk. Instead he has something else in mind: confiding in her that he wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. After being critically injured as a result from losing two matches Monica can't stand watching Pete put himself in that sort of danger. He refuses to quit because he wants to be the best, and after doing so she breaks up with him. The season premiere episode "The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy" has 26.8 million viewers tune in to see Ross revealing his sexual fantasy to Rachel, which involves her being dressed as Princess Leia, actress Carrie Fisher's iconic character from the 'Star Wars' film franchise. One night while in bed together Rachel asks Ross if he has any sexual fantasies, but he is quick to deny such. She explains to him that if he tells her she might act it out for him, and he asks Rachel if she recalls the scene in 'Star Wars' where Jabba the Hutt takes Princess Leia captive as his prisoner explaining that Leia wore a gold-bikini-thing that he thought was pretty cool. Later, Rachel acts out Ross's fantasy, but due to a discussion Ross had earlier with Chandler: Ross discussed his sexual fantasy with Chandler, and Chandler metioned that sometimes his mom pops in his head while he's fooling around with other woman pointing out that it's almost like he's doing his mom, Ross pictures his mom, Judy Geller, and ruins his sexual fantasy. After her break-up with Richard, Monica begins suffering from insomnia. She quickly realizes that all she has left of Richard is some gross drain hair, a couple of his cigar butts, and Civil War videos that she purchased for him earlier.

Friends Season 3 episode "The One with the Flahsback"
Chandler willingly gets back together with Janice, because he is convinced he's going to die alone, even though he desperately attempted to dump her earlier. Phoebe attempts to help Monica get over Richard as well as her insomnia, but it is proved to be a challenging task because Monica is incapable of relaxing as well as asks Phoebe too many questions regarding what went wrong with her relationship with Richard. While the two are together Chandler urges Joey to bond with Janice informing his friend that if they're going to be a couple and she is going to be apart of his life Joey should like Janice as well. During what Janice calls her and Joey's 'Day of Fun' the two spend an entire day together and Joey asks why the whole day, which Janice exclaims that is how long it takes to love her. Later Joey admits to Chandler that even after spending the whole day together with Janice he still can't stand her - earlier he commented that he hates Janice so much that he wants to rip off his arm just so he has something to throw at her. Chandler appreciates Joey's effort at attempting to get to like Janice. The season finale episode "The One at the Beach" has 28.8 million viewers tune in to see the gang go to the beach. While there Ross discovers that Rachel still loves him, and must choose between sex-crazy, but bald Bonnie; his new love interest, or the love of his life; Rachel. Earlier he and Rachel shared some mutual flirting, but to Rachel's horror Bonnie shows up even after she said she had to work and ruins Rachel's attempt at rekindling her romance with Ross. To get back at Ross for picking Bonnie, Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her head again. Phoebe meets a woman with links to her family's past after coming across an old photo of her mother pictured with the woman as well as her father, but the woman may know more than she's letting on. After realizing the woman is trying to avoid her as well as telling Phoebe about her fathers whereabouts, she takes matters into her own hands and breaks in to the womans house. 

Friends season 3 episode "The One at the Beach"
While at the woman's house Phoebe learns that the real identity of the woman isn't Lily's friend, but is in fact Phoebe's birthmother. While the gang sticks out a rainy day they stay inside and to pass the time Joey comes up the idea to play a game: strip 'Happy Days', which ends up back firing on him because he loses resulting in him being the only one who strips. Monica fears she will die an old maid, but Chandler says if worse comes to worse he'll be her boyfriend. She laughs at the idea informing Chandler she doesn't think of him that way. Throughout the rest of the episode Monica uniformly rejects the idea of Chandler being her boyfriend even after he mentions being the last man on earth, but she still doesn't think of his as being boyfriend material. Later Monica explains the real reason she refuses to be with Chandler is because he isn't mature enough. Season 3 celebrity guest stars include actor/comedian Jon Favreau as Pete Becker; Monica's love interest episodes "The One with the Hypnosis Tape", "The One with the Tiny T-Shirt", "The One with Ross's Thing", and "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion". Actress Angela Featherstone guest stars as Chloe the copy girl; Ross's love interest episode "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break" and the "The One with the Morning After". Actor Giovanni Ribisi guest stars as Frank Buffay, Jr.; Phoebe's paternal half-brother episodes "The One with Frank Jr.", and "The One with the Hypnosis Tape". Actress Dina Meyer guest stars as Kate Miller; Joey's acting parter and love interest episode "The One with the Tiny T-Shirt", "The One with the Dollhouse" and "The One with the Screamer". Actress Teri Garr guest stars as Phoebe Abbott; Phoebe's birthmother episode "The One at the Beach". Actor Tom Selleck guest stars as Richard Burke; Monica's love interest episode "The One Where Moncia and Richard are Just Friends". Actor David Arquette guest stars as Malcolm; Phoebe's love interest episode "The One with the Jam".

Jennifer's season 3 promotional photo
Actress Christine Taylor guest stars as Bonnie; Ross's love interest episode "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion" and "The One at the Beach". Actress/model Isabella Rossellini guest stars as herself episode "The One with Frank Jr." Actor/comedian Robin Williams guest stars as Thomas; a Central Perk coffee patron episode "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion". Actor/comedian Billy Crystal guest stars as Tim; a Central Perk coffee patron episode "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion". Actress Elizabeth Daily guest stars as Leslie; Phoebe's ex-singing partner episode "The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner". Actress Sherilyn Fenn guest stars as Ginger; Joey's old flame and Chandler's new love interest episode "The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner". Actor/comedian Ben Stiller guest stars as Tommy; Rachel's love interest episode "The One with the Screamer". Actress Debra Jo Rupp guest stars as Alice Knight; Phoebe's younger brother's love interest episode "The One with the Hypnosis Tape". Actor/comedia Kevin McDonald guest stars as Guru Saj episode "The One with Ross's Thing". In efforts of the series the cast of 'Friends' attended several award shows including the 8th Annual GLAAD Media awards, the 54th Annual Golden Globe awards, the 10th Annual Nickelodoen Kid's Choice awards, 1st Annual Online Film & Television Association awards, and the 49th Annual Primetime Emmy awards. At the 8th Annual GLAAD Media awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year. At the 54th Annual Golden Globe awards their series was nominated for Best Television Series Comedy or Musical of the Year. At the 10th Annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards their series was nominated for Favorite Television Actress of the Year nominees Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox for their performances as Rachel Green and Monica Geller. At the 1st Annual Online Film & Television Association awards their series was nominated for Best Comedy Series of the Year, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominee Matthew Perry for his performance as Chandler Bing, and won for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series awarded to Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performance as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller. At the 49th Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series was nominated for Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay.


1997: Jennifer's Picture Perfect
(1997) 'Til Was There You
[May 30, 1997] - The 28-year old actress lands the supporting role of Debbie in the romantic/comedy film 'Til There Was You'. The film revolves around Gwen Moss; actress Jeanne Tripplehorn's character, whose spent the better part of her life waiting for the man of her dreams. She is unaware that she has briefly crossed paths with him while they were children and has had several encounters since then during their adolescent years. Gwen aspires to have a life similar to her longtime friend Debbie; Aniston's character, a successful doctor with a beautiful home, but a marriage that may not be as perfect as it seems on the surface. Gwen is hired as a ghostwriter to write the autobiography of former child star Francesca Landfield; actress Sarah Jessica Parker's character, whose career virtually ended following her stint on a long-running Patridge Family-Brady Bunch hybrid sitcom. Francesca owns La Fortuna, a picturesque vintage apartment complex. Timo; actor Patrick Malahide's character, a real estate developer, plans to demolish the complex so his firm can construct a modern condominium development in its place. Francesca agrees to on the condition that Nick; actor Dylan McDermott's character, an architect, is placed in charge of the project. During this time Nick and Francesca begin a brief relationship that turns out being tempestuous. Both are damaged emotionally; Francesca has overcome an addiction to prescription drugs, but still craves the spotlight; while Nick is dealing with the memory of a father who failed as a songwriter and as a result became a hopeless alcoholic. Meanwhile, Gwen is shocked to discover her father Saul never loved her mother, Beebee; actress Christine Ebersole's character, and is devastated when the two ultimately decide to divorce. Her parents' story of how they met from her childhood turns out to be false: Saul got stood up by his date that night Beebee thought that he was interest in her. They only married to "avoid an argument", as her father put it. Sometime later, Gwen moves into La Fortuna and finds herself surrounded by an assortment of odd, but lovable neighbors who have created a family of their own. When the tenants are presented with an eviction notice, they decide to take action and fight back.

Jennifer and Jeanne Tripplehorn on set of ''Til There Was You'
Gwen hopes she can have La Fortuna declared an historical landmark after discovering new information about the complex: it was originally designed by Sophia Monroe, one the first female architects of note, and coincidentally Nick's mentor during the early stages of his career. It also served as a home to silent movie star Louise Brooks. Gwen takes it up with councilman Jon Haas; who is also her boyfriend. Nick is prepared to side with his firm until he sees La Fortuna and learns of its history. He later decides that the property may be worth preserving after all. Though ultimately unsuccessful in preserving La Fortuna, Gwen and Nick finally meet each other face to face during a Nicotine Anonymous meeting. Years later, the two are shown as a happily married couple with a daughter. The film is directed by Scott Winant grossing $3,525,125 in box office making it a box office bomb generating negative reviews from film critics scoring a 6% liking with audiences. Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times criticized the film as, "The most tiresome and affected movie in many a moon. This one hundred and fourteen minute demonstration of the idiot plot, is which everything can be solved is ultimately a waste of time. With a few well-chosen words that are never spoken, and at the end of it all, we have the frustration of knowing that one hundred and fourteen minutes of our lives have been wasted, never to be returned. It's simply: All is healed, the future is assured, and the movie is over. I liked the last part the best." A general film critic's consensus regarding Aniston's performance states, "She is what makes the film intermittently charming, intelligent and funny." Film critic Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine says, " 'Til There Was You' is lucky that this cast, including Jennifer Aniston of Friends is a sharp cameo, knows how to zing them." Film critic Leah Rozen of PEOPLE magazine says, "'Til There Was You stars young, sexy performers all, who deserve a better vehicle."

(1997) Hercules
[June 27, 1997] - Jennifer's boyfriend Tate Donovan loans his voice to Disney as the voice of the film's main protagonist 'Hercules' in the new animated/family film. The film revolves the son of the Greek God Zeus; voiced by actor Rip Torn and Hera; voiced by actress Samantha Eggar, Hercules; voiced by Donovan, who is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim his spot on Mount Olympus. Sometime after imprisoning the Titans beneath the ocean, the Greek gods gather to Mount Olympus for the arrival of Zeus and Hera's son. During this joyous day Zeus's jealous brother Hades; voiced by actor James Woods, learns that in eighteen years a planetary alignment will allow him to locate thus freeing the Titans to conquer Olympus, but only if Hercules doesn't interfere. In the middle of the night Hades sends his minions Pain and Panic; voiced by actors Bobcat Goldthwait and Matt Frewer, who are ordered to dispose of the infant. The two succeed at kidnapping and feeding Hercules a formula that turns him mortal, but fail to remove his superhuman strength before the child is found and adopted by the farmers Amphitryon and Alcmene; voiced by actors Barbara Barrie and Hal Holbrook. Now in his adolescent years Hercules begins to wonder where he came from after being labeled an "outcast" from the towns people due to his abnormal strength. His parents reveal to him that he isn't their biological son, but he was in fact adopted presenting him with a medallion they found with him. Hercules then sets out on a journey to visit the temple of Zeus hoping to find more answers. While visiting the statue of Zeus it comes to life revealing the answers Hercules seeks, informing him that he can regain his godhood by becoming a "true hero". Zeus sends Hercules along with his forgotten childhood friend Pegasus; voiced by actor Frank Welker, to find the satyr Philoctetes also known as "Phil" for short who is known for training heroes. Once the two track down Phil; voiced by actor Danny DeVito, they learn he has retired from training due to numerous disappointments. Later, Hercules manages to inspire Phil, who isn't easily impressed after Hercules convinces Phil that his father is Zeus. After being struck by lightning Phil agrees to train Hercules.

Tate's character Hercules from Disney's 'Hercules'
Phil shares his dream of training a true hero so that one day he will be recognized by the gods and people will look to the stars and say, "Look!, That's Phil's boy". Phil trains Hercules in combat as well as how to save a damsel in distress. Once Hercules is older the pair fly for Thebes a town that is, according to Phil, "crawling with disaster and misfortune awaiting to be saved". Along the way they cross paths with Megara whom in the process of saving Hercules encounters a centaur Nessus; voiced by actor Jim Cummings. Hercules learns that Meg; voiced by actress Susan Egan is no ordinary damsel in distress, but a girl who can quote, "handle herself". After Hercules, Phil and Pegasus leave, Meg is revealed to be Hades minion, having sold her soul to him in order to save an unfaithful lover. Arriving in Thebes, Hercules is turned down by the downtrodden citizens until Meg says that two boys are trapped in a gorge. Unaware that they are Pain and Panic in disguise, Hercules saves them, thus allowing Hades to summon Hydra to fight Hercules. While in battle he repeatedly cuts off the beasts heads, quickly learning that once you do so, several more heads grow back in return. With some assistance from Pegasus, Hercules manages to defeat the ever multiplying headed beast, which causes a landslide in the process. As the smoke clears and he rises up from the rubble Hercules is seen as a hero as well as a celebrity amongst the town's people of Thebes. That evening Hercules travels to the temple of Zeus informing his father of his new found fame and heroic deeds, but his father tells him he is not yet a "true hero." Amongst this, Hades throws multiple monsters at Hercules who manages to take them all down. Angered, Hades wonders what Hercules weakness is and Meg informs him that he has no weakness. After admiring Meg it dawns on Hades that he hasn't been throwing the right curves at Hercules.

Tate Donovan & Jennifer at the Hercules premiere
Phil overhears Hades and Meg speaking with one another and is determined to tell Hercules the news. Hercules refuses to believe Phil that Meg is working for Hades and the two have a falling out resulting in Phil quitting as Hercules trainer. Driven into depression, Hercules turns to Meg who finds herself falling for the "wonder boy". While on their date Meg asks if he has any weakness giving him herself as an example explaining that she has weak ankles. He responds unsure replying that he doesn't. Once their date ends Hades approaches the training arena where Hercules is, and Pain and Panic manage to disguise themselves as a female horse capturing and locking up Pegasus. Hades proposes a deal to Hercules that he gives up his powers for twenty-four hours. Hercules is hesitant and makes a condition that if he should do so Meg will go unharmed. The two shake on it and Hercules is stripped of his god-like powers. Hades reveals that Phil wasn't lying and Meg was in fact one of his minions, but is now free to go while he wreaks chaos during the eve of his takeover. He unleashes the Titans who climb Mount Olympus capturing the Gods, while a cyclops; voiced by actor Patrick Pinney, goes to the town of Thebes to kill Hercules. He is willing to fight, but Meg insists if he fights the Cyclops without his strength he'll be killed. Hercules refuses to listen to Meg so she frees Pegasus and the two set out get Phil's help. Phil manages to talk some sense into Hercules who goes through with fighting the Cyclops without his strength. He manages to conquer the beast, but in the process Meg is injured by fallen pillar after saving Hercules, which results in him regaining his strength. Phil watches over Meg, and meanwhile, Hercules and Pegasus free the Gods, and ultimately defeat the Titans by sending them into space. However, Meg dies in the process so Hercules now, revenge bent, sets out to the Underworld to negotiate a new deal with Hades that involves taking Meg's place in the Styx. Contemplating the possible consequences of the deal Hades agrees as he watches Hercules dive into the Styx to rescue Meg's soul. To Hades horror Hercules survives and as a result of his selfless act of willingness to sacrifice himself for another it restores his godhood as well as his immortality. The film ends with Meg being revived, Hercules being summoned to live on Mount Olympus with other Gods, but Hercules decides to remain on earth with Meg, and Phil's dream comes true as Zeus creates a picture of Hercules in the stars commemorating his heroism just as Phil has always wanted. The film is directed by Ron Clements grossing $252,712,101 in box office making it a box office success scoring an 84% liking from audiences. A general film consensus from film critic's states, "It's fast-paced and packed with dozens of pop culture references, Hercules might not measure up with the true classics of Disney pantheon, but it's still plenty of fun for the whole family."

(1997) Picture Perfect
[August 1, 1997] - The 'Friends' star lands the lead role of Kate Mosley in the romantic/comedy film 'Picture Perfect'. The film focuses on a young advertising executive, Kate Mosley; Aniston's character who can't seem to move forward in her career despite her talents. During sweeps week Kate comes up with a brilliant slogan for a product: "Goldman's Mustard, number two and that ain't bad!" The sales pitch works leading to a company party that gets her noticed by her boss Mr. Mercer; actor Kevin Dunn's character, of Mercer Advertising. He sets up a interview with her along with Kate's best friend Darcy O'Neil; actress Illeana Douglas' character, who helped her get to this point in her career. After the interview goes south because her boss ridicules her for not being "dressed for the job": Kate still acts as though she's in college, has no house, no husband let alone a boyfriend, nor any children. This angers her causing Kate to excuse herself to the ladies room where she lets out "healthy rage". Darcy joins her sometime after she exclaims that Mr. Mercer has changed his mind. Kate wonders what her friend did so Darcy explains to her in reference towards a picture she showed Darcy earlier. Kate was photographed at her other friend's wedding with a gentlemen by the name of Nick; actor Jay Mohr's character, who is a freelance photographer and happened to be videotaping the wedding. Darcy over exaggerated in regards to Kate being photographed with Nick explaining that the two were to be married and house hunting. This results in Kate having to put on a charade for her boss and eventually her co-workers including Sam Mayfair; actor Kevin Bacon's character, a colleague that Kate has always had a crush on, who begins to take notice in her, and who starts to ask her question regarding her relationship status. From there on out Kate's life is on the fast track to success: she gets a promotion, a bigger office, and the guy of her dreams; Sam. One day at work she has a giant bouquet of flowers delivered to herself as if Nick was the one who sent them. Sam observes the large floral arrangement and is advised by Kate not to touch them. Sam thinks that Nick must've done something wrong in order for him to send her such a thing. She clears things up verifying that Nick's not done anything wrong he is simply working late and therefore won't be able to make it to see her. Sam likes the idea that Kate is "taken", which leads to the two of them having sex. This causes Sam to come the realization of why he never took notice in her until now. The morning after she calls her mother Rita; actress Olympia Dukakis's character, in a whispering voice over the phone exclaiming that she thought she'd call her for a change. This causes her mom to think something is wrong, and after Kate comes home from work that evening she receives a not-too-friendly welcome from her concerned mother when she arrives at her apartment.

Kevin Bacon, Jennifer and Jay Mohr on set of 'Picture Perfect'
Kate pleads with her mother stressing the fact that she is a grown woman who doesn't have to check in with her mother all the time. Rita argues that isn't a good enough excuse retaliating that she's fifty some odd years old and could be dead soon, and would like some grandchildren. Kate confides in her mom that she was with a beautiful man and they did some "dirty" things. In disbelief and a calming tone of voice Rita asks her daughter to tell her the truth. Sometime later Sam and Kate end up sleeping together again and the morning after Kate awakes to the television and Nick is on the news. He saved a girl from a burning building causing her to scream. Sam races out of the shower, dripping wet in a towel around his waste thinking something is wrong. He realizes Kate is freaking out over the sight of her "fiance" on television. She now knows she can no longer keep up the charade of Nick on her own so she sets out to find him with hopes he'll go along with it. Kate meets up with him in Manhattan at a local diner where she proposes a deal: she'll pay him a mass amount of money for his troubles should he go along with the charade. She also plans on giving him a place to stay; she offers to let him sleep on the couch at her place. Nick agrees to the proposition and a few days later appears at her work. Over the course of two weeks he and Kate learn things about one another: where they each grew up, how they take their coffee, and that sort of stuff. They also come up with the story of how the two came to be a couple: they were high school sweet hearts and he never really took notice in her until their high school reunion. Years later Nick coincidentally met up with Kate at college and the two have been together ever since, (which isn't true at all. They just met each other the one time at Kate's best friend's wedding, and had their photo taken together). Nick and Kate put on the charade for a while longer until guilt begins to eat away at her and weigh on her mind. She is invited to dinner with her boss and some of her co-workers and opportunity presents itself.

Jennifer & Jay Mohr at the Picture Perfect premiere
Kate plans a fight scene between her and Nick, that if all goes accordingly, will end their "engagement" and she'll no longer have to pull off this silly charade. At first Nick goes along with it, but then he has a change of heart discovering her has genuine mutual feelings towards her. Kate recognizes his attempts at trying to put off the break-up, but won't go down without a fight. She has the restaurant host call Nicks phone saying it's his mistress. This puts the icing on the cake and Kate breaks down in tears. However, Nick doesn't react the way Kate predicted: he willingly admits to having a mistress, but turns the tables on her exclaiming she has a mistress as well....her work. Nick explains that he's tired of playing second fiddle to Mercer advertising and can't stand being with a woman who is so preoccupied with work. This causes Mr. Mercer along with his wife to shame Nick and they agree to take Kate home with them. Nick is left with the check and Kate waits on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant for him. Sometime later Nick wonders why she isn't with Sam, and she clarifies that they are just friends. One night while over at Sam's, Kate's conscious gets the better of her and she demands to leave. While Sam is trying to take the dead bolt off of the door he accidentally nails her in the eye with his elbow. That results in her having a black eye, and once Kate comes through the door this causes Nick to think Sam has abused her. Rita calls wondering how Kate is and Nick answers the phone. In that moment Kate sees Nick for who he is rather than the fake fiance she's depicted him as. Weeks later Nick goes home and Kate prepares for a big presentation. During which she has an epiphany and in front of all of her co-workers and her boss she tells them the truth: it was all a charade, the two were never a couple, and she allowed people to think that they were. Then she concludes with, "I guess you could say I was 'dressing up for the job that I wanted' ". She walks out and is advised by her boss to go get Nick back. Kate locates him at a wedding and while there pleads for him to come back with her expressing mutual feelings towards him. She later shouts very loudly, during the time one is asked whether or not they object to the marriage. This causes the entire congregation as well as the bride and groom to turn around and focus on Kate. She exclaims that her peace is in fact held and she leaves. Nick chases after and the two do the bunny hop at the wedding reception. The film is directed by Glenn Gordon Caron grossing $44,332,015 generating mixed reviews from film critics scoring a 48% liking from audiences. A general film critic's consensus states, "Aniston gives a good performance, but 'Picture Perfect' is hardly that. The movie is mundane, but has its focal points that are entertaining, and Kevin Bacon's character isn't challenging enough a one for him to portray. Aside from that 'Picture Perfect' is more like 'Picture Fault' ".

PEOPLE magazine: Jennifer's Prime Time
[August 11, 1997] - Jennifer appears on the cover of PEOPLE magazine headlining Jennifer's Prime Time. In this exclusive interview the actress talks about being fortunate in friendships, and being lucky in love. She also tries to make the picture perfect with a bid for movie stardom.

article by: Samantha Miller

PEOPLE magazine Vol. 48 - No. 6
"She should be on easy street, but for Jennifer, success has been a bumpy ride. After three seasons as the sweetly appealing Rachel Green on NBC's hit sitcom television series Friends, she is ready for liftoff. The series has been renewed for a fourth season with Aniston and her co-stars raking in only somewhat less than the stratospheric $100,000-an-episode salary they asked for last year. Having won critical praise for a supporting turn in last summer's box office lightweight comedy/drama She's the One, Aniston takes a top billing in the new romantic/comedy Picture Perfect, which opened August 1 to encouraging reviews from film critics. In it she plays a junior advertising executive who invents a fake fiance to advance her career and in order to attract her office lothario actor Kevin Bacon's character. "She carries the movie," said her co-star Kevin. Her more challenging screen test will come with romantic/drama The Object of My Affection, a film she has been shooting in New York City, this summer. She takes on the demanding role of an unwed woman who falls for her gay male roommate. During which, Aniston wears a pad that makes her feel - as well as look - pregnant. "I'm loving it," she says of her role in the film, "I can only hope that I feel this good when it's my turn to actually carry a baby." Earlier this year during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine she said, "I'd like about three kids. I love EVERYTHING about them: their backs, necks, smell, and all their fits. I want to be a young mom too. I'm not ready now, but in a couple of years." She sounds as though she has a father in mind. Having dated her Ferris Bueller co-star actor Charlie Schlatter, and lead singer of Counting Crows Adam Durtiz in '95, Jennifer's search for "Mr. Right" was going wrong. Enter actor Tate Donovan, star of FOX's sitcom Partners, and the voice of Disney's Hercules. "He's so REAL, so honest, so funny, so kind and considerate," said Jennifer of her love interest. The two have stayed together at his apartment in Los Angeles whenever she comes to the Manhattan area. "He's all of these things meshed into one perfect guy." Donovan, who was introduced to Jennifer by a mutual friend in November of '95 admits, "I didn't know who she was - I'd never seen Friends." Once he found out, having recently dated and broken up with fellow actress Sandra Bullock, he was weary of dating another household name. Sure enough, spooked by the paparazzi, he and Aniston called things off after only one month.

Jennifer playing tug-of-war with her 9 week-old puppy Enzo.
"Literally," explains Tate, "it was only our second date. There were video cameras everywhere, and I was like, 'I'm out of here!' ". Three weeks later the couple were back together, and now there's no end in sight. "I definitely want to get married; she definitely wants to get married. There are no proposals or anything, not yet, but we definitely think about it," he said. "Even though we exchanged Irish commitment rings on our first anniversary," said Jennifer, "there's nothing to report. We have to take more time to get to know one another, but" she admitted to USA Weekend, "I have always been somebody that REALLY wants to be married." Of course they're already a family in a way in puppy terms. Last Valentine's Day Jennifer had just finished shooting a scene for Friends and made haste back to her dressing room. She was expecting to find Tate, but instead: "I opened the door," recalled the actress, "and this little puppy with a ribbon tied around its neck poked its head out." It was nine-week old Enzo. So why isn't this picture perfect? Well, for one thing: there's that old standby, the travails of celebrityhood - pushy fans, rabid supermarket tabloids, and a touch of vertigo. "You feel like you've been pushed out of a plane, and you're in free fall," she exclaimed, "when somebody follows you twenty blocks to the pharmacy only to watch you purchase toilet know your life has changed." Jennifer is particularly miffed by reports (true) she admits - that she and Tate have been apartment-hunting in New York City. "I guess we can't do anything now," she says with a sigh, "without someone being there to know what we're doing." On a better note, now approaching its fourth year, Friends was rated second among sitcoms; trailing only Seinfeld, last season, but second to none in controversy. Jennifer says, "I'm proud of co-star actor/comedian Matthew Perry who checked into a rehabilitation facility in June for a month to overcome his addiction to painkillers, and as for last years uproar in regards to our salary that was all a misunderstanding," she protested, "renegotiations happen on every show," she said. Aside from it all Jennifer says, "I do feel like I've become more confident in myself as I go along, but then there are days when I'll still beat myself up and go, 'Oh, God, I didn't do that scene right!' Sometimes it'll wreck me to the point that it makes it difficult for me to enjoy the rest of my evening, but I'm getting better."

(1997-1998) Friends Season 4 DVD Cover
[September 25, 1997 - May 7, 1998] - Jennifer, along with the rest of her cast mate's is informed that the network has signed them all on for the fourth season of the series. Season four revolves around Ross making the decision of whom he would rather be with: Bonnie or Rachel. Later he reconciles with Rachel, but the two have a falling-out once more. Rachel moves on to a customer she is attracted to, and Ross moves on to an English woman whom he marries in the season finale. Chandler falls for Joey's girlfriend, which causes a strain on their relationship. This is played out through most of the series with Chandler getting the girl, but the tables are turned on him later. Joey is angered at Chandler for being interested in his girlfriend and has Chandler spend time in a box to think about what's he's done. Phoebe, having learned the truth about her birth mother, she is extremely disappointed in her and storms out never wanting anything to have or do with her. Monica and Chandler begin a relationship in secrecy and attempt to keep it a secret from the rest of their friends. The season premiere episode "The One with all the Jellyfish" airs to 29.4 million viewers who tune in to see who Ross chose Bonnie or Rachel. We learn he chose Rachel, and the two share a short yet passionate kiss. He goes across the hall to break-up with Bonnie, but when he returns to Rachel's room he is caught off guard. Rachel insists he read an 18-paged letter she wrote in order for Ross to have a better understanding of how she is feeling. Meanwhile, Monica, Chandler, and Joey spend the day at the beach, and while there, a jellyfish stings Monica and Joey recalls something that he learned while watching the Discovery channel: in order to relieve the pain from a jellyfish sting you have to pee it. The three friends hide the fact of what happened on the beach that day from Ross, Rachel and Phoebe after they swear never to speak about it again. Eventually Monica, Chandler, and Joey are forced to tell them after the guilt of it all begins to eat away at Joey. As they tell the story of Monica being stung by a jellyfish Joey says he's the one who peed on Monica's leg, but we learn that Chandler was the one who did because Joey couldn't do it knowing Chandler and Monica were watching.

Friend Season 4 episode "The One with All the Jellyfish"
Amongt this Phoebe gets to know her birth mother. She learns the truth that she isn't a family friend; she is in fact her birth mother. Phoebe doesn't understand why her mother would lie to her, and why she never attempted to make any contact with her or her sister for all of these years. In anger, Phoebe storms out making it clear that she wants nothing to have or do with her mom. Later the two reconcile after her mom points out that aside from Phoebe's sister Ursela, she has no other family, and Phoebe came looking for family and she's it. On the condition that Ross take full responsibility for the faults that lead to his and Rachel's break-up will she begin to trust Ross again thus consider taking him back. Rachel explains this in her letter, but Ross falls asleep while reading it. The next morning he lies informing Rachel he read it anyhow. Only after the fact does he disagree with her. He later confesses that he isn't the only one at fault knowing that Rachel is just as much at fault as he is for their previous break-up. In Ross's defense he says when he slept with the Chloe the copy girl he wasn't being unfaithful. He was under the impression that he and Rachel were on a break. Rachel doesn't accept Ross's reasons and the pair break-up for a second time. The season finale is broken into two parts "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 1)" airs to a total of 31.6 million viewers tuning in to see the gang go to England: all except for Phoebe who is pregnant with her half-brother's baby because he and his wife can't have children, and Rachel who makes up the excuse of having to work, but really thinks it will be too painful to see Ross marry someone else. Ross scouts out a building that Emily; actress Helen Baxendale's character, once told him about. Once they arrive on sight he learns it's scheduled to be demolished. An arguement ensues between Ross and Emily resulting in her calling off the wedding. Ross confronts Monica who informs him that he's been planning this whole wedding for about a month whereas Emily's probably been planning it her whole life.

Friends season 4 episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 1)"
Monica points out that Emily's probably dreamed of the perfect wedding day, and what Emily's dreamed of most is the perfect guy who uderstood just why all that other stuff had to be perfect. With the help of Monica, Ross managees to postpone the demolition and he and Emily reconcile agreeing to marry there anyhow. Chandler and Joey do some sight seeing and take a tour of London. While out together Joey realizes that Chandler is embarrassed by being seen with him in public. Chandler ditches Joey, and while Joey is out and about he runs into Sarah Ferguson the former Dutchess of London. Back at their motel room Joey and Chandler make-up, and Chandler admits that the rest of his day was lousy without Joey. Meanwhile, back in New York Rachel tries to get over her feelings for Ross with the help of Phoebe, but it proves a challenging task: the more they discuss trying to dislike Ross the more Rachel learns she likes him. This results in her having a change of heart ultimately deciding to attend Ross's wedding. She purchases a plane ticket and heads out with the intentions of professing her true feelings for him. Phoebe plays phone tag with different contacts in hopes of notifying Monica, Chandler or Joey of Rachel's intentions. "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)" airs to a total of 31.6 million viewers who tune in to see Rachel on a flight to London talking excessively with a passenger who sums up what she should do in matter of mere seconds. The passenger informs her that what Rachel is doing is wrong breaking up a wedding when Ross clearly appears happy with Emily, and to the passenger it sounds like Rachel and Ross were on a break. Rachel thinks the passenger rude, but takes his advice anyhow. Rachel attends the wedding, but has second thoughts regarding professing her love for Ross after she see's him embracing Emily. Phoebe finally gets a hold of Emily's mother who passes her phone to Joey: Phoebe notifies him of Rachel's plan, but he get's preoccupied with wanting to pursue sleeping with a bridesmaid.

Friends season 4 episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)"
Chandler and Monica end up sleeping together after a wedding guest accused her of being old enough to be Ross's mother. They both contemplate whether or not it was the best thing for them to do, but decide that neither one of them regrets doing so. The episode concludes with Ross and Emily getting married, but during their nuptials Ross says the wrong name: instead of saying "I do Emily" he says "I do Rachel". Season four celebrity guest stars include actress Paget Brewster as Kathy; Joey's love interest and later Chandler's girlfriend episode "The One with Joey's New Girlfriend", "The One with the Dirty Girl", "The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line", "The One with Chandler in a Box", "The One with Phebe's Uterus", and "The One with Rachel's Crush". Actress Helen Baxendale guest stars as Emily Waltham; Ross's love interest and later wife episode "The One with Joey's Dirt Day", "The One with All the Rugby", "The One with the Fake Party", "The One with the Free Porn", "The One with Rachel's New Dress", "The One with All the Haste", "The One with the Invitation", "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever", and "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 1& 2)". Actor Tate Donovan guest stars as Joshua Burgin; Rachel's love interest episodes "The One with Rachel's Crush", "The One with the Fake Party", "The One with Rachel's New Dress", "The One with All the Haste", and "The One with All the Wedding Dresses". Actor Giovanni Ribisi guest stars as Frank Buffay, Jr.; Phoebe's paternal half-brother episodes "The One with Phoebe's Uterus", and "The One with the Embryos". Debra Jo Rupp guest stars as Alice Knight; Phoebe's brother's love interest episodes "The One with Phoebe's Uterus", and "The One with the Embryos". Actress Teri Garr guest stars as Phoebe Abbott; Phoebe's birth mother episodes "The One with the Jellyfish", and "The One with Phoebe's Uterus". Actor Michael Vartan guest stars as Tim Burke; Richard Burke's son and Monica's love interest episode "The One with Chandler in a Box".

Cast of 'Friends' at the 55th Annual Golden Globe awards
Magician/actor Penn Jillette guest stars as and encyclopedia salesman episode "The One with the Cuffs". Actor Hugh Laurie guest stars as a gentlemen on a plane episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)". Actress/model Rebecca Romijn guest stars as Cheryl; Ross's love interest episode "The One with the Dirty Girl". Actress/comedienne Sheri Shepherd guest stars as Rhonda the tour guide; one of Ross's collegues episode "The One with Phoebe's Uterus". Actress Jennifer Saunders guest stars as Andrea Waltham; Emily's mother episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 1 & 2)". Former dutchess Sarah Ferguson guest stars as herself episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)". Actress Maggie Wheeler guest stars as Janice Hosenstein; Chandler's ex-girlfriend episodes "The One with All the Rugby". Actor Elliot Gould guest stars as Jack Geller; Monica and Ross's father episodes "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)". Actress Christina Pickles guest stars as Judy Geller; Monica and Ross's mother episode "The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)" Actor Charlton Heston guest stars as himself episode "The One with Joey's Dirty Day". In efforts of the show the cast of 'Friends' attended several award shows including the 11th Annual American Comedy awards, the 43rd Annual British Academy Television awards, the 55th Annual Golden Globe awards, the 2nd Annual Online Film & Television Association awards, the 50th Annual Primetime Emmy awards, and the 14th Annual Television Critics Association awards. At the 11th Annual American Comedy awards their series was nominated for Funniest Supporting Actress in a Television Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay. At the 43rd Annual British Academy Television awards their series won Best Foreign Television Program of the Year. At the 55th Annual Golden Globe awards their series was nomined for Best Television Series Comedy or Musical of the Year. At the 2nd Annual Online Film & Television Association awards their series was nominated for Best Comedy Series of the Year, Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performance as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay, and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominee Matthew Perry for his performance as Chandler Bing. At the 50th Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 14th Annual Television Critics Association awards their series was nominated for Best Individual Achievement in Comedy nominee Courteney Cox for her performance as Moncia Geller.


1998: She's The Object of Our Affections
(1998) The Object of My Affection
[April 17, 1998] - The 29-year old actress lands the lead role of Nina Borowski in the romantic/drama film 'The Object of My Affection'. Jennifer plays a bright young guidance counselor who lives in a cozy two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. After attending her stepsister Constance Miller; actress Allison Sweeney's character, and her husband, Sidney; actor Alan Alda's character, dinner party she befriends a young, handsome, and gay first grade teacher George Hanson; actor/comedian Paul Rudd's character. During conversation she brings up having a spare room and offers it to George, which shocks him because that means he and his boyfriend Dr. Robert Joley; actor Tim Daly's character, relationship is over. After George and Joley leave the Miller residence to head back to their vehicle George puts Joley on the spot regarding their relationship status. He accuses Joley of cheating and Joley confirms George's fears: he willingly admits to cheating on George with a younger man. This results in the two breaking up and George taking Nina up on her offer. The next day he appears on Nina's doorstep prepared to possibly live out the rest of his life in her spare room: single and alone. Over the course of time Nina and George begin to bond together: the two go ballroom dancing, eat out together, and stay up watching movies. One night while watching television, as they begin to learn more about each other, George reveals to Nina that the first person he slept with was a girl. She turns off the television because the conversation the two are engaged in is more entertaining. He tells Nina about a girl named Lucy Jane: she and George went to senior prom together and according to him he gave her "a real good time". Nina asks him what happened in reference to his sexuality and George explains: "I got to college and found myself chasing after the football team instead of the cheerleaders and I kinda" Sometime later, Nina shows up at George's first grade class exclaiming that she'd like to talk with him in private. She announces that she is pregnant with her boyfriend's; actor John Pankow's character, child. Nina asks George for advice about what she should do. He advises her to make the decision with Vince, but she explains: "Vince believes in a woman's right to decide as long as he does the deciding." George and Nina go out for a day of fun to a carnival at the pier. The two ride a roller coaster together and during the ride Nina proposes the suggestion that George help her raise the baby. He is hesitant about taking her up on the offer at first, but after the two exit the ride he agrees saying, "Just call me uncle George." Vince takes George out to lunch and drills him with questions: "Why won't Nina see me?", "Is she sleeping around with someone else?", and accuses George point blank, "Are you sleeping with her?".

Paul Rudd & Jennifer on set of 'The Object of My Affection'
George reassures Vince that he is in fact gay, and doesn't possess or have any romantic feelings towards Nina. A few weeks later during a hot summers day, Nina has company over at the apartment including her stepsister Constance, her stepsister's husband Sidney, their daughter Sally, and Nina's boyfriend Vince, a lawyer who at times can be possessive, and controlling. After her brother-in-law, Sidney, makes a complaint about it being too hot in the apartment Nina insists on getting a box fan to help better circulate the air. George attempts to assist her, but lets word slip: "You shouldn't be lifting anything heavy!" Once he makes the remark Nina's stepsister immediately takes the hint exclaiming, "Are you pregnant? Oh, my God you're pregnant!". This causes Nina to drop the box fan on the floor altogether. A downstairs neighbor is concerned, thinking someone has dropped dead, screaming for George to tell her what happened. Vince comes at George accusing him of not being able to keep his hands to himself, but before Vince can lay a hand on him Nina intervenes explaining that the baby is Vince's. Later, George goes on a blind date with an ear/nose/and throat doctor that his brother; actor/comedian Steve Zahn, set him up on. The date ends because he feels there is no chemistry nor does he feel that they share the same interests. One afternoon, George receives a phone call from Joley: he pleads with him to reconcile asking him if he'd like to take a weekend getaway trip with him. Although confused, George agrees, but this causes Nina to feel jealous and threatened. During the trip George makes it very clear to Joley that he doesn't want to get back together with: they even sleep in a room that has two single beds rather than sleeping together in a double, queen, or king sized bed. George meets Paul; actor Amo Gulinello's character; a young aspiring actor.

Jennifer & Paul at 'The Object of My Affection' premiere
The two have fun swimming, talking, and end up falling in love and having sex. Meanwhile, Nina stayed with Constance at a vacation mansion and is extremely moody because she is having an awful time. After several failed attempts to call George she finally decides to leave on her own. After taking a bus ride home she is mugged then reports it to the cops, and is escorted home finding she appeals to the off duty cop who takes her home. Once home she discovers George awaiting for her on the steps of the apartment building. As Thanksgiving rolls around Nina and George invite Paul and his elderly acting mentor Rodney; actor Nigel Hawthorne's character, over for dinner. While Nina and Rodney are alone he opens her eyes and tells her the truth regarding her own life: "The majority of the people at this table are men, gay men none the less. What happens when we all find someone? Hmmm, then you're left alone." The shocking truth strikes Nina, who takes it hard and later takes it out on George after the two get in an argument. Time passes and Nina addresses the issue that she doesn't want to raise her baby with Vince. In a fit of rage Vince reciprocates by saying, "I want to raise the baby with the man in the moon. You tell that baby should it ask about its father, that I don't want anything to do with it or it's mother." Vince then walks out of the gymnasium in anger. Nina and George attend George's brother's wedding and she excuses herself from the reception. She expresses her true feelings towards George that she does love him, but he in turn doesn't feel the same way. Nina's water breaks and she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Molly. Vince arrives at the hospital indicating that he and Nina have reconciled. The film ends with Molly; actress Sarah Hyland's character, as the lead in one of George's school plays. Nina is shown with the officer who escorted her home, George ended up with Paul, and Vince ended up with George's co-worker Melissa; actress Kali Rochar's character. The film is directed by Nicholas Hytner grossing $46,905,889 in box office making it a box office bomb generating mixed reviews from film critics scoring a 49% liking from audiences. Film critic Roger Ebert criticized the film as, "thought it deals with some real issues and has scenes that can see the wheels of the plot turning so clearly that you doubt the characters have much freedom to act on their own."

Jennifer at the 9th Annual GLAAD Media awards
[April 19, 1998] - The 'Friends' star attends the 9th Annual GLAAD Media awards. The GLAAD Media award is an accolade bestowed by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation - also known as GLAAD - to recognize and honor various branches of the media for their outstanding representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender - also known as LGBT - community as well as the issues that affect their lives. In addition to film and television, the award also recognizes achievements in other branches of the media and arts, including theater, music, journalism and advertising. GLAAD Media award winning films and television series include documentary film 'Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End', ABC's soap opera series 'All My Children', comedy/romance film 'In & Out', drama foreign language film 'Ma Vie en Rose', ABC's drama series 'NYPD Blue', television movie 'Any Mother's Son', ABC's sitcom series 'Ellen', FOX's animated comedy series 'The Simpsons', CBS's entertainment news series 'Entertainment Tonight', and ABC's talk show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. 'Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Film Documentary of the Year awarded to producer Lesli Klainberg. 'All My Children' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series of the Year awarded to series creator Agnes Nixon. 'In & Out' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Film Wide Release of the Year awarded to producer Scott Rudin. 'Ma Vie en Rose' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Film Limited Release of the Year awarded to director Alain Berliner. 'NYPD Blue' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Television Drama Series of the Year awarded to series creators Steve Bocho and David Milch. 'Any Mother's Son' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Made for Television Movie of the Year awarded to director David Burton Morris. 'Ellen' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Television Comedy Series of the Year awarded to series creators Carol Black, Neal Marlens & David S. Rosenthal. 'The Simpsons' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Television Individual Episode of the Year for season 8 episode "Homer's Phobia" awarded to series creators Matt Groening, James L. Brooks & Sam Simon. 'Entertainment Tonight' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Telvevision Journalism of the Year for their body of work. 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' won the GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Television Talk Show of the Year awarded for the episode "Ellen's Coming Out". Special award winning recipients include talkshow hostess/comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, singer/actress Cher, actress Judith Light, singer K.D. Lang and film producers Bob & Harvey Weinstein. Ellen DeGeneres received the Stephen F. Kolzak award in her efforts as an openly LGBT member of the entertainment or media community for her work toward eliminating homophobia. Cher received the Vanguard award in efforts of significant difference in promoting equal rights for LGBT people. Judith Light received the Vision award. Bob & Harvey Weinstein received the Excellence in Media award for their work in the industry in the media and entertainment by increasing the visibility and understanding of the LGBT community.

People magazine: They Can Still Be Friends
[May 4, 1998] - The actress makes headlining news in PEOPLE magazine when she breaks-up with actor Tate Donovan after their two-and-a-half year relationship in this exclusive article headlining They Can Still Be Friends. Jennifer talks about the break-up, how they have each moved, and how hopefully they can still be friends.

article by: unknown

PEOPLE magazine Vol. 49 - No. 17
"The Friends star clears things up regarding her break-up with actor Tate Donovan stating, "The ring that I wore for months was an Irish love ring," said Aniston, "and did not - repeat did not - mean that I was altar bound with Tate." Still, she showed up bare-fingered at the press conference in London, where the sitcom taped its season finale, causing reporters to assume the worst. "Not to worry," she said, "I just didn't put on all my jewelry this morning." Did the lady protest too much? Three weeks later, Donovan's father, confirmed that his son and Jennifer ended their 21/2-year romance. Why? Donovan's dad explained, "Sons don't tell their parents why they broke-up," he told PEOPLE, but sources speculate otherwise. Some say Aniston, now starring on the big-screen in drama/romance The Object of My Affection, was pressuring Donovan - whose last big role was the hero's voice in Disney's animated/family film Hercules - tired of his lesser wattage. Once the couple seemed a perfect match smitten after their first dinner date at a strip mall restaurant. Aniston told PEOPLE in an earlier interview last July - "he's one perfect guy." Donovan made a similar comment about Aniston saying, "We definitely think about marriage." Since the break-up, he has kept a low profile; meanwhile Aniston looked radiant at the premiere of The Object of My Affection. "Jennifer and Tate are both nice people," said a source, "but nice people don't always get married and live happily ever after."

(1998-1999) Friends Season 5 DVD Cover
[September 24, 1998 - May 20, 1999] - Jennifer is informed along with the rest of her cast mate's that the network has signed them all on for a fifth season with a salary per episode of $100,000. Season five features Monica and Chandler attempting to keep their new relationship a secret from the rest of their friends. Sometime later, Monica and Chandler end up going public with their relationship, to the surprise of their friends. The two ultimately decide to get married during a trip to Las Vegas, but the pair quickly change their minds after witnessing two of their other friends drunkenly stumble out of a wedding chapel. Phoebe gives birth to triplets in the series one hundredth episode. She also begins a relationship with a police officer. Ross and Emily's wedding is called off due to Emily being intimidated by Rachel, and Ross is unwilling to give up his friendship with Rachel as Emily demanded. Joey continues struggling to find work after being fired from 'Days of Our Lives'. He pursues as well as fails auditions, and takes on several odd jobs throughout the course of the season. The season premiere episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel" airs to 31.1 million viewers tuning in to see us pick up where we left off season 4 the gang, all except Phoebe who is pregnant, in London at Ross and Emily's wedding. Ross deals with the aftermath of having said the wrong name at the altar, which caused an uproar amongst Ross and Emily's family and friends especially Rachel who asks another wedding guest if he in fact said her name and whether or not she should approach the altar. Rachel stays seated and the ceremony continues. After Ross and Emily exit the church she elbows him in the gut. Meanwhile, at their reception Ross attempts to straighten things out with Emily who's rebeliously locked herself in bathroom. Rachel recalls when she bailed on her wedding pointing out that when she spent as much time as Emily has in the restroom it was because she was trying to escape out of the window.

Friends season 5 episode "The One After Ross Says 'Rachel' "
In a panic Ross barges into the bathroom only to discover Emily has done just that resulting in Rachel commenting, "Oh, look at that, same thing." After Emily's disappearance Ross searches frantically for his new wife throughout the hotel. Ross spends the remainder of the episode trying to reassure everyone that his mentioning of Rachel's name meant nothing, but the only person he ends up convincing is himself. Rachel takes into consideration that Ross saying her name instead of Emily's must mean something. She then has a lengthy - not to metion long distance - phone call with Phoebe filling her in on what happened at the wedding. At the end of their conversation Phoebe concludes that Ross saying Rachel's name has no meaning. Phoebe also calls Emily's mother with the outrageous excuse of Ross forgetting to take his brain medication, which can result in him saying interchanging names of women through no fault of his own and that is the reason he said Rachel's name. Amongst this Joey and Chandler score with the bridesmaids one of whom is Monica. To their disappointment Chandler and Monica can't get a moment alone. Multiple interruptions occurr: Rachel stalls Monica from engaging in sex with Chandler in the wine cellar after she seeks Monica's help with relationship advice, Ross barges in on the honeymoon suite that Chandler and Monica were going to put to use after Emily went missing, and the film 'My Giant' causes Joey to stall Chandler from engaging in sex with Monica in the bathroom on the airplane after seeking career advice.

Friends season 5 episode "The One in Vegas (Part 1)"
The next morning Emily's parents inform Ross that their daughter has gone into hiding enlight of recent events and wants nothing to do with him. He defends his actions telling Emily's parents to deliver a messaige: "Yeah, I said Rachel's name, but it doesn't mean anything okay? She's just a friend, that's all. Just tell Emily I love her, and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else." Emily's parents agree to deliver Ross's message. Once everyone is back home Monica, Joey, and Chandler are greeted by Phoebe at Monica's apartment. Upon entering Phoebe commetns to Joey, "You ate meat!", and comments to Chandler and Monica, "You had sex!" In a panic Chandler is quick to deny Phoebe's comment replying, "No we didn't!" Phoebe states that she is aware he didn't she was in reference towards Monica. As Phoebe and Joey head home Monica and Chandler are left alone in her apartment. The pair exchange mutal appreciation and thanks for being their for one another in London, and flirt, but part their separate ways after mutally agreeing that their romance was only appropriate in London. However, seconds later Chandler bursts through the door suggesting he's still on London time and Monica says it counts while they share a passionate kiss. The episode ends with Ross and Rachel at the airport: Ross has been waiting around for Emily because they are suppose to be on their honeymoon in Athens tonight, and Rachel has been on standby for a flight home for several hours. Rachel ultimately encourages Ross to go on his honeywoom alone after Emily is a no show. Ross comes up with idea that Rachel should go with him, but she is hesitant at first and after giving it some thought agrees she can do it.

Friends season 5 episode "The One in Vegas (Part 2)"
As they make it past the gate Rachel boards the plane ahead of Ross who goes back for his coat. Doing so he spots Emily who showed up at the airport after all and chases after her. The season finale is broken up into two parts. "The One in Vegas (Part 1)" airs to 25.9 million viewers tuning in to Monica going out to lunch with her old flame Richard, but out of shame she doesn't tell Chandler. She makes it up to Chandler by going to Las Vegas for their anniversary, but the gang, as well as Phoebe - tag along because Phoebe missed out on all of the excitement in London due to the fact she was pregnant. To Joey's dismay the film project he was apart of is postponed so he takes a job working as a gladiator in a casino. Meanwhile, Rachel takes Phoebe's advice and decides to wander around her apartment naked, which Ross views through his apartment window mistaking it as an invitation to "the physical act of love". In order to get back at her for making fun of him, Ross embarrasses Rachel on the flight to Vegas; mishap ensues. For the remainder of the episode Rachel and Ross are shown as having drawn on one another's face with a pen: Ross drew on Rachel's face to get back at her for feeling foolish, and Rachel drew on Ross to even the score. Chandler learns that Monica had lunch with Richard and the pair have their first real arguement since becoming a couple. Chandler threatens to leave, but Monica gets him to play craps. While their on a winning streak Chandler raises the stakes betting if Monica makes this next role he'll marry her tonight. "The One in Vegas (Part 2)" airs to 25.9 million viewers tuning in to Rachel wondering why the people at the casino are starring at her. Later she discovers that Ross drew on her face with permanent marker.

Cast of Friends at the 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards
Monica and Chandler get caught up in the excitement and adrenaline while playing craps and ultimately decide to get married. Meanwhile, Joey with the help of Phoebe, discovers his identical hand twin causing him to figure he will make more money off of that so he can fund his delayed film production. Phoebe is later kicked out of the casino after trying to bring a slot lurker to justice, and returns under the alias "Regina Phalange". While they search for something old, something new, something borrowed, and  something blue Monica and Chandler discuss having a baby, but he directs her attention to doing one thing at a time. As they contemplate marriage, and almost go through with it the pair witness Ross and Rachel in a drunken escapade, stumbling out of a wedding chapel: the two drunkenly got married. Season five celebrity guest stars include actress Helen Baxendale as Emily Waltham; Ross's fiance episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel". Actor Giovanni Ribisi guest stars as Frank Buffay, Jr.; Phoebe's half brother episode 'The One with the Triples". Actress Debra Jo Rupp guest stars as Alice Knight; Frank Buffay Jr,'s wife episode "The One with the Triplets". Actress Morgan Fairchild guest stars as Nora Bing; Chandler's mother episode "The One the Thanksgiving Flashbacks". Actress Jennifer Saunders guest stars as Andrea Waltham; Emily's mother episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel". Actress Soleil Moon Frye guest stars as Katie; Joey's love interest episode "The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey". Actor Elliot Gould guest stars as Jack Geller; Monica and Ross's father episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel". Actress Christina Pickles guest stars as Judy Geller; Monica and Ross's mother episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel", and episode "The One with the Thanksgiving Flashback". Actress Jane Sibbett guest stars as Carole Willick; Ross's ex-wife episode "The One Where Rachel Smokes". Actress Maggie Wheeler guest stars as Janice Hosenstein episode 'The One with Chandler's Work Laugh".

Brad & Jennifer at the 51st Annual Primetime Emmy awards
Actor/comedian Thomas Lennon guest stars as Randall; Joey's identical hand twin episode "The One in Vegas (Part 2)" Actor Michael Rapport guest stars as Gary; Phoebe's police boyfriend and love interest episode "The One with the Cop", episode "The One with Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss", episode "The One with the Ride Along", and episode "The One with the Ball". In efforts of the show the cast of 'Friends' attends several awards shows including the 12th Annual American Comedy awards, the 3rd Annual Online Film & Television Association awards, 51st Annual Primetime Emmy awards, the 4th Annual Satellite awards, the 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards, the 1st Annual Teen Choice awards, the 15th Annual Television Critics Assocition awards, the 15th Annual TV Guide awards, and the 52nd Annual Writers Guild awards. At the 12th Annual American Comedy awards their series was nomianted for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a Television Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay, and Funniest Supporting Male Performer in a Television Series nominee Matthew Perry for his perormance as Chandler Bing. At the 3rd Annual Online Film & Television Association awards their series was nominated for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 51st Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series nominee director Michael Lembeck episode "The One Where Everybody Finds Out", Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series nominee writer Alexa Junge episode "The One Where Everybody Finds Out", and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild award their series was nominated for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 1st Annual Teen Choice awards their series won Best Comedy Series of the Year. At the 15th Annual Television Critics Association awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. At the 15th Annual TV Guide awards their series was nominated for Favorite Comedy Series of the Year. At the 52nd Annual Writers Guild awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Comedy Series nominee writer Alexa Junge episode "The One Where Everybody Finds Out".

(1998) Meet Joe Black
[November 13, 1998] - Jennifer's boyfriend film actor Brad Pitt lands the lead role of Joe Black in the fantasy/romance film 'Meet Joe Black'. The film focuses on billionaire media mogul William "Bill" Parrish; actor Anthony Hopkins' character, who is considering a merger between his company along with another media giant. He is also preparing to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday with an elaborate party being organized by his eldest daughter Allison; actress Marcia Gay-Harden's character. While all of this is occurring he begins to hear mysterious voices, which he attempts with increasing difficulty to ignore. Meanwhile, Bill's youngest daughter Susan; actress Claire Forlani's character, an internal medicine resident, is involved with one of Bill's board member's, Drew; actor Jake Weber's character. She is contemplating marriage, but her father can tell she's not madly in love with Drew. When she asks for the short version of her father's impassioned speech, he simply tells her, "Stay open. Who knows? Lightning could strike!". Sometime later, Susan meets a vibrant young man; Pitt's character, at a coffee shop. She is instantly enamored by him, however, after the two converse with one anther she fails to even get his name. Minutes after their encounter, but unbeknownst to her, the gentlemen is struck by multiple cars in what appears to be a fatal motor vehicle accident. While at home, death appears before Bill in his study, explaining to him that Bill's impassioned speech with his daughter has piqued his interest. Given Bill's "competence, experience, and wisdom," Death says that for as long as Bill will be his guide on Earth, he will not have to die. Making up a name on the spot, Death introduces himself to Bill's family as the alias of "Joe Black". Knowing them now to be his last, Bill's best efforts to navigate the next few days fail to keep from going rapidly out of his control. Unbeknownst to Bill, Drew is secretly conspiring with another gentlemen with the intentions of bidding for Parrish Communications; the company which Bill is Chairman of. Drew capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior the last few weeks and unexplained reliance on the new character hanging about with him, Joe Black, to convince the board to vote him out as Chairman.

Jennifer at the Meet Joe Black premiere
Using information given to him inadvertently by Bill's son-in-law, Quince; actor Jeffrey Tambor's character, to push through approval for the merger, which Bill had decided to oppose. Later Quince discovers this and is devastated. At first confused and repulsed by Joe, believing him to be the young man from the coffee shop, Susan eventually falls deeply in love with him. Joe, who is now under the influence of human desires and emotions, becomes attracted to her as well. Bill angrily confronts him about his relationship with his daughter, but Death declares his intentions to take Susan with him for his own. As his last birthday arrives, Bill appeals to Joe as one who recognizes the meaning of true love and all it encompasses: honesty and sacrifice. Joe comes to the understanding that his love for Bill's daughter Susan means he must forego his desire to take her with him. Thus allowing her to live with him as an agent of the Internal Revenue Service, which threatens to put Drew in jail. Bill devotes his remaining hours of his life to his daughters Allison and Susan at his birthday part. Joe says his last goodbyes to Susan, who senses something of the truth behind his words, but is unable or unwilling to vocalize this realization. As fireworks show off in the distance, Joe escorts Bill away as Susan watches. In astonishment she watches as Joe reappears before her eyes. The young man, unaware of what events have transpired from the time of his death until the time of his return, isn't even aware of how he got there. A mystified, but pleased Susan seems to have forgotten about her time with Joe since her meeting with him at the coffee shop. This indicates that Susan already knows about her father's passing, and she asks the gentleman, "What do we do now?" He simply replies, "It will come to us." The film is directed by Martin Brest grossing $142,940,100 in box office generating mixed reviews from film critics scoring a 51% liking with audiences. A general film consensus from film critic's states, "There's so much that's fine in this movie." In efforts of his performance Brad received recognition from The Stinkers Bad Movie awards and the Yoga awards. At The Stinkers Bad Movie awards Pitt was nominated for Worst On-Screen Hairstyle. At the Yoga awards Pitt was awarded Worst Foreign Actor of the Year.

Vanity Fair magazine Brad Pitt
[November 17, 1998] - Jennifer's boyfriend Brad appears on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine headlining The Life, The Loves, The Sensibility, and the Enduring Cool of Brad Pitt. In this exclusive interview the actor talks about living the life, the loves, the sensibility, and the enduring cool of being himself.

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article by: Cathy Horyn

VANITY FAIR magazine
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1999: The Ending of A Great Decade
(1999) Office Space
[February 19, 1999] - The 30-year old actress lands the supporting role of Joanna in the comedy film 'Office Space'. This film focuses on a disgruntled programmer, Peter Gibbon's; actor/comedian Ron Livngston's character, who works at Initech, and spends his days "starring at his desk" instead of actually doing anything constructive especially working. His co-workers Samir Nagheenanajar; actor Ajay Naidu's character, is annoyed by the fact that nobody can pronounce his last name correctly, and Michael Bolton; actor David Herman's character, who loathes having one in the same name as the '90s singer, whom he hates, and then there is Milton Waddams; actor Stephen Root's character, a meek fixated collator who constantly mumbles to himself. All four are repeatedly mistreated by management including the companies smarmy, callous, Vice President Bill Lumbergh; actor Gary Cole's character. The staff are further agitated by the arrival of two consultants, Bob Slydell; actor John C. McGinely's character, and Bob Porter; actor Paul Wilson's character, who are brought in to help the Initech downsize and outsource itself. Peter's girlfriend Anne is tired of his previous behavior therefore convinces him to attend an occupational therapy session. During their visit the therapist, Dr. Swanson; actor Mike McShane's character, dies of a heart attack right after hypnotizing Peter. The newly relaxed Peter awakes the next morning refreshed and carefree. He ignores his constant phone messages from his girlfriend Anne; who willingly admits to cheating on him therefore ending with them breaking up, and his boss Mr. Lumbergh; who expected him to work on the weekend. The following work day, Peter ultimately decides to skip work and ask Joanna; Aniston's character, a waitress as Chotckie's a parody of T.G.I. Friday's, out to lunch. While spending time together Peter learns that he and Joanna share a loathing of idiotic management and love the television program Kung Fu. Once Peter finally does show up for work, he disregards Initech's dress code: he shows up in flip-flops with sands, a Hawaiian shirt, and cargo shorts, takes his bosses parking spot, and refuses to follow Lumbergh's directions.

Peter also removes items from the company that annoy him: a door handle that repeatedly shocks him, and a cubicle wall that blocks his view of the window. Despite his actions, the consultants, Bob Syldell, and Bob Porter promote him because of his "positive impression" that he made on them with his bluntness about the office's problems. Peter then learns that his friends Michael and Samir's jobs will be eliminated, and the trio decided to take action into their own hands. They plan to get even by infecting the Initech's accounting system software with a computer virus that is designed to divert fractions of pennies into a separate bank account they can control. This leads them to believe that their scheme will be successful because they figure that the amounts are too small for the company to take notice, while over time they can receive a substantial amount of money. On Michael and Samir's last day at Initech, Peter takes one last item: a frequently malfunctioning printer. The three join in by taking it to a field and destroying it with a baseball bat smashing it to pieces. To his horror, Peter discovers that one misplaced decimal point caused the virus to steal $305,326.13 in the first few days, a far more conspicuous loss to Initech. Meanwhile, Joanna has finally worked up the courage to stand up to her own boss and quit Chotckie's; wearing twenty-seven pieces of flare is her last straw. She makes a statement by telling off her boss, "I do want to express myself and I don't need twenty-seven pieces of flare to do it! (flipping her boss the bird). Haunted by the results, Peter confides in Joanna that the scheme was a bad idea, and that he plans on accepting the blame for the crime. He writes a letter confessing everything, then slips it into an envelop which contains the letter and the money in an unsigned traveler's check under his bosses door late at night. The next morning, Milton having been deprived of his cherished red Swingline stapler by Lumbergh, forced to move to the cockroach-infested basement, and having his paycheck's finally cut off - turns out Milton has actually been laid off years earlier, though he continued to receive regular paychecks.

Jennifer as Joanna on set of 'Office Space'
Milton enters Lumbergh's office to reclaim the stapler. The next day fully expecting to be arrest on sight after arriving at work, Peter instead finds that his problem has solved itself: the IniTech building is fully engulfed inflames, implying that Milton has finally made good on his quiet threats to destroy the company for slighting him, and that all of the evidence of the missing money was destroyed. Peter finally applies for a job that he likes; doing construction work with his next-door neighbor, Lawrence; actor/comedian Diedrich Bader. As the two of them are shown cleaning up debris from the fire, and Lawrence discovers Milton's stapler. Peter takes it saying, "I think I know someone who might want it," implying that "someone" is Milton. Samir and Michael drop by and offer to recommend Peter for a job at Initech's rival, Intertrode, where they have each secured new jobs. Peter respectfully declines, content with his new job and life. Meanwhile, Milton lounges on the beach at a fancy Mexican resort, but he is still not happy; he is heard mumbling complaints about his beverage and threatens to take his traveler's check (that he found in Lumbergh's office; which is actually the check Peter wrote) to a rival resort. The film is directed by Mike Judge grossing $12,179,705 in box office making it a box office bomb generating positive reviews from film critics scoring a 79% liking from audiences. Film critic Roger Ebert reviewed the film as, "Nuances of behavior are not necessary, because in the cubicle world every personality trait is magnified, and the captives stagger forth like grotesques." While not successful at the box office Office Space has been recognized as a cult classic, selling well on home video and later DVD. In 2003, it was one of the top twenty best-selling Fox DVD's along with 'There's Something About Mary'.

Rolling Stone magazine Jennifer Aniston: Sexy and in Love
[March 4, 1999] - The 'Friends' star appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in a one-piece sequined leotard headlining Jennifer Aniston: Sexy and in Love. In this exclusive interview the actress talks about fame on NBC's hit comedy series, family, and life as film actor Brad Pitt's girl.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: This is not the full article. "Click" on the link listed for more information.  


article by: Nancy Collins

ROLLING STONE magazine Vol. 4 - No. 807
"Life's never been better as she turns 30 with a little help with her friends and new love Brad Pitt." She's the star of America's most popular sitcom - Friends, in its fifth season, is drawing better ratings and reviews than it did when it debuted. She's in love with Brad Pitt, America's Number Seven favorite star of all time, according to a Harris poll. Her film career is flourishing - catch her this month in Office Space, the live-action directing debut of hip television animator Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill). "I got over my laziness," says Aniston. "I got off my butt, off my couch and fell in love with being physical." She could be the poster girl for the right way to turn thirty. Her extra radiance these days has been credited to Pitt. Their friendship blossomed into something stronger last spring, when Aniston started dating the film star. The buzz had them sneaking off to get married, everywhere from the slopes of Aspen to the Chapel of the Quick I Dos, in Vegas. The truth is: "They're not married - not yet. In the words of Jennifer's father soap opera actor John Aniston, "I haven't received a wedding invitation." He adds, "Brad is a very nice young man, and whatever makes Jennifer happy makes me happy." But is Brad Pitt worthy of his daughter? "Of course not," says John jokingly laughing. Highly publicized break-ups - Aniston with actor Tate Donovan and Pitt with actress Gwyneth Paltrow - have made the couple wary of media glare. Aniston and Pitt even make separate entrances at rock concerts (Hole at he Viper Room, in Los Angeles) and parties (an engagement fete for Friends co-star actor Matt LeBlanc) to avoid being photographed together and sparking more wedding talk. Sources close to Jennifer say, "Pitt has changed her. She's a lot more peaceful now, like a woman who's in a good relationship," the source continues adding, "there's not a lot to say about them because there's not problems. They're both light-years ahead of themselves. You know how your grandparents have a certain perspective about life? They've got that now." Aniston laughs a lot, too. Beneath that mop of the decade's most famous hair is a woman of mind and heart and staying power. Still, it's clear that Jennifer approaches this conversation with the caution of an actress who has endured five years of scrutiny on everything from her follicles to her sex life. 

When asked if she is feeling any qualms or misgivings about her 30th birthday the actress replies, "I'm excited to be thirty. It feels like an accomplishment, for some reason. I don't know, like, no more excuses," she says with a laugh. When asked if life keeps getting better for a woman, if she's laid good groundwork, which you certainly have successful career, good friends, and a little romance Aniston replies, "I have, I guest. Thank you." When asked if she still has any family in Eddystone, Pennsylvania she replies, "My grandmother lived there in the same house until she passed away at 94-years old. She was the grand mother, the center of the family, amazingly strong. When asked if her father, soap opera actor John Aniston was close to his mother she answers, "Yes. He could do no wrong in her eyes." When asked you were born in Los Angeles, California, I gather he was working there Aniston replies, "At that point, my father was struggling, doing things like being a door-to-door salesman while my mom modelded and did some acting. Finally, he decided to forget acting and go to medical school; but he was too old to get into universities here, so we moved to Greece for a year when I was five. While there an agent called my dad with offers to be on soap operas and we moved to New York in 1976. When asked to describe her father the actress replies, "Tall, 6'2"; a gentle giant, really. One of the nicest men you'll ever meet. Unbelievably shy and funny. One thing I remember about my parents, when they were together, is how fun they were." When asked what her mother Nancy Dow's background is Jennifer replies, "She's from upstate New York, family of five sisters. My mom's mother left the family when my mother was about 12-years old, which was an odd thing at that time." When asked what her mother's like she replies, "My mom is very warm, loving, nurturing, wise. Funny and old-fashioned. She expects respect: 'I'm the mother, I'm the elder.' It's good she's got her rules, but you also want to go, 'Mom, lighten up, just hang out." When asked if she was close to her mother she replies, "We had a really good relationship. I wasn't the easiest kid. I was a smarta**. I'm sure there was a lot of strain on her, it was just she and I." When asked if she was surprised when her parents broke-up Jennifer replies, "Oh, I was shocked."

When asked how she found out she replies, "My mom told me. I went to a birthday party, and when I came back, she said, 'Your father's not going to be around here for a little while.' She didn't say he was gone forever. I don't know if I blocked it, but I just remember sitting there, crying, not understanding that he was gone. I don't know what I did later that night or the next day. I don't remember anything other than it being odd that all the sudden my father wasn't there. And he was gone for a while." When asked how long her father was absent Jennifer replied, "About a year." When asked if she ever heard from her father once from that period the actress replied, "No." When asked and it was your father who left the marriage, she replies, "Oh yeah. He left her. There was another woman. That was in November of 1979. Then, in the summer of 1980, there was the other conversation that my mom and I had in the car, which was, 'Your father's with someone else; he's not coming back." When asked how long after that did she finally she her dad again she replied, "About a year. He just called one day and said, 'Let's go see The Fantastickes.' So we had a little dinner and saw the show. After that, I started seeing him on the weekends, and this new way of life just unfolded." When asked what has been the most painful time of her life Aniston answers, "When my dad left. That was very painful." When asked if her father eventually married the woman he had an affair with Jennifer replied, "Yes. They're still married." When asked what her mother taught Jennifer about mother she replied, "Love, love, love. Support. Love, love, love." When asked what her dad taught her about fathering she replied, "He wasn't around to do that. Maybe," she says laughing, "don't marry a Greek man, and just stick around. That'll do it." When asked if she always wanted to act she replied, "Yes. In retrospect, maybe, it was all I thought I could do. Maybe, because of my childhood, I was escaping wanted to be a clown, be happy." When asked what she looks for in a man Aniston replies, "A friend, someone who's equal, with whom you're comfortable. The ultimate is finding a place where you have no inhibitions, nothing to hide, where you can learn with one another. Of course, I'm not above going, 'And he did that!' Every man I've been with, I have to say, 'Thank you for this lesson.' I am not, by the way, a spokeswoman on relationships I'm learning myself. Generally they've [relationships] been great, but some [relationships] suck." When asked what attracts her to Brad she replies, "Oh, I hate this! I can't talk about it. I'm sorry. I'm not withholding, just preserving something that's mine." When asked if there's anything she feels comfortable saying regarding her relationship with Brad the actress replies, "I'll just tell you that this is the happiest time of my life - that I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm not saying why, it's for a lot of reasons: work, love, family, just life - all of it" 

PEOPLE magazine Brad & Jennifer: Made For Each Other
[March 8, 1999] - The television/film actress appears on the cover of PEOPLE magazine with film actor Brad Pitt headlining Brad & Jennifer: Made For Each Other. In this exclusive interview she talks about being a couple of hard bodied homebodies with Brad and is delighted about their no-so-secret love.

article by: Anne-Marie O'Neill & Kyle Smith

PEOPLE magazine Vol. 51 - No. 10
"Brad Pitt's people want to make one thing perfectly clear: their client that blond Adonis and television's favorite Friend, Jennifer Aniston are so not engaged. "Ridiculous," says one representative. Some family members profess to be in the dark, "I wouldn't have any idea," says Pitt's brother Doug, while a close friend of Aniston's family says, "Jennifer and Brad are VERY serious, but the rumors about them getting married anytime soon are not even close." Still, a leading L.A. wedding planner got a call months ago from one of the couple's handlers and was told, "be ready for an interview with the pair." Of course, these are the people who, until recently, denied that Pitt, (the age 35) and Aniston (then age 30), were even seeing each other. They must not have noticed them cooing over dinners, puckering at parties and clubs and hunkering down in hotels for romantic getaways. Or maybe they weren't listening when Pitt recently said, "nothing is more important than love." Or when Aniston told Rolling Stone magazine in an earlier interview, "marriage is wonderful." Lacking any on-the-job experience herself, could that be wishful thinking? Despite Brad's and Jennifer's aversion to premarital publicity they go out of their way not to be photographed together something distinctly premarital has been building since they began dating late last spring.

Their caution is understandable: both stars are coming off painful not to mention public break-ups. Brad and former fiancee actress Gwyneth Paltrow parted in June of '97 after two and a half years together, and Jennifer broke-up with actor Tate Donovan last March after they also dated for two and a half years. The couple of the moment, Brad and Jennifer, have lately seemed more willing to let the truth trickle out. Things come to a head in February when their romance sets off fireworks - literally. Some nine months into their relationship, as if to proclaim their own personal interdependence Day, Pitt and the woman he calls "my girl" chartered a private jet with nine or so friends and threw themselves an Acapulco weekend beach party to celebrate both Valentine's Day weekend and Aniston's thirtieth birthday. Following another blowout on February sixth at Los Angeles, California's trendy Barfly restaurant. As Valentine's Day wound down that Sunday night, fireworks set off for the occasion exploded over the Pacific coast. Brad and Jenifer danced and snuggled until five o'clock in the morning. During the day Pitt and his pals played touch football in the surf, while Aniston, chatted with other women. Neither Brad nor Jennifer left the property all weekend. "Why bother? Whatever they asked for they could get," replied a source. "They were kissing...everywhere." If life back home is a little less exotic, it's no less romantic. The pair hangs out with pals like Friends co-star actor Matt LeBlanc and his fiancee Melissa McKnight, at Aniston's house. Brad does most of the cooking and the driving. "We just hang out," said Jennifer, "we barbecue, we go on road trips." Her free time is limited by the shooting schedule of Friends, and Brad sometimes lurks the Burbank set. At last falls' party for the 100th episode, he was at ease among the cast and crew and he could scarcely hide his pride "They were holding hands and very touchy-feely," reports a source. 

Jennifer and Brad photographed separately by paparazzi.
"They are not shy about expressing their feelings," said another source. Except, of course, to the media. The couple has gone to extraordinary lengths to frustrate paparazzi. They even emerge minutes apart from the same limo. In Manhattan on November 2, as if to say that what Oprah last fall, Pitt coyly dodged questions about his sweetheart. When an audience member asked, "How did you meet Jennifer?" he replied, "Uh, we met through friends." His favorite television show? "Friends." When Oprah asked him, "Do you and Jennifer watch it together?" A blushing Brad replied (mumbling) "Friends." Aniston, who has at least two photos of her boyfriend on display in her home, is similarly circumspect. "I'm not withholding," she protests, "just preserving something that's mine." Aniston told Rolling Stone magazine in an earlier interview, "To talk about a relationship trivializes something that's nobody's business." Pressured to say something about Brad, the actress added, "I'll just tell you that this is the happiest time of my life. I'm not saying why, it's for a lot of reasons: work, love, family, just life - all of it." There are also a lot of reasons to stay circumspect. After all, it wasn't long ago that Pitt was proclaiming his eternal love for Paltrow saying she's "my angel". Same with Aniston who gushed that Donovan was "one perfect guy". Returning the compliment in and earlier interview in August of '97, Tate Donovan told PEOPLE, "I definitely want to get married, she definitely wants to get married." Now that those words have the ring of prematurity about them, Jennifer apparently has vowed, "I won't repeat the same mistake." 

Brad also learned that lesson the hard way. After his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, the star, "was in real pain", says his Meet Joe Black co-star actor Anthony Hopkins. "He was very sad about his break-up". Pitt was also angered by nude snaps of him and Gwyneth that appeared that summer in Play-girl magazine as well as on the internet. He reacted by suing Play-girl as well as ordering them to recall the issue. Aside from all of that, it's a good thing that he has a friend to lean on. On the surface, at least, Jennifer seems a natural successor to Paltrow. "Jennifer is the anti-Gwyneth," says an insider, "Gwyneth was into going out and being glamorous. Meanwhile, Jennifer is not. She's very nonglam." Whether she's wedding-picture perfect for Pitt's something neither star has discussed publicly. Nor has neither revealed who asked for the first date, although their representative managers brokered it. Last May, the lovebirds were nesting in Austin, Texas, while Jennifer was filming the comedy Office Space. They seldom ventured out of their hotel room - sharing both bar and barbells, sipping cocktails and working out at the hotel gym. Next up for Pitt is Fight Club, in which he plays a waiter who runs an underground slugging joint for yuppies and for which he temporarily had caps pried off his from teeth and replaced with snaggles. "My girl likes them", he said of the results. She also likes his family, by all accounts, and he hers. A couple of weeks ago Jennifer brought Brad to a get-acquainted dinner with her father Days of Our Lives soap opera actor John Aniston, who calls Brad "very charming and down to earth." Pitt had already brought Jennifer home to Springfield, Missouri to meet his relatives. A reporter asked him, "Has Jennifer taken you off of the market?" a blushing Brad replied, "We'll see."

Entertainment Weekly magazine: Still Friends with Benefits
[June 4, 1999] - The cast of 'Friends' appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine headlining Still "Friends" with Benefits. In this exclusive interview Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer all talk about what's to come for the series, how they all maintain a balance of friendship as well as remaining one of televisions best sitcoms even after five seasons.

article by: Jess Cagle

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine Vol. 488 - No. 1
"Careful what you say to a woman, in this case Jennifer Aniston, dating Brad Pitt. She was asked during an interview, "What do you think of this marriage?" Her eyes grew wide before replying, "What marriage?". The reporter says he's not referring to her much-speculated-on-real-life relationship with Pitt, but to the show's doozy of a season finale being shot today in which Aniston's Rachel and David Schwimmer's Ross appear to tie the knot in an impromptu Las Vegas wedding. The actress laughs, relieved, and her co-stars laugh right along with her. "Oh," she says, "well, I think it's a great cliff-hanger." She's careful not to say too much more; even though the reporter gave his word that he won't reveal the details before the episode airs. Since the show began five years ago, the six Friends stars have been stalked by paparazzi, jeered in print for their movies, called greedy for demanding $100,000 salary per-episode in '96, and the poor things can't even get a haircut without the world weighing in on it. Well, then, on our behalf of the media, we apologize. We apologize because we know that Mad About You's actress Helen Hunt and actor Paul Reiser were making $1,000,000 per-episode salaries, and in fact, we think that the Friends should ask for another raise. We apologize for making fun of the movies since we've seen Lisa Kudrow in The Opposite of Sex and have been reminded what a remarkable reservoir of comic talent the series has wrought. Most of all, we apologize simply because we enjoyed this past season so darn much. A shining half-hour in an otherwise dim season for comedy. Friends seemed re-born in of all things its fifth season: a time when most shows begin looking for cemetery plots or worse, getting bad face-lifts. The cast and twelve writers made the show pop like a minefield of creativity: (Boom!) Phoebe gives birth to triplets.(Bang!) The secret affair between Monica and Chandler goes public. (Kablooey!) Ross and Rachel stumble drunk from a Vegas wedding chapel. The series is the best, and that's official: with the passing of Seinfeld, NBC's sitcom is now the nation's top-rated. 

Most delightful to fans, and cast members alike has been the rocky affair of Chandler and Monica, which allowed actors Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox to plumb new depths of their character's neuroses. While Ross and Rachel's surprise trip to the altar gave the season finale its oomph, the waffling of Chandler and Monica at the brink of marriage is a sure and encouraging sign that their affair will continue into the fall season. Friends of Friends should know, however, that the relationship was almost very different. The show's producers planted the seeds for the Ross-Rachel romance in the pilot, but had always planned for another affair to blossom among the characters. This "dark horse" romance as creator/writer David Crane puts it, "originally involved not Monica and Chandler, but Monica and Joey; actor Matt LeBlanc's character. "This was before we cast the show," says Crane, who had conceived of Monica as the group's caretaker - a slightly cynical young woman whose good sense would prove combustible with Joey, originally designed as a heartless womanizer. Soon after the producers quickly realized that a slightly wacky Monica was a much funnier Monica, and shortly into the first season Cox revealed a generous talent for playing obsessive, cleanliness for laughs. Meanwhile, LeBlanc had some ideas for Joey. "I just didn't believe that the women would be friends with this guy who was so crass, self-centered, and hitting on them all of the time," said LeBlanc. "In having respect for them [Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe], he could grow as a character," he added. Ultimately, the producers decided Monica and Chandler would make the most strangely entertaining bedfellows. "We've gone out of our way to make it feel different than Ross and Rachel," said producer/creator David Crane. "We didn't do anything to lead up to it. We simply though that it could be one episode or three, but they have so many problems built into their characters that it's yielded a ton of wonderful stories." "For the first three years, I was kinda saying the funny lines," commented Perry.

Left to Right: David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matthew, Lisa, Matt
"Now I can play some emotional stuff too," said Cox, who chose the part of Monica instead of Rachel at the outset of the show, and regretted her decision for a while. "Now I'm in a relationship with Chandler," she says, "and that's really fun!" While the cast of contractually committed to a sixth season, they've yet to sign on for a seventh or more, and they aren't expected to stay unless all six of them agree to do so. "It's our goal to have this all wrapped up by the time the sixth season starts," says executive producer Kevin Bright. "I would do it [another season] if the entire cast did and the writing could stay at the same standard it has been," says Schwimmer. The question is, "How long can a show about feckless twenty-something's remain endearing - or even believable - given that the average age of the characters is now hovering around their thirties?" The producers aren't worried. 'The characters are now dealing with stuff that I think are grown-up issues," says producer Crane, who's been tossing around the idea for a "turning thirty" episode. "We had one [an episode] we were working on where it was a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, where we see all six of them turn thirty in the same show," he says, "but the stories themselves weren't interesting enough." "In the meantime," says creator/executive producer Marta Kauffman, "the situations change, their lives change. The characters can get married, have children, and can do all of this as long as the six of them remain together as a unit." What a unit an ensemble in the truest sense of the word, as fine and coherent and mutually supportive as any cast in television history. Still, while Friends seem to have endless disposable hours to hand out in Rachel and Monica's apartment, the actors themselves go their separate ways during their downtime. "There are movies to make, offers to field, lovers to tend to, and in the case of Lisa Kudrow, a child to raise," said Aniston, "the bond that we all have, is this life-changing (show). That keeps us together through it all." In regards to their levels of fame, "the cameras, the people taking pictures from my neighbor's roof," says Matthew Perry, "that's calmed down. I don't know if it's because I'm older now or what, but it's great." "All you have to learn is how to maneuver yourself, which is not that hard," says Aniston of dealing with media and paparazzi. The show's cliffhanger, though, could make maneuvering a bit more difficult; it has coincide with rumors of Aniston being pregnant, but Jennifer's publicist says, "the pregnancy rumors are totally fabricated." Aniston herself says, "Brad and I are simply dating, not engaged, and that the speculation has been the most hilarious." There are just some secrets not even your best Friends will share."

(1999) The Iron Giant
[August 6, 1999] - Jennifer loans her voice as the supporting role of Annie Hughes in the animated/adventure family film 'The Iron Giant'. Set in the '50s, after the Russian satellite Sputnik was launched into orbit, the film focuses on a giant alien, robot from outer space that crash lands into the ocean from Rockwell, Maine. As the creature makes its way to the inland by wandering through the forest, a nine year-old boy Hogarth Hughes; voiced by actor Eli Marienthal, soon discovers the robot after spotting something off in the distance. He stumbles upon the creature after following it's path of destruction, and the path leads to the power plant where Hogarth finds it tangled up by some power lines. The iron giant; voiced by actor Vin Diesel, is electrocuted after it began eating some live wires from the power plant as a source of electrical substation. Hogarth saves it by shutting down the power, and fleeing from sight. Thinking the robot is powered down the boy tosses a rock down the creature's throat, and it awakes with a knot on its head as a result from its accident. The two befriend each other, but soon discover that the robot suffers from amnesia, and can't remember how it came to be; however, it appears friendly and accompanies the boy wherever he goes. Hogarth's mother Annie; voiced by Aniston, a widowed waitress at a local dinner, finds her son at the power plant and picks him up to take him home. Turns out after the iron giant crash-landed a witness spotted it and called it in to the government. They send out Kent Mansley; voiced by actor Christopher McDonald, an arrogant, ambitious, paranoid government agent. Once he arrives on sight he is in disbelief about the phenomena, but is persuaded otherwise once he learns that a giant chunk of his car and later the entire thing goes missing - due to the giant. Hogarth decides to have the robot stay with him in a barn, but while crossing the train tracks the giant is hit by the train and smashed to pieces. Hogarth is saddened, but discovers it can reassemble itself. As Kent gets hot on the robots trail he begins to harass Hogarth later learning that the BB gun he found on sight is Hogarth's. Kent returns it to him as well as rents out the spare room at the Hughes house. Annie thinks it is delightful that Kent is staying with them while Hogarth despises the fact. During supper Annie awaits Hogarth to say a prayer before they eat, and while doing so he spots the iron giants hand roaming around the house. He prays the strangest prayer his mother has ever heard, and later attempts to distract her by knocking over the spice rack as well as going to great lengths to distract his mother as well as Kent from noticing the robots hand. Sometime later, Kent calls in for reinforcements knowing that what he is dealing is much bigger than himself. General Shannon Rogard; voiced by actor John Mahoney, the military leader in Washington D.C. is in disbelief regarding Kent's accusations in reference towards alien life forms as well as the occurrences that have happened lately around the town of Rockwell.

With Kent around Hogarth, he knows that the robot's whereabouts are bound to be discovered should Kent nose around. He decides to ask Dean McCopin; voiced by singer/actor Harry Connick, Jr., a beatnik artist, and junkyard owner, for help hiding the iron giant. At first Dean is against the idea, but Hogarth persuades him otherwise exclaiming that the robot needs shelter as well as food, and Dean agrees to allow the giant to stay one night. Sometime later, more evidence is collected by Kent, which is enough proof for General Rogard to scout the area. As the military forces arrive in Rockwell, Hogarth grows nervous and is eventually cornered by Kent. One night while in the barn Kent interrogates Hogarth into telling him about the iron giants whereabouts by threatening Hogarth into being taken away from his mother. Hogarth cooperates admitting the creature exists and admits that it is being kept at McCopin junkyard. The next morning Kent along with General Rogard head out to McCopin junkyard to capture the iron giant. Dean willingly shows them the robot, but passes it off as a piece of his art. Kent gets an ear full from the General and Annie is relieved that, that is what all the fuss was about. The next day Hogarth takes the iron giant out wandering in the woods. While there the pair spot a deer, but later discover hunters shot and killed it, and Hogarth explains death to the robot. Hogarth advices the giant that he can choose whom he wants to be, and that guns kill people, and that the iron giant doesn't have to kill making references towards the superhero Superman. One day while goofing around at the junkyard Hogarth aims and shoots a toy laser gun at the iron giant, and in response the creatures defense system is activated and shoots a giant laser at a car. Dean grabs Hogarth pushing him out of harms way. Later Dean learns it was a misunderstanding: the robot wasn't trying to hurt Hogarth; it was acting defensively towards the toy gun. Hogarth goes after the robot, and Dean races after Hogarth informing him that he'll never catch him of foot offering him a ride on his motorcycle. Kent spots the robot headed through the forest and gives orders that the military take evasive action thinking that the iron giant posses a threat to the town. Two younger boys spot the creature wandering through the woods as well, and fall off atop of a high building. The iron giant spots this and rescues the boys from harm by scooping them up in his hands.

Jennifer's character Annie Hughes from 'The Iron Giant'
The town's people are shocked at the robots appearance, but thankful for it's actions realizing it means them no harm. Hogarth catches up with the giant that eventually is forced to flee the town once the government begins to open fire. Dean tells Kent to stop attacking because the robot won't attack if they don't explaining it is merely a defense mechanism. Kent agrees, but goes behind Dean's back and informs the General that the robot has killed the boy resulting in them launching a nuclear bomb. An F-86 missile is fired at the giant while Hogarth is in its hands and while flying the robot crash lands. The sight of an unconscious Hogarth causes the creature to think he has killed the boy. This leads the robot to think he is a killer similar to a gun that the hunters used to kill the deer, and the iron giant goes into full defense mode equipping every weapon. As it wreaks havoc on the town of Rockwell, the army precedes open fire. Hogarth awakes and attempts to reassure the iron giant that he isn't a gun, nor has to kill, and it is whom it chooses to be. The robot deactivates its weapon system, and Dean informs the General the truth: the giant never harmed anyone. Rogard sees the boy is alive and calls off the missile launch, but Kent gives the orders to fire. Rogard lambastes Mansley saying, "the missile is currently targeted on the giant, where's the giant Mansley?" Kent realizes it is in town along with the rest of the town's people. He makes a cowardly move by attempting to flee town not wanting to die, with honor for his country, but the robot blocks it's path. The iron giant knows what it must do and flies into the sky like superman redirecting the missiles path. Sometime later, Annie and Dean are shown as a couple and he hands Hogarth the only remaining piece of the giant. One night while sleeping, a familiar beeping sound comes from the bolt: somewhere on the Langjokull Glacier in Iceland, parts of the giant approach while is assembles itself, as he wakes up smiling. The film is directed by Brad Bird grossing $31,333,917 in box office generating positive reviews from film critics scoring a 97% liking from audiences. Film critic Roger Ebert criticized the film as, "It's not just a cute romp, but an involving story that has something to say."

From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir
[September 1, 1999] - Jennifer's mother, Nancy Dow, writes a tell-all novel titled From Mother and Daughter to Friends regarding her estranged relationship with Jennifer after her career skyrocket from being on NBC's sitcom television series 'Friends'. The 20-chapter long novel provides insight on Nancy's perspective on Jennifer's rise to fame as she followed in her father's footsteps wanting to become and actress. The first chapter of the novel titled "Don't Worry, I Know It's Your First Interview.." is summarized as Nancy's first televised appearance on the Dr. Joyce Browne show as told by Dow herself, which she recalled saying, "The room flooded with light, and my heart pounded as I held both hands to still the shaking. The interviewer assured me, 'Don't worry I know it's your first interview' comforting me by saying, 'I will keep our promise and limit my questions to your topic.' I feared I wouldn't know the answers to all of her questions. I worried that I wasn't well enough prepared. I lied saying I was ready as well as prepared, but as I told myself to calm down I found myself being surprised to be that nervous. The mistake I made was answering questions aside from the ones I was informed the interviewer was asking me such as some questions regarding Jennifer's success on 'Friends'. I thought that I gave some pretty insightful answers. Once the interview was over I wondered what Jennifer would think and if she would be impressed. I began questioning, 'Why wouldn't she be?' Four days afterwards, Jen still didn't return my phone calls. I wanted to tell Jen to watch the show, but her hectic schedule made reaching her next to impossible. When the show aired and my segment ended I couldn't believe what I had seen. The edited my interview and all that aired was the segments of a few innocuous comments about Jennifer, spliced intermittently with some clips from a rather silly videotape of Jen and some friends from high school behaving like typical teenagers - a tape I didn't even know existed! There were more empty comments from me about a mother's pride and more silly tape. It dawned on me that I was deceived in order to get an interview about Jen. I felt tricked, mortified, I couldn't forget the betrayal, and I hoped Jen hadn't seen it. Later that evening the telephone rang, it was Jen, but her voice was so distorted by rage I didn't recognize it at first. I was stunned by my daughter's angry words and accusations so I hardly spoke as she did most of the talking. Jen was VERY angry that I had appeared on the show and ended the call with, "I will never forgive you!" At that point despite the deals I'd made with God, the one thing I feared had happened - I lost my daughter - in a mere instant my life was reduced to irrelevance." To read more about Nancy's estrangement from Jennifer visit the Biography page.

(1999-2000) Friends Season 6 DVD Cover
[September 23, 1999 - May 18, 2000] - Aniston, along with the rest of her cast mate's are informed that the network has signed them all on for a sixth season. Season six focuses on Ross and Rachel establishing their drunken mistake in regards to their Vegas marriage, but he lies saying he got it annulled to avoid the embarrassment and shame of being known as "three divorces" guy. Sometime later, Rachel discovers what he's done and demands that he sign divorce papers, but Ross makes it impossible. Monica and Chandler decide to move into together in her apartment forcing Rachel to have to move in with Phoebe. Phoebe is ecstatic because she's never had a roommate before. Over the course of time Rachel begins to understand why Phoebe hasn't had a roommate: due to Phoebe's odd and zany routines and behavior. Eventually during an accident: caused by some candles, Phoebe's apartment is caught on fire resulting in Rachel having to move back in with Monica and Chandler, which causes her to feel like a third wheel. Meanwhile, Ross moves on after his divorce from Rachel and he begins dating one of his students. Chandler proposes to Monica, but her old flame, Richard, confesses he still has feelings for her and Chandler finds this threatening to their relationship. The season premiere episode "The One After Vegas" airs to 27.7 million viewers who tune in to see Ross and Rachel dealing with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. They awake the next morning in their hotelroom in the same bed with little recollection of the previous night. Rachel fears she and Ross had sex, but they come to the conclusion that they didn't and Rachels exclaims "I'm glad we didn't do anything stupid," and the camera pans to Ross who has the words: 'JUST MARRIED' written across his upper back. After they join the others downstairs for breakfast Chandler points out to them that Ross and Rachel are married. Once they realize what their friend has just said Ross and Rachel exchange shocked looks and begin to recall the other night.

Friend season 6 episode "The One After Vegas"
They decide on getting a divorce until Phoebe takes note that Ross's thing is getting divorced. Since he doesn't want to be known as 'three divorces guy' he refuses to get a divorce and settles for getting an annulment instead. Later he discusses it with Rachel who is upset that Ross didn't file yet, but after he confides in Phoebe that he lied about getting an annulment even after telling Rachel he did he refuses to tell Rachel otherwise. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. However, both are exhausted, and eventually Phoebe falls asleep allowing Joey to take the wheel. Once she awakes in the backseat with Joey, Phoebe learns that he picked up a hitchhicker who is now driving them the rest of the way home. Monica and Chandler ponder the idea and marriage once again, and decide to take their relationship forward a step. However, each contemplates otherwise after witnessing Rachel and Ross's actions. Monica and Chandler then dismiss the idea of marriage despite all of the signs. Signs including Monica roles another hard eight at the craps table, a preacher rides in the same elevator as Chandler and Monica, Chandler carries Monica over the threshold after a kids injured her ankle on the plane ride home, and Monica catches a boquet of flowers after Rachel tosses them because she pricked her finger. The episode ends with Chandler presenting an alternative by suggesting he move in with Monica and they live together rather than get married and she agress with his idea. The season finale is broken into two parts: "The One with the Proposal (Part 1)" airs to 30.7 million viewers tuning in to see Chandler take Monica out for a romantic evening at her favorite restaurant where he plans to propose, but as they're being seated she spots Richard who ruins the moment.

Friends season 6 episode "The One with the Proposal (Part 1)"
So as to not further raise Monica's suspicions and out of desperation, Chandler pretends that he isn't the least bit interested in settling down upon the suggestion of hif friends Joey and Phoebe. This causes Monica to think her and Chandler's relationship is going nowhere, which accidentally forces her into the arms of Richard. Richard confronts Monica while she is at work confessing that he still loves her, letting her go was the stupidest thing he's ever done, and he admits he's ready to give her all of the things that she wanted before when they were a couple including having children. Monica is baffled at the idea that Richard has just proposed those things to her, but wonders where his attitude towards the situation was eight years ago informing him he's too late because she's with Chandler. Later Monica confides in Joey what happened with her and Richard at work verses how Chandler feels and Joey tells Monica, Chanlder loves marriage despite how he's been acting lately, but she doesn't belive Joey. This forces Monica into the arms of Richard who she speaks with one last time at Richard's apartment. Joey warns Chandler of Richard's intentions with Monica, and Chandler hunts Richard down so he can kick his a**. Amongst this Ross finds himself rethinking his relationship with Elizabeth because of her immaturity. His friends point out his and Elizabeth's age difference making Ross 12-years Elizabeth's senior. Ross admits that he didn't realize that the age difference between he and Elizabeth bothered his friends. He doesn't care because he's the one dating her not them. Meanwhile, Rachel takes Phoebe and Joey along with her to a charity event for kids, but she later regrets inviting them after Phoebe and Joey embarrass her.

Friends season 6 episode "The One with the Proposal (Part 2)"
Phoebe proves incorrigable after insensitively getting drunk at the open bar defending that the more she drinks the less there will be for the kids to drink, and Joey bid on a boat that he can't afford under the impression the silent auction at the charity event was a guessing contest. Rachel explains to Joey that it wasn't a guessing contest regarding the silent auction items, he must actually pay the amount of money the item is worth. This causes Rachel to have seek out the second highest bidder in hopes that they'll be interested in the boat. However, after telling the other gentlemen how great it will be to own a boat Joey overhears and falls in love with the idea of being a sailor ultimately deciding to keep the boat. The episode concludes with Monica saying her last goodbye to Richard and Chandler racing against time to find Monica in hopes that he isn't too late to propose. "The One with the Proposal (Part 2)" airs to 30.7 million viewers tuning in to see Ross breaking up with Elizabeth, whom after a water balloon fight, his fears are confirmed - turns out that she was too immature for him. After exiting Elizabeth's dorm room he wonders if he made the right decision, but his mind is quickly changed after Elizabeth tells him off exclaiming that he sucks. Meanwhile, Chandler is lead to believe that Monica has left him and seeks out Richard whom he thinks is to blame. While at Richard's apartment Chandler tells him off saying that Richard missed his chance with Monica, and enlight of recent events Chandler fears he has too. Rather than kicking Richards butt, Chandler receives a piece of advice from Richard that if Chandler does find Monica he should never let her go. The two men reconcile with Chandler admitting that Richard isn't such a bad guy after all. Amongst this Rachel and Phoebe share their happiness for their friend's engagement by discussing how thrilled they are for them. During their discuss Rachel learns what a "back-up" is from Phoebe, which is a friend you marry should you both be 40-years of age and not settled down yet marry each other. Once Rachel learns that Phoebe has two back-ups: Joey and Ross.

People's Choice - Favorite Television Comedy Series
She settles matters by writing Joey and Ross's names on napkins. Rachel and Phoebe both pick a napkin by chance and whomever they get becomes their back-up. To each others dismay Rachel picked Joey and Phoebe picked Ross so they trade. Chandler heads over to Joey's apartment, but to his dismay Joey informs Chandler that Monica left to stay at her parents wanting nothing to do with him. Feeling he has ruined his chance at ever proposing he enters Monica's apartment revealing a surpise. The place is decorated with multiple candles with Monica at the center of it all. She reminds Chandler that he wanted the proposal to be a surprise. As they each confess one anothers feelings for each other Monica breaks down in tears exclaiming, "there's a reason girls don't do this!". Chandler joins Monica telling her, "I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it, but then I realized the only thing that matters is that you make me happier than I ever thought I could be." At this point he and Monica are both holding hands and crying. Chandler continues adding, "and if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way." The episode concludes with Chandler prosposing and Monica saying yes following the two slow dancing to the song "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton." Season six celebrity guest stars include actor Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens; Elizabeth's father episodes "The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad", "The One Where Paul's the Man", and "The One with the Ring". Actress Reese Witherspoon guest stars as Jill Green; Rachel's younger sister episodes "The One with Rachel's Sister", and "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry". Actor Tom Selleck guest stars as Richard Burker; Monica's ex-bofriend episode "The One with the Proposal (Part 1)". Actress Conchata Ferrell guest stars as the judge episode "The One with Joey's Porsche". Fashion Designer Ralph Laruen guest stars as himself episode "The One with Ross's Teeth". Actress Missi Pyle guest stars as Hilary; Ross's love interest episode "The One with Ross's Teeth".

Brad & Jennifer at the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy awards
Actor Elliott Gould guest stars as Jack Geller; Monica and Ross's father episode "The One Where Ross Got High". Actress Christina Pickles guest stars as Judy Geller; Monica and Ross's mother episode "The One Where Ross Got High". Actor Mitchell Whitfield guest stars as Barry Farber; Rachel's ex-fiance episode "The One That Could've Been (Part 1 & 2)". Actress June Gable guest stars as Estelle Leonard; Joey's acting agent episode "The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance", and "The One Where Ross Meet's Elizabeth's Dad". Jane Sibbett guest stars as Carol Willick; Ross's ex-wife episide "The One That Could've Been (Part 1 & 2)". Actress Jessica Hecht guest stars as Susan Bunch; Carol's lover episode "The One That Could've Been (Part 2)". In efforts of the show the cast of 'Friends' attended several award shows including the 16th Annual Aftonbladet TV Prize awards, the 13th Annual American Comedy awards, the 6th Annual National Television awards, the 23rd Annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards, the 4th Annual Online Film & Television Association awards, the 26th Annual People's Choice awards, the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy awards, the 5th Annual Satellite awards, the 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards, the 2nd Annual Teen Choice awards, the 16th Annual TV Guide awards, the 4th Annual TV Quick awards, and the 16th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards. At the 16th Annual Aftonbladet TV Prize awards their series won Best Foreign Television Program of the Year. At the 13th Annual American Comedy awards their series was nominated for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a Television Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for thier performance as Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay, Funniest Male Guest Appearance in a Television Series nominee Bruce Willis for his performance as Paul Stevens, and Funniest Female Guest Appearance in a Television Series nominee Reese Witherspoon for her perormance as Jill Green. At the 6th Annual National Television awards their series was nominated for Most Popular Comedy Program. At the 23rd Annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards their series was nominated for Favorite Television Friends nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow for their performances as Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay. At the 4th Annual Online Film & Television Association awards their series was nominated for Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow for their performances as Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominee David Schwimmer for his performance as Ross Geller, Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series nominee Tom Selleck for his performance as Richard Burke, and Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Reese Witherspoon for her performance as Jill Green.

Cast of Friends at the 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards
They won for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series awarded to Bruce Willis for his performance as Paul Stevens. At the 26th Annual People's Choice awards their series won for Favorite Television Comedy Series of the Year. At the 52nd Annual Primetime Emmy awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series of the Year, Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series nominee director Michael Lemebeck episode "The One That Could've Been (Part 1 & 2)", Outstnading Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow for their performances as Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay, Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series nominee Tom Selleck for his performance as Richard Burke, and won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series awarded to Bruce Willis for his performance as Paul Stevens. At the 5th Annual Satellite awards their series was nominated for Best Actress in a Series Comedy or Musical nominee Jennifer for her performance as Rachel Green. At the 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards their series was nominated for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series nominees Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for their performance as Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribianni, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, and Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. At the 2nd Annual Teen Choice awards their series won for Best Comedy Series of the Year. At the 16th Annual TV Guide awards their series was nominated for Favorite Comedy Series of the Year, and Favorite Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Lisa Kudrow for her performance as Phoebe Buffay. They won the TV Guide award for Editor's Choice awarded to Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. At the 4th Annual TV Quick awards their series was nomianted for Best Television Import of the Year. At the 16th Annual Viewers for Quality Television awards their series was nominated for Best Quality Comedy Series of the Year.

W magazine Brad Pitt: Unleashed
[July 6, 1999] - Jennifer's boyfriend Brad appears on the cover of W magazine headlining Brad Pitt: Unleashed. In this exclusive interview the film actor talks about his latest film 'Fight Club', his relationship with Jennifer and MORE!

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article by: Steven Klein

W magazine
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Entertainment Weekly magazine: Fight Club
[October 15, 1999] - Jennifer's boyfriend film actor Brad Pitt appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine headlining Fight Club. In this exclusive interview the 'Fight Club' star talks about the blood, sweat, and fears of the film 'Fight Club'.

article by: Daniel Fierman

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine Vol. 507 - No.
"First rule of Fight Club: You don't talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club: You don't talk about Fight Club," says Pitt's character Tyler Durden. First rule of interviewing director David Fincher: "Talk all you want about Fight Club." Honestly he isn't sure what the big deal is. He's always thought people would think that his film is funny. He said, "Its supposed to be satire, a dark comedy. I think it's funny, but I dunno...maybe I have a different take on what I find funny." Actor Edward Norton plays the movie's insomniac narrator, a corporate drone alienated by his cookie-cutter job and consumerist lifestyle; his only true joy is crashing support group meetings for the terminally ill. Brad Pitt plays Norton's new found pal Tyler Durden, a mysterious and none-too-hygienic soap salesman who helps Edward's character get in touch with his inner anarchist. Together, they start a support group of their own - Fight Club - where disillusioned men from all walks of life learn to work through their pain and find emotional insight by beating each other's heads into bloody pulps. Amongst that is a storyline about a cabal of anti-IKEA terrorists who scheme to bring down the evil home-furnishing empire and other oppressors, like (Starbucks and Calvin Klein) by sabotaging corporate art and blowing up office towers; a sadistic love triangle involving actress Helena Bonham Carter's character named Marla; and a surprise ending so shocking - not to mention complicated - we'd have trouble revealing it even if we wanted to. All of it unspools in a synapse-frying rush of flashbacks, jump cuts, and stylish special effects that hang together more like a Mobius strip than a motion picture. There's even not-quite-subliminal footage of X-rated body parts, though perhaps subliminal inch-age describes some of the inserts better. Originally actor Sean Penn was briefly talked about for Pitt's part; singer/actress Courtney Love was mentioned for Bonham Carter's part, the movie's only significant female character. 

Nobody was particularly troubled by the films bone-crunching milieu, or even paid much attention to it. Norton, for one, said "I saw the film as a '90s update of a classic '60s love story. It reminded me of The Graduate," he says. "My grandfather was very comfortable with that film. He thought, 'It is negative and inappropriate', but my father loved it, thought it was a great metaphoric black comedy that dealt with his generation's feeling of disjointedness. That is exactly what Fight Club is! My character is sort of the like the Benjamin, and Brad's character is like a postmodern Mrs. Robinson." In any cast, Pitt wasn't deterred by Fight Club's violence, either. In fact, he was so elated at the prospect of working with director David Fincher again the actor practically sprinted to the director's house to seal the deal. Recalls Fincher: "I hung-up the phone and he [Brad] was knocking at my door, like, four minutes later. I live in a gated community. I don't know how he got past security." "Finch is hyperbolizing the moment a little," Pitt said, "but, yeah, I was pretty excited about doing the film. I hadn't read anything like it, and I read everything. It's an astounding, extraordinary, and amazing movie," he gushes, "it's Mr. Finch's Opus. It's proactive, but thank God it's proactive. People are hungry for films like this, films that make them think." The movie certainly forced Pitt into some heavy thinking. "Fincher, Norton, and I had endless discussions about it before we started filming," he goes on. "We sat around for months batting around ideas, breaking apart every line like it was Shakespeare. It's such a hard film to get a handle on. How do you characterize something you've never seen before?" Oddly enough, about the only thing Brad didn't contemplate during those long months of pre-filming wrap sessions was what effect playing Tyler Durden - by far the ugliest role this prettiest of movie stars has ever undertaken - might have on his career. Whereas for an actor like Edward, who made his name by slipping into dark, difficult parts (earning his first Oscar nomination for his turn as a choirboy psychopath in '96 Primal Fear), Fight Club was a no-brainer. 

But Pitt? "I play a nihilist antihero who shaves his head, urinates in cafeteria food, and manufactures his soap in ways that are 99 44/100% impure. Actually I didn't think about any of that stuff too much," he says. "It didn't seem like a gutsy role to me at all. It seemed it would be foolish not to do it." The films director chimes in saying, "People who don't know Brad, think he's a strange choice for the role, but people who do know him, hang out at his house with his five dogs, who chain-smoke, who lives under an inch of dust - they think he's perfect." As it happens, the only one who expressed any reservations about appearing in director David Fincher's film was actress Helena Bonham Carter. "I was the last one on bard," she said, "I wanted to meet Fincher just to ascertain that he wasn't a complete misogynist. The script was awfully dark for my taste, and in bad hands it could have been an immature or possibly even irresponsible move on behalf of my career. However, after meeting him, I could tell that it wasn't going to be a concern. He's not just an all-out testost package. He's got a healthy feminist streak." The actress recalls, "There was an issue about a line I delivered regarding something like my character saying, 'That was the best sex I've had since my abortion.' I came to Fincher and said in a quivering voice, 'You know, we just can't release a movie that has a line like that in it. Will you please shoot something different.' " Fincher obliged, penning Bonham Carter's replacement line himself: "That was the best f*ck I've had since grade school." Upon the films release not all viewers cheered about the film (mostly because they felt it promoted violence). Norton explained, "Art has always reflected society, and movie's are a form of art. Art doesn't invent violence nor does it inspire it. This film merely examines violence as well as the roots of frustration that are causing people to reach out for such radical solutions. That's exactly the sort of discussion we should be having about or culture. A culture that doesn't examine its violence is a culture in denial, which is much more dangerous," said Norton. On that note, what was the first rule of Fight club again?"

(1999) Fight Club.
[October 15, 1999] - Jennifer's boyfriend film actor Brad Pitt lands the lead role in comedy film 'Fight Club'. An unnamed narrator; actor Edward Norton's character, is a traveling automobile company employee who suffers from insomnia. After having refused to be given any medication his doctor advises him to visit a support group in order to witness more severe suffering. Once he fools the other support group members into thinking that he's a fellow victim, the narrator attends a support group for testicular cancer victims, but the presences of another imposter, Marla Singer; actress Helena Bonham Carter's character, disturbs him. He makes a negotiation with her in order to avoid their meeting at the same groups. Later he takes a flight home from a business trip, and finds his apartment destroyed, which he later discovered to be caused from an explosion. The narrator makes a call to Tyler Durden; Pitt's character, a soap salesman whom he befriended earlier on the flight, and the two men agree to meet at a bar. During conversation about consumerism Durden invites the narrator to stay with him at his place, and the narrator agrees. Meanwhile, outside of the bar Tyler requests that the narrator hit him, which leads to the two engaging in a fistfight. It escalates into the basement of the bar where the men eventually form their own "Fight Club". They view this as a routine opportunity to fight recreationally. One night while on the phone with Norton's character, Marla overdoses on pills phoning him for help; he initially ignores her. Tyler answers the call ultimately saving the young woman's life. The two become sexually involved with one another, and Durden warns the narrator never to talk to Marla about him. More fight clubs form across the country, and complaints are issued to Tyler regarding him wanting to be more involved in the organization, but Tyler suddenly disappears. When a member of "Project Mayhem" is killed by the police during a botched sabotage operation, the narrator attempts to shut down the project, and follows evidence of Tyler's national travels in order to track him down.

Brad & Jennifer at the Fight Club premiere
In one city, a Project member greets the narrator as Tyler, and later calls up Marla who also addresses him as Durden. Tyler appears before the narrator in his hotel room explaining that they are dissociated personalities in the same body. Believed himself to be asleep, Durden has in fact been controlling the narrator's body. During the conversation between the two the narrator blacks out, and after he wakes he discovers from his telephone logs that Tyler made calls during his blackouts. Norton's character uncovers Tyler's plans to erase debt by destroying buildings containing credit card companies' records. The narrator tries to contact the authorities, however, he finds that the police are members of the Project. While attempting to disarm an explosive in a building Tyler intervenes subduing the narrator and moving him to a safe building to witness the destruction. Held at gunpoint by Tyler, the narrator comes to the realization that in sharing the same body with Tyler, and he himself is actually holding the gun. During a struggle the narrator fires the weapon into his own mouth, shooting through the cheek without killing himself. This causes Tyler to collapse with an exit wound to the back of his head resulting in the narrator no longer mentally projecting him. Afterwards, "Project Mayhem" members bring a kidnapped Marla to him, believing the narrator to be Tyler, and leave them alone. While holding hands, the narrator and Marla watch the explosives detonate, collapsing the buildings. The film is directed by David Fincher grossing $100,853,753 in box office generating favorable reviews from film critic's scoring an 80% liking from audiences. A general film critic's consensus states, "Solid acting on all the actors behalf, amazing direction by David Fincher, and elaborate production design make this movie a wild ride." Film critic Roger Ebert criticized the film as, "visceral and hard-edged," as well as, "a thrill ride masquerading as philosophy that most audiences would not appreciate." Later he acknowledged the film as, "beloved by most, not by me." In efforts of his performance Brad received recognition from the Award Circuit Community awards, The Stinkers Bad Movie awards, and the Yoga awards. At the Award Circuit Community awards Pitt was nominated for Best Lead Actor of the Year, and Best Ensemble shared with the cast. At The Stinkers Bad Movie awards Pitt was nominated for Worst Male On-Screen Hairstyle. At the Yoga awards Pitt was awarded Worst Foreign Actor of the Year.

Rolling Stone magazine: Being Brad
[October 28, 1999] - Jennifer's boyfriend Brad appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine headlining Being Brad. In this exclusive article the film actor talks about what it's like to be him, how living a life of fortune and fame isn't all it appears, and what it's like being with everybody's favorite 'Friend' Jennifer Aniston.

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article by: Chris Heath

ROLLING STONE magazine Vol. 21 - No. 824
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W magazine Jennifer Aniston: American Beauty
[November 4, 1999] - She appears on the cover of W magazine headlining Jennifer Aniston: American Beauty. In this exclusive article the actress talks about being admitting that she's no style expert, but has become one of America's most influential trendsetters - without even trying.

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article by: Merle Ginsberg

W magazine
"Jennifer Aniston never wanted to be a poster girl. Really, she didn't, but somehow, she has become the '90s answer the actress Farrah Fawcett: television's prime-time paragon of feminine beauty, imitated everywhere from the halls of high fashion to the most mundane suburban malls. Aniston and Fawcett do have a few traits in common; the bountiful hair, the perfect teeth, the well-scrubbed face and the very lithe limbs. But while Fawcett came to exemplify a bigger-than-life, Cosmo-girl sexiness, Aniston - like her character, Rachel, on Friends, which is now in its sixth season - is comfortably anti-glam. She's funny and self-deprecating and, no matter how well-coiffed and tone, devotedly girl-next-door - more Donna reed than Madonna. Maybe that why Aniston's face sells more magazines than any other star's. She may have the so-called 'Sexiest Man Alive' as her boyfriend (Brad Pitt), but she's still a woman others can relate to. "I wonder what that is," she says when asked about her influence on fashion and beauty trends. "Isn't it funny? Your image of yourself is so different than other people's. I'm not good at hearing positive things - I can accept criticism better. I'm very critical of myself - which gives me something to work on. I want to evolve," said the actress. Of course, it's not easy to evolve when you're required to do so in public. Aniston' efforts at self-improvement aren't always a big hit with her critic's or her fans. Most recently, she's been lambasted for getting too thing, working out too much and wearing her hair too big at this year's Emmy awards. "Lately, I've been reading that I'm too skinny," she says with a sigh, "a few years back, they said I was too curvy. I guess when I was rounder; I was easier to relate to. The media builds you up and tears you down. What the magazine readers are missing is that the glamour they see on the cover isn't real, and it isn't easy. Thos pictures take a lot of work. Being thin is hard work!" Aniston insists that her thinness is not due to obsessive calorie-counting. "You can get into an exercising zone where it feels so great it's addictive," she says, "I swear, I eat more now than I ever did in my life - I just workout more, because it feels great. And if that old cheeseburger and fries start to look irresistible to me, I'll eat it. 

I NEVER wanted to be a spokesperson for weight loss. In fact, I feel the same now as I did five pounds ago." She says she hasn't lost weight to please anybody except herself, declaring, "If someone loves you more if you're thinner, get rid of them!" As for her famous mane, Aniston has gladly abandoned the now-classic Rachel layered 'do. "All I have to say about that, looking back, is, 'What the hell was I thinking?', she said in favor of this year's longer, sleeker, blonder look. "Sometimes I lose perspective on how light I've actually gone," she says. "You go out in the sun and suddenly you're Summer Blond. But it's fun to change. Of her current hairstyle she says, "I'm trying to let them go with my natural wave this season. But I'm always thinking, when I change it a little, and I ready for the beating I'll take in the press? You never get used to it. It always bruises your ego." Despite all the attention that's been paid to her look, Aniston comes right out and declares, "I don't have much style. I remember thinking 'couture' was a designer," she says, "I thought, wow, this guy is everywhere - on every label! That's how much I know." She has been learning quickly, however, "I've worn Prada and Dries Van Noten, and I love Susan Lazar's cloths - they're for real people, and accommodate all bodies," says Jennifer, "I like everyday cloths. Even at awards shows, I don't like feeling like I'm being at all showy. So sometimes for big events I hire a stylist - I'm not great a pulling clothes together in the 'proper' way, and you certainly don't want to piss Joan Rivers off," she adds, "now there's a woman with taste! I stay far away from her. To me, personal style is whatever is the most comfortable. Heels are my nightmare - they make me break into a sweat. I pray for lawn events, so I can wear flats." Not that Aniston doesn't enjoy the occasional shopping spree. "I admit I love cloths," she says, "and I buy cloths, but they sit in my closet." Both she and Brad Pitt are unapologetic 'homebodies'. "I like a pair of comfy pants, flip flops and a T-shirt, and when we pick a restaurant, my criteria is: 'Where can I wear this?' ". When asked, what about the paparazzi hiding in the bushes waiting to catch you in the least favorable circumstances, she replies, "Oh, it's happened where they've taken a picture of me looking like a slob," she says, "I'm used to it. I just give up. You can't control it. As long as I'm not bending over with my crack showing, I don't care."

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